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Chapter 1251: Azure Dragon and White Tiger

The giant crocodile had already been sucked dry into a corpse by Ma Huang.

With a motion of his hand, he even collected the corpse, remarking, “This crocodile’s skin is good stuff.” Whether it would be used for defensive or offensive gear, it would be a good choice.

Princess Suolun and Prince Yin Sha frowned.

They had clearly contributed a lot to the defeat of the giant crocodile too.

If not for them keeping it at bay from the front, Ma Huang wouldn’t have had any chance to launch a successful ambush.

However, the two of them came from distinguished backgrounds, and their clans operated huge industries.

They didn’t care that much about the crocodile skin.

Besides, they didn’t want to offend a powerful enemy at the moment.

As such, the two suppressed their discontent and took the chance to fly over the swamp.

Ma Huang chuckled, then followed closely behind.

The ones who were still fighting cursed inwardly.

They had thought that once the crocodile was defeated, the three would come and help with the other two beasts.

And yet now, they had actually gone ahead first!

Shi Ling let out a cold snort.

He kicked off the ground, then rushed through the gap in the giant crocodile’s domain.

Even though the bear brothers looked tough and simple-minded on the surface, they weren’t stupid either.

When they saw that, they had no reason to foolishly continue fighting.

As such, the two worked together to lead the giant toad toward the people on the shore.

Then, the two of them crossed to the other side too.

Those on the shore broke out into curses.

They had been hoping for the others to help them open up a path, and yet now, they instead became cannon fodder to stall the beasts! Still, curses were just curses.

They still had no choice but to fight now that they were up against the toad.

At the very least, there were quite a few strong individuals in the group, so even though it was a bit chaotic, they weren’t completely helpless. 

After the earlier exchange, the Redthorn Flower Mantis also knew that these were no pushovers.

Between that and the giant crocodile’s bitter death, it was no longer committed to a fight to the death.

The others who were nearby quickly moved forward.

Only those who had been scared of being caught in the battle and had hidden far away couldn't make it in time and cursed inwardly.

A chubby figure also arrived on the shore while hiding within the crowd.

He said to himself with a smile, “This plan to give them the map really was too brilliant.

What can I say I’m just that great.” He was naturally the fat daoist Wu Liang, whom Zu An’s group had encountered earlier.

While he was feeling smug, he suddenly saw the forest in front of him, as well as the stone memorial statues off to the side.

He sensed a kind of profound and mysterious feeling.

His smile instantly stiffened.


He quickly took out a divination circle and began to fiddle with it.

He started looking more and more alarmed, muttering, “Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise! Why is it this kind of forbidden land of inevitable death That’s impossible; it doesn’t make any sense!”

He became incredibly anxious, pacing back and forth in circles.

Those who were passing by looked at him as if he were crazy, staying far away.

A while later, Wu Liang saw the crowd gradually leave.

He gritted his teeth.

Since he had already come this far, there was no backing out now.

He could only brace himself and go for broke.

No matter how dangerous it is, the heavens will grant me a path of survival!

He continuously consoled himself while taking out talismans belonging to an assortment of gods and buddhas and hanging them on his body.

He hoped that at least one of those gods and buddhas would protect him somehow.

Meanwhile, Zu An’s group was well ahead of the others.

When he saw the stone memorial statues on either side, Zu An said with a sigh, “This is the divine path, I presume.

I wonder just what kind of important figure is buried here.”

Yun Jianyue said seriously, “Be careful, all of you.

Anyone who could have memorial statues on this scale was definitely no ordinary person.

Besides, how could someone like this ever permit another to disturb their place of rest”


The layout of the trees here feels a bit strange, as if they are a kind of formation,” Yan Xuehen added, continuing to examine the trees around her.

Zu An tried to use the jade badge to connect to the surrounding small creatures, but there was no reply at all.

This was purely a land of death.

Yu Yanluo said, “Just now, that great snake told me there was something inside that could help me activate my bloodline and break through.”

Zu An was surprised.

Cultivation was completely different for the fiend races compared to humans.

Even though Yu Yanluo could use the Medusa’s ability, there were great limitations.

If she could completely awaken her bloodline,  her strength might take another huge leap!

Looks like we have to risk it, even if we’re headed straight into the lair of a dragon.

Yun Jianyue said, puzzled, “It didn’t look as if the two of you were talking, though.”

Yu Yanluo blushed and said, “Our Snake race has some special communication methods.” Since she had spent most of her time in human society, she mainly considered herself a human.

She was a bit embarrassed about talking about her Snake race side in front of others.

Suddenly, cries of alarm rose from nearby.

Zu An’s party looked around and noticed that as they had gone deeper, a fog had begun to surround them.

At first, the fog was still quite thin.

It wasn’t too rare to see fog in forests, so no one had treated it as a big deal.

However, in the blink of an eye, people all suddenly noticed that they couldn't even see more than a meter past themselves.

The change had happened far too quickly! This definitely wasn’t normal.

The sounds of weapons leaving their sheaths rang out.

The cultivators were on high alert, fearing that something might jump out and ambush them from the fog.

Zu An said grimly, “This fog seems to be able to cut off spiritual sense.

We have no idea what the situation is like farther out.” Ever since he had condensed his soul, everything within a large region around him had constantly been within his senses.

Now, it almost felt as if he had gone blind.

As expected, it really is easier to get accustomed to extravagance than to return to a frugal lifestyle after luxury…

Yan Xuehen nodded and said, “It is the same for me.

Stay close and do not wander off.

This is probably some kind of maze.”

Yun Jianyue remarked with a smile, “Are you scared of getting lost, stone cold woman Why don’t I hold your hand You won’t get lost then.”

Yan Xuehen replied in annoyance, “Witch, will you ever stop”

Zu An was about to interfere when his group heard a horrifying, miserable scream nearby.

Then, they could vaguely sense someone crashing and bashing around.

They seemed to be clawing at something on their face too.

A while later, they collapsed heavily to the ground, subsequently falling silent.

Those present were shocked.

The scream had just been too bitter.

Even the ones who had been eaten by the beasts in the swamp hadn’t screamed like that…

Zu An and the other members of his group exchanged a look.

They decided to observe the situation first.

That scream was too terrifying; they had to figure out what was going on.

Several others thought the same way, including those who had fought against the ferocious beasts in the swamp.

There was a fiend race cultivator lying on the ground, his body already deformed beyond recognition.

His face and neck were badly mangled from clawing.

Judging from the blood on his fingernails, his wounds were all self-inflicted.

Many people had seen how he had fought before.

Even though he couldn't compare to Princess Suolun and the other elites, he wasn’t that far off.

After seeing such a strong person die so mysteriously, the survivors felt an ill foreboding.

“Was there something hiding in the mist, waiting to ambush him” Princess Suolun wondered.

“That’s not possible.

I was near him just now and no one approached him.

He was also on high alert himself, always keeping a set distance from others,” Duan Tiande said.

Dark Elves excelled in assassination; if even he said that nothing had approached the other person, there was definitely nothing.

“Then just how did he die” the others asked, stunned.

Just then, more bitter cries rang out.

The survivors quickly turned around.

The ones who were closest to the corpse were those with the highest cultivation and status; the others had no choice but to get on their tiptoes and take a look from the periphery.

The farther out they were, the lower their cultivation.

Of course, there were some independent, powerful experts watching from a distance.

They were clearly on high alert, on guard against anyone and anything that approached them.

The others thought that the first ones who would encounter trouble would be those solitary individuals, but it was actually the ones in the group who were the farthest out.

They became just like the corpse, frantically clawing at their own face and neck.

Their bodies twisted and writhed strangely, as if they were zombies.

Thud! Thud! Thud…

They weren’t able to hold on for as long as the other, stronger cultivator.

They all collapsed, not making another sound.

The other cultivators had seen the deaths happen right before their eyes, and yet they still didn’t know how those people had died.

A chill ran down their backs.


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