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Chapter 1250: Why Is It Different

“I’m done for!” Qiao Heng exclaimed in despair.

Just then, however, a voice called out from off to the side.

“What you lookin’ at”

The thin and slender sword paused for a moment.

Its wielder, the Dark Elf in the shadows, turned around and replied, “I’m looking at you, **head!” Even as he spoke, he was completely stupefied.

He was usually a silent person, so why would he have been distracted at such a critical moment

Qiao Feng finally had the breather he needed and quickly widened the distance between them.

Meanwhile, the princes and princesses of the other races noticed what was happening.

They all cursed, “Duan Tiande, do you not see what kind of situation we’re in It’s one thing if you don’t want to help, but you’re being a hindrance!”

The Dark Elf saw that Qiao Heng had already retreated into the distance and was on guard.

He knew there was no chance of killing the Elf again today, and that he had also drawn the dissatisfaction of everyone present.

He smiled and shrugged, saying, “I was just testing out Brother Qiao’s cultivation; I didn’t have any bad intentions, haha.”

The others rolled their eyes.

Everyone knew about the grudge between the Elves and the Dark Elves.

They always fought to the death as soon as they met, so who would believe what he said Still, they were facing a powerful enemy at the moment.

Since Duan Tiande had already backed down, the others couldn't really pressure him too much either.

Even Qiao Heng only frowned and didn’t plan to continue fighting the Dark Elf.

On the contrary, he looked toward Zu An in surprise.

That voice saying ‘what you lookin’ at’ had come from that guy.

Even though he didn’t know why Duan Tiande would stop, to a certain degree, Zu An had saved him.

He cupped his hands toward Zu An with a smile and called out, “Thank you, brother!”

Zu An merely nodded in return.

He didn’t want to get too involved in this dispute between races.

Yan Xuehen voiced her surprise.

“What kind of ability was that It seems a bit like the Dragon race’s Soulspeak.”

As a grandmaster, she obviously wouldn’t assume that the dark elf’s sudden pause was a coincidence.

Rather, it was as if he had been forced to respond by some mysterious laws.

“It’s something similar to Soulspeak,” Zu An replied.

He didn’t know how to explain the keyboard’s skills any other way.

Yan Xuehen gave him a deep look and said, “After traveling with you all this time, we have found out more and more about your trump cards.

Are you not scared that we will already be prepared against them if we try to kill you in the future”

Zu An asked in confusion, “Are you still going to kill me”

Yun Jianyue rested an arm around his shoulder and said, “Stone cold woman, watch your words.

Why would I kill my good little brother”

“Witch!” Yan Xuehen shot back.

She felt unhappy to see Yun Jianyue casually acting so close to Zu An.

Yu Yanluo stepped forward to smooth things over, saying, “Let’s use this chance to cross over first.”

Meanwhile, Qiao Heng helped Jin Shi and Princess Kong Changning, while Shi Ling helped the two bear brothers.

Duan Tiande went to help Princess Suolun and Prince Yin Sha.

They were all the best among their clans’ younger generation, so they carried all kinds of precious magical weapons their seniors had bestowed upon them.

Even though they couldn't defeat the beasts alone, together, they quickly gained the advantage.

In particular, on the giant crocodile’s side, a streak of dark light shot out from among the spectators, then attached itself to the crocodile’s wounds.

The crocodile screamed in agony and frantically twisted its body, trying to shake it off.

Unfortunately, no matter how terrifying its movements were, it couldn't break free from the dark light.

Only then did everyone notice that the dark streak of light was actually a shriveled-up middle-aged man.

As they watched, the giant crocodile began to shrivel up visibly.

Furthermore, wizened man’s body gradually inflated, and his face also began looking younger.

“Blood race!” Zu An exclaimed with wide eyes.

He remembered the fear of being completely overwhelmed by Mosquito Daoist.

That kind of skill really had a naturally powerful offense.

However, this individual’s methods seemed greatly different from those of Mosquito Daoist.

Although Zu An was puzzled, someone had already recognized who he was.

“The Blood race's Ma Huang!”

The others kept their distance from that area when they heard the man’s name.

Even Prince Yin Sha quickly backed up.

He had quite a few injuries on him, so he didn’t want to have his blood essence sucked dry by this guy.

“Ma Huang Leech” Zu An mumbled to himself.

The Blood race really did have all sorts of creatures among them.[1]

Just then, the others ran toward Zu An, because the part of the swamp he was in was more spacious.

It hadn’t been affected by the battles and was the best for crossing over.

However, Zu An’s brow furrowed slightly.

He muttered, “Something’s not right.

There’s something else under the swamp!”

Right after he spoke, the water’s surface parted and a giant pillar suddenly rose from it.

It smashed into the bodies of those who were above it.


With a loud and clear noise, quite a few people were sent flying, vomiting blood out of their mouths as they flew backward.

Some people with weaker cultivation were even smashed into a bloody mist on the spot.

Then, two large lanterns rose from the water’s surface.

For some reason, they made people shiver.

Only a while later did the cultivators see that they weren’t lanterns at all, but rather the eyes of a giant snake.

“How could there be a snake this big!”

The cultivators’ eyes paled.

How was this still a snake It could only be called a great serpent! They all felt despair.

Even the young masters and misses from great fiend race clans frowned.

The other three beasts were already extremely difficult to deal with.

If another one with an even more terrifying aura joined in…

Fortunately, the giant crocodile was almost finished.

Later, they all had to join forces to fight against this giant serpent; otherwise, all of them could forget about crossing over.

Yun Jianyue said with a frown, “Let’s cross first.

There’s nothing to look at here.” Even though she was wounded, she was still a grandmaster.

She obviously didn’t fear this beast.

“Okay,” Zu An replied.

He felt as if they had spent too much time here, so it would be best if they crossed over to take a look at the other side first.

He was just about to move when Yu Yanluo stopped him, saying, “Wait.” Then, under the others’ shocked gazes, she walked over to the water with graceful steps and looked at the giant snake.

“Be careful!” Qiao Heng reflexively warned her.

Because Zu An had saved him earlier, he subconsciously felt somewhat close to the people at his side, so he couldn’t help but speak up.

There were many others who shared his thoughts, but that was more because of Yu Yanluo’s beauty.

Even though her face was veiled, her graceful and moving figure, as well as her picturesque brows, made it incredibly obvious that she was a stunning beauty.

Her waist was so fine that it might not even be caught between the giant serpent’s teeth.

Sigh, this really is a waste of such a beauty.

The giant serpent saw that an insignificant figure had dared to stand in front of it.

A vicious look appeared in its eyes as it raised its upper body, its forked tongue darting in and out.

It was just about to launch a lethal attack when it was suddenly stunned.

It tilted its head to one side and sized up the woman before it.

It had looked ferocious just a moment before, and yet now, it looked almost… cute

Yu Yanluo walked over and said to Zu An’s group with a smile, “Alright, it’s fine now.

It has permitted us to cross.”

The fiend race experts snorted disdainfully when they heard that. Was this woman scared silly And she’s even saying the snake is letting them cross Does she think it’s her subordinate or something

Only then did Zu An and the others remember that Yu Yanluo was the Snake race’s clan leader.

Within her flowed the blood of the ancient Medusa.

To a certain degree, this serpent was of the same race.

They couldn't help but chuckle, not expecting to have dealt with the situation so easily.

Just then, the serpent’s tail slammed fiercely against the water’s surface.

The swamp’s waters instantly parted, forming a several-meter-wide tunnel.

“Thank you!” Yu Yanluo said, nodding at the serpent with a smile.

Then, she led the others straight toward the passage.

The others’ eyes were about to pop out. What the hell is going on

The fiend race young masters were also gloomy. We’re fighting for our freaking lives here, and yet you can just pass through on your side

The fiend race cultivators who were near Zu An began to look around. Maybe this giant serpent is quite agreeable

When he recalled how Yu Yanluo had behaved, there was one daring individual who also ran over to the water to look at the serpent.

The serpent was a bit dumbfounded, not knowing what he was trying to do.

The fiend race cultivator saw that the serpent indeed didn’t attack him and was ecstatic. It works after all! Then, he copied Yu Yanluo and showed it a smile that he thought looked kind and said, “Thank you!”

Afterward, he impatiently followed in the steps of Zu An’s group.

However, the serpent quickly became furious.

It swept out its tail and sent him flying.

The others who were about to imitate the process all stopped. Why is this thing showing them such a huge difference in treatment

Don’t tell us it’s just because she’s pretty

So it was a perverted snake!


The characters sound like the Chinese word for ‘leech’. ☜


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