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Chapter 1249: The Different Races’ Elites

The ones who had been about to jump, but didn’t have time to move yet, were scared witless.

They crawled back to shore in a sorry state.

Only then did they finally see what was going on.

There was a several-dozen-zhang long giant crocodile to the left, covered in tough scales.

The rows of sharp teeth stretching across its bloody mouth glinted, making the experts shiver from just a single look.

The remains of several people’s bodies were still dangling from the crocodile’s jaws.

Those who were particularly cowardly couldn't help but vomit on the spot.

The crocodile’s amber eyes swept across the people on shore; its expression was filled with greed as it seemed to be eyeing its next meal.

On the right was a massive praying mantis.

Its body was red and white, and covered in thorns.

It looked just like a moving thorny flower.

Someone recognized what it was and cried out, “It’s a Redthorn Flower Mantis!”

The others’ expressions changed.

They had heard about that vicious creature before.

Its forearms were like two sharp scythes, covered in saw-teeth.

The fiend race experts who had flown through the sky had been diced up into pieces by those two scythe-like arms.

The mantis was holding a fiend race expert in its claws.

That person had been bisected at the waist and only had his upper body left, but he was still alive.

He screamed in pain as he was eaten alive.

He reached out toward the Peacock race woman next to him and pleaded, “Princess… Save me…”

The expression of the princess, who was called Changning, changed a bit.

She reflexively backed up.

The scene before her was just too horrifying.

The giant mantis seemed to feel that its prey was being too noisy.

With a loud crack, its mandibles crushed the fiend race expert’s skull, and it began to slurp his brains out.

The fiend race expert’s entire body stiffened as he died.

However, his eyes were still wide open in death; he clearly still carried a grievance about the fact that his companion hadn’t saved him.

Those on the shore gulped.

They didn’t really care about one cultivator’s death, because death wasn’t rare among the fiend races.

What they were more alarmed by was the shocking way the mantis had feasted, and the terrifying gaze of its compound eyes.

The Golden Peng race’s young master, Jin Shi, said seriously, “Everyone, fighting by ourselves is not the solution.

What do you think of working together to slay these monsters first We can compete after we cross the swamp.”

“Fine!” The Peacock race’s Princess Changning immediately agreed.

She had lost quite a bit of reputation with the group after the way she had just stood there without saving her subordinate, so she had to take the chance to regain a bit of respect.

Meanwhile, the bear brothers said, “Alright, we brothers will deal with this big toad.”

Then, their muscles swelled, making them grow several times larger.

One had a spiky bone club, while the other used a large steel hammer.

They roared as they charged at the big toad.

Whenever they took a step, it left a deep footprint in the ground.

Even the world itself seemed to be trembling.

Zu An’s group was alarmed.

The Bear race was made up of natural berserker-like fighters after all! Wasn’t such an imposing manner a bit too ferocious If a large group of Bear race cultivators appeared, it really would be difficult for a human army to defeat them.

The giant toad seemed to have been angered as well.

It opened its large mouth.


A visible sound wave swept outward.

Wherever it went, it even tore apart the ground.

It was clear just how powerful it was.

Xiong Great and Xiong Second roared loudly.

They brandished the spiky club and hammer at the powerful sound waves, taking them head-on and forcibly dispersing them.

The toad’s tongue shot out like lightning.

Xiong Great quickly pushed Xiong Second away, crying, “Careful!”

However, he couldn't evade in time and could only prevent his vitals from being hit.

His shoulder was pierced by the tongue, filling the air with bloody mist and even some bone fragments.

It had clearly been shattered.

The cultivators watching were shocked.

The battle had just started, and yet one of Xiong Great’s arms had already been destroyed! If such a thing had happened even to one of the strongest members of the Bear race, what the heck were the rest of them still fighting for

Just then, however, Xiong Great roared.

He bit down on the tongue near his shoulder, forcefully tearing off a piece of it.

The toad quickly retracted its tongue in pain.

Most of the onlookers cheered, but Yun Jianyue, Yan Xuehen, and the other women frowned.

“Does he have to be so disgusting”

Zu An was also a bit speechless. That Xiong Great is willing to take a bite out of that nasty, sticky toad tongue

Just then, the others also began to fight.

The Golden Peng race’s young master, Jin Shi, brandished his spear.

The Peacock race’s Princess Changning drew her sword and rushed into the air to attack the Redthorn Flower Mantis.

The two of them hadn’t reached the master rank, but as members of the winged races, they had a certain capacity for flight.

Thus, they both attacked simultaneously, sending flickers of dazzling light all over the place.

However, the Redthorn Flower Mantis’s front limbs blocked all of their attacks.

Right at that moment, Princess Suolun’s eyes began to turn purple.

She was about to deal with the remaining giant crocodile when Prince Yin Sha moved over to her and said obsequiously, “How could I trouble the princess to fight a monster like this Just let this prince take care of it.”

He turned around confidently as he spoke, and suddenly turned into a megalodon.

He chomped down on the giant crocodile with his giant jaws.

“Are the heads of the ocean races really only filled with lust” Yun Jianyue remarked disdainfully.

With her perception, she could tell that Prince Yin Sha wasn’t weak, but he was still a bit weaker than the giant crocodile.

They might have had an advantage if he worked together with the Demon Race’s princess, and yet he had insisted on going by himself.

That Chi Wen from before was like that as well.

When he saw the pretty Tushan Yu, he had forgotten about everything else.

Considering that the Dragon King had sowed his seed all over the place, she really was starting to wonder whether it was a pattern among the ocean races.

“I don’t think we should lump them all together like that,” Zu An said.

Shang Liuyu’s gentle and calm bearing appeared in his mind.

She was completely different from these fellas.

At first, the megalodon put up a decent fight against the giant crocodile.

It even twisted its nimble body to bite down on the giant crocodile a few times.

Unfortunately, the giant crocodile’s scales were incredibly tough.

Sure enough, just as Yun Jianyue had predicted, the megalodon failed to cause any serious damage, and was even bitten a few times by the giant crocodile.

The megalodon’s body dripped with blood and it was left at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, Princess Suolun wasn’t mere eye candy.

She had already prepared to make her move.

When she saw what had happened, she put her hands together and fired streaks of purple light at the giant crocodile.

Only then did Prince Yin Sha have a chance to catch his breath.

Zu An became absentminded when he saw the scene unfold.

Princess Suolun’s methods looked extremely similar to Yun Yuqing’s.

He thought, Sigh, I wonder how she’s doing now.

When the other strong cultivators saw that the others were struggling against the beasts, a young Lion race man roared and said, “I will help out the bear brothers!”

His lion’s roar ability blocked one of the toad’s fatal attacks as he leaped out, sending a fist smashing down on the toad’s head.

The strike made the toad’s island-like body sink a little into the swamp.

The other cultivators all voiced their praise.

“As expected of Shi Ling, the second most powerful among the Lion race’s eight princes! He has already cultivated to such a level at the mere age of thirteen!”

Zu An looked at Yu Yanluo curiously and asked, “Who has the greatest talent in the Lion race”

Before Yu Yanluo could answer him, elsewhere, a handsome man from the Elf race said with a loud chuckle, “Brother Jin, Miss Kong, this humble Qiao will lend you two a hand.”

He drew his bow, and fired an arrow at the Redthorn Flower Mantis.

The arrow was encased in ki, releasing a blinding radiance as it tore through the air.

The Elf seized an opportunity Jin Shi and Princess Changning had created to blast a hole in one of the giant mantis’ wings.

Zu An was startled. This person is also surnamed Qiao! I wonder if he knows Snow.

Qiao Heng was about to fire a second arrow when his expression suddenly changed.

He quickly changed directions and fired in another direction while dodging to one side.

Unfortunately, he was a bit too slow.

A long, thin, pitch-black blade came out of the shadows, tracing a long wound on his chest.

The thin sword didn’t stop at all, however.

It seemed to tangle around him and continued to attack; it clearly wouldn’t stop until it took the elf’s life.

Meanwhile, Qiao Heng had just focused all of his attention on hitting the giant mantis in the air.

The sudden ambush caused all he energies within him to stir chaotically.

How could he possibly still avoid the attack


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