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Chapter 1242: We’re Going to Ascend

“Hurry!” Zu An urged Tushan Yu when he sensed Yan Xuehen getting closer and closer.

“Oh…” Tushan Yu replied.

She was even starting to look down on herself.

Why had she agreed so easily Was she nothing more than a plaything to him One after another, different memories appeared in her mind, especially the one when he had kneaded her tail.

Was she just a toy All kinds of thoughts flashed through her mind at that instant.

However, she discovered that she wasn’t as angry as she imagined, and was instead looking forward to it a bit.

She removed her dress.

She thought about how she had been too confused the previous night, but she definitely had to seize the initiative today. The reputation of the fox-spirits’ ancestors cannot be ruined at my hands!

When he saw how Tushan Yu had already revealed most of her white skin, and she seemed as if she would remove more of her clothing, Zu An jumped in fright.

If that happened, it would be even harder to explain if Yan Xuehen came in!

He quickly stopped her, saying, “Don’t take off any more! Uh… Hurry and change into these clothes.” Afterward, he pushed her over to a wardrobe: Pin Ru’s Wardrobe.

Tushan Yu found it a bit strange.

When had the wardrobe appeared It didn’t seem to match Bluefield Country’s style.

Soon, however, her face turned even redder.

As a fox-spirit, how could she not know a man’s thoughts Men loved it when women wore stimulating clothes to add to the atmosphere.

If anyone else had suggested it, she might just have spit in their face.

But at that moment, her heart leaped furiously.

Things were getting a bit more exciting.

Huh Why is it just a normal dress she thought in surprise.

However, the dress was quite pretty.

She could tell that the workmanship was exquisite and gorgeous.

At any other time, she wouldn’t mind wearing such a pretty dress.

In this kind of situation, though, wouldn’t it be a bit too strange

She suddenly thought of something.

She remembered some of the elders in the clan mentioning that some men had a special fetish for having a woman dress up as another woman, and that it would make them even more excited.

So he was actually like this!

At Zu An’s urging, Tushan Yu put on the clothes in a daze.

She became more and more curious as to just who this dress belonged to.

The three women from earlier in the day appeared in her mind.

Every single one of them were exceptional beauties.

Big sis Yu’s relationship with him is really intimate; they probably already have a physical relationship.

I don’t think he would make me wear her clothes.

That means only the two other women are left.

One is cold and indifferent, while the other is beautiful but dangerous.

Even though they are close to young master Zu, it seems as if they have not yet taken the final step.

Still, it seems young master Zu is interested in them too and wants me to play their role.

This dress’ style looks more similar to that of the woman surnamed Yan.

While Tushan Yu was letting her imagination run wild, Zu An suddenly made a ‘shush’ hand sign at her.

Tushan Yu was startled; only then did she notice a figure by the entrance.

Judging from how that person was pacing back and forth, she could tell they were feeling extremely conflicted.

A while later, that person seemed to have made up their mind, and gently knocked on the door.

They called out, “Ah Zu, are you asleep yet”

The one standing by the entrance was naturally Yan Xuehen.

Even she was confused as to why she would come over to see if the fat daoist’s divination would come true.

She had planned to leave afterward, expecting to see nothing wrong, but when she arrived outside the door, she saw that there was an extra person inside.

It was a woman, no less!

Even though her injuries were serious, she was still a grandmaster in the end.

Furthermore, she was paying close attention, so there was no way she could make any mistake at such a short distance.

However, because her and Yun Jianyue’s magic artifacts were inside, she couldn't be sure who the person was.

A woman was in a man’s room in the middle of the night.

She knew what was happening without even thinking about it.

Yan Xuehen’s heart seemingly turned ice-cold when she first made the discovery.

She was about to turn around and leave, but she was also curious as to who the romantic calamity the fat daoist had spoken about was referring to.

However, it would be far too awkward for her to walk into such a situation.

That was why she had paced back and forth by the door for so long.

In the end, however, she told herself that it was just to confirm Zu An’s safety so he wouldn’t get taken advantage of by an evil person.

After thinking everything through, she made up her mind to knock.

I’ll just pretend I didn’t know there was someone else inside.

As long as I’m not awkward, the only ones who will be awkward are the ones inside.

Zu An wanted to ignore it, but when he sensed the water-like aura surrounding the place, he knew Yan Xuehen had already searched his room with her soul.

If he continued to deceive her, he might really offend her badly.

That was why he replied after a moment of hesitation, “Oh, it’s big sis Yan.

I was feeling thirsty, so I woke up to drink some water.”

He got up and walked over to open the door after speaking.

Tushan Yu began to panic. Why is he opening the door now

What am I supposed to do

The worst part was that the clothes she was wearing might be Yan Xuehen’s! If the original owner saw her, wouldn’t it be absolute social suicide!

However, Zu An had already opened up the door before she could even react. I’m finished, I’m finished!

Tushan Yu could only go for broke.

She forced a smile to make herself look a bit more normal.

Yan Xuehen was initially conflicted, wondering what she would do if Zu An didn’t reply.

With her status and identity, that kind of problem had never happened in her life.

That was why when she really did run into it, she discovered that she was completely baffled, and that she was even less adept at dealing with such situations than ordinary women.

And yet, the door actually opened up easily.

She felt warm inside. Looks like he didn’t plan to trick me on purpose.

“Why is big sis Yan here Why don’t you come in for a cup of tea” Zu An asked, then moved aside and invited her in.

However, Yan Xuehen immediately waved her hand and said, “There is no need.

I was just going for a stroll since I was unable to sleep.

I just wanted to see if you were okay while passing by.”

If there had been no one else, she couldn’t be sure whether she would have followed him in.

However, while there was clearly another woman inside, she still had her sense of shame.

There was no way she would dare to go in.

She pretended to absentmindedly look into the room while speaking.

When she saw the face of the person inside, she was stunned. From her perspective, the one inside was actually Yu Yanluo. Why is it her

Tushan Yu smiled awkwardly at her.

She didn’t even know where to put her hands at that moment.

It really was too embarrassing.

Yan Xuehen quickly said, “Since you are safe and sound, there is no need for me to worry.

I will be heading back.” She didn’t wait for him to say anything, and simply left without even turning around again.

Perhaps because she was leaving too quickly, or because she was absent-minded, she almost slipped and fell by the doorstep.

Yu Yanluo really is sly… She looked calm and indifferent on the surface, and pretended to be sleeping soundly next to us, but she actually snuck over.

They were lovers to begin with, anyway.

Would we even be able to say anything if she came over directly

No wonder she didn’t even greet me just now.

She’s probably embarrassed too, right

For some reason, the trees and grass in the palace looked especially green along the way.

She could only continuously console herself, telling herself that it was better for that romantic calamity to happen to Yu Yanluo than any other woman.

Ahhhhh! Then why do I care so much

It’s all the fault of that damn ‘Love is More Solid Than Gold’!

Yun Jianyue, having followed her over, was confused. Why is she acting all dramatic with her face red

Don’t tell me Zu An did something to her

After thinking about it, she decided to check out Zu An’s room first to see what was going on.

At that moment in Zu An’s room, Tushan Yu said with a red face, “Young master, I don’t even know how to face them tomorrow…”

She was a country’s lord, after all.

She had come to a man’s bed in the middle of the night, and had even been caught while roleplaying.

Just the thought alone was embarrassing.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, she didn’t recognize you.

She thought you were a different person because of the clothes you’re wearing.”

Tushan Yu’s eyes widened.

She replied, “There’s actually something as magical as that”

Zu An was about to explain when his expression froze. Why is another one here

“Brat, why did that stone cold woman run away with a red face Did you do something… to her…” a loud but pleasant voice called out.

Yun Jianyue was standing in the entrance, but she saw the scene inside halfway through her sentence and immediately froze up.

Zu An was about to reply when Yun Jianyue raised her hand to stop him, saying, “There’s no need to explain anything.

I understand.

Sorry for disturbing you.”

She also turned around to leave after saying that. No wonder that stone cold woman had that kind of reaction! Turns out she ended up running into a couple’s passion!

Hmph, that Yu Yanluo really is cunning.

She pretended to be with us on the surface, and yet she snuck over here.

Zu An chuckled bitterly when he saw her leave. Looks like I have to be careful tomorrow.

If Yu Yanluo is exposed, I’ll definitely be in big trouble.

After closing the door again, he said to Tushan Yu, “There’ll be problems if we stay here.

Who knows, someone else might show up.

Why don’t we go to your room instead”

Tushan Yu bit her lips and said in a troubled manner, “When I visited you, I came with my trusted aides.

They’re trustworthy and won’t leak any information.

But if you go to my room, there are all types of people and forces watching.

We might not be able to keep it a secret then.”

Zu An didn’t want the entire city to know about what was happening.

As he was trying to think of a different place where they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone,his eyes suddenly lit up.

He remembered the spoils of war he had gotten from Chi Wen.

He hadn’t had the time to test those things out yet.

Wasn’t now a great opportunity

As such, he took out the flame wheels.

After properly making them his own artifacts, he tried to stand on them.

Even though the Wind Fire Wheels burned fiercely with flames, they weren’t hot to stand on at all, likely because he had already made them his.

He couldn't find his balance at first, but he quickly got used to it.

He had tried segways before; the feeling was similar. 

Next to him, Tushan Yu exclaimed in shock, “This is a heaven-grade weapon” As a country’s lord, she at least had a bit of knowledge.

Zu An nodded.

He reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Then, he flew out of the window.

 Once they left the room, he rushed straight into the sky.

At first, they could still see Bluefield Palace, but soon afterward, there were only lights left.

Eventually, even the lights disappeared, as they quickly rose above the clouds.

Zu An was excited.

Even though he could fly for some time by relying on his own cultivation, compared to the Wind Fire Wheels, it was lacking in both speed and altitude.

“Ah!” Tushan Yu jumped in fright, her face incredibly pale.

After all, she wasn’t a grandmaster[1] and had never flown so high.

If she fell down from here, she might instantly turn into a bloody paste.

“Don’t be afraid; I’m here to protect you.” Zu An said to comfort her.

Tushan Yu gradually calmed down when she heard the gentleness in his voice.

Then, her fear was replaced by novelty.  So flying has this kind of sensation! There are so many clouds around us…

Just then, Zu An stared into her eyes and asked, “Was the reason why you weren’t willing to go to your room because you didn’t want Hu Qianxiao to know”


Tushan Yu’s cultivation is around the eighth rank. ☜


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