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Chapter 1241: Huge Scandal

Zu An’s soul had already been condensed.

Together with the jade badge’s abilities, everything happening in the palace was within his range of perception.

Normally, Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen’s perception should have been more powerful than his.

However, they were seriously injured, causing their perception to drop drastically.

That was why he had noticed them first.

He found that a bit strange.

Yu Yanluo’s curiosity he could understand, and Yun Jianyue was from the Devil Sect, so she was rather straightforward in nature.

Making that kind of decision wasn’t too unexpected.

Considering Yan Xuehen’s nature, however, why had she also rushed out like this, as if she were coming to catch an adulterer

Pah pah pah, I’m completely innocent; why would I need to be scared of being caught

Even though he thought that, he knew being seen sneaking around with Tushan Yu secretly like this would definitely put him in a difficult position.

As such, he quickly said, “Come to my room at night.”

Afterward, he quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Tushan Yu’s face immediately turned red when she heard that. He’s calling me over to his room at night Don’t tell me he wants to…

Yu Yanluo quickly appeared in her line of sight.

When she saw Tushan Yu, there was a hint of surprise in her expression as she asked, “Little sister Yu, have you seen Zu An at all”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue also noticed the two of them.

They both stopped in hidden places and didn’t show themselves.

Tushan Yu reacted quickly, answering, “I haven’t.

Did young master Zu go missing Should I send some people to look for him”

“There’s no need for that,” Yu Yanluo replied.

She thought to herself, If everyone in the palace ends up looking for Ah Zu, wouldn’t that make me seem as if I’m making a big fuss over a minor issue She noticed something and asked, “Hm Little sister Yu, why is your face so red”

“It might have been because I drank a bit too much, haha.

I came out to get some fresh air,” Tushan Yu replied.

She was even starting to admire herself. I am a fox-spirit after all; I can lie in front of his real partner without batting an eyelid!

“Your Bluefield Country’s wine is indeed quite delicious,” Yu Yanluo replied.

She chatted a bit more with Tushan Yu, but because she was more concerned with Zu An, she soon turned around and left.

On the other hand, when the two other women saw that Zu An wasn’t there, they also quietly left.

At the same time, they found it strange. Why am I coming out like this too It’s enough for Yu Yanluo alone to keep an eye on him, right

Then, the ladies saw Zu An back in the main hall.

He seemed to be in high spirits, drinking one glass after another.

By the time the music finished and everyone left, he was already dead drunk.

Yu Yanluo supported him on the way back to his room while complaining, “What were you drinking so much for”

Yun Jianyue sneered.

“Who knows He might be happy because he met up with an old friend.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression froze.

This Yun Jianyue normally seemed to have disdain for this entire world, yet in private, her words were so sharp and penetrating.

She used a hot towel to help Zu An wipe his cheeks and neck.

She was initially planning to stay behind to take care of him, but Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue stared at her with scorching eyes, making her feel strangely guilty.

She couldn't bring herself to stay.

Still, she was still too worried to leave Zu An alone.

While she was hesitating, Tushan Yu said with a smile, “Do not worry.

I will send some of my people to stand guard outside.

They will immediately enter and help him if he has any needs.” The three women sighed in relief when they heard she wasn’t the one who would remain.

At Zu An’s current cultivation, even if he was completely drunk, if someone wanted to do anything bad to him, his soul would naturally react and wake him up.

Still, just in case, Yan Xuehen left behind a yin-yang diagram mirror.

When she saw that everyone was looking at her strangely, she explained, “This is a warning magic artifact.

Unless Zu An personally opens the door or windows, if any outsiders come in, this magic artifact will sound the alarm.

At the same time, it will activate a defensive formation.”

Yu Yanluo felt great admiration when she saw the item.

As the leader of the White Jade Sect, Yan Xuehen had many hidden cards after all.

Just then, Yun Jianyue took out a small lamp and hung it in the room.

When she saw the others look at her, she replied with a completely normal expression, “This thing’s use is about the same as the stone cold woman’s.

Just treat it as an extra layer of protection.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

This witch was clearly doing this out of concern that she might try something.

How annoying!

Tushan Yu shivered. Why does it feel as if young master Zu’s harem is full of killing intent

The atmosphere in the room became a bit strange.

Soon afterward, those present all scattered, returning to their own rooms.

No one had changed their rooms, since it had only been a single day after their arrival.

After she returned to her room, Yu Yanluo couldn’t help but toss and turn.

She just felt as if something might happen to Zu An after he got drunk.

She really wanted to go to Zu An’s room to take a look, but the two grandmasters were just next door.

They would pick up on anything she did.

If she went over now, the two might mistake her for an intruder.

There was no way she would do something that embarrassing!

Huh He’s clearly my man.

They don’t have any kind of relationship with Zu An, so why am I so scared of them

Next door, Yan Xuehen couldn't sleep either.

The fat daoist’s divination continued to appear in her mind, talking about how Zu An would have a bloody calamity.

They had clearly made it through the previous day safely, so they had all treated it as nonsense.

And yet, they just happened to stay the night in the same place again! Yu Yanluo and that witch both suspected the fox-spirit country leader, but she knew the romantic calamity the fat daoist had spoken of might just be about her!

If the two of them had only shared that damn ‘Love is More Solid Than Gold’ skill, that would be one thing.

She had cultivated the Unshakable Daoist Manual and believed that she could control herself.

But her clothes had exploded in front of him once, and then she had shown him such a humiliating side.

Together with the shameful feeling she felt when he treated her, she was now completely at a loss.

She even began to wonder whether she could maintain her previously emotionless state after getting rid of the skill’s effects.

Don’t tell me that ‘bloody calamity’ divination is really going to happen to me

But how could that be possible if I don’t leave my room Don’t tell me it is someone else

She inadvertently sat up from the bed when she thought of that.

She decided to take a look.

Otherwise, she felt as if her own dao heart might become damaged.

As such, she used the Unshakable Daoist Manual to completely conceal her aura, then secretly leaped out of her window.

Next door, Yun Jianyue immediately opened her eyes and muttered, “Hmph, I’ve caught you this time, stone cold woman!”

She had always been thinking about the ‘romantic calamity’ divination over the past few days.

There was no way it would happen to her, and Yu Yanluo was already Zu An’s lover.

That meant there was only Yan Xuehen and that Bluefield Country fox-spirit left.

Even though she didn’t believe Yan Xuehen would be interested in that man, just in case, she had still set up a secret detection formation in the other woman’s room.

Who would have thought that it would actually prove useful!

She was extremely curious.

This stone cold woman wouldn’t really look for Zu An in the middle of the night, right Master and disciple serving the same man That would be a huge scandal!

Her eyes were sparkling when she thought of that, and she secretly followed behind Yan Xuehen.

Meanwhile, Tushan Yu was also incredibly conflicted.

Those two mysterious and profound ladies had set up defensive magic artifacts there.

If she headed over and kept the appointment, would it end up triggering the alarm

However, when she thought about Zu An’s firm tone, after some hesitation, she quickly arrived outside his door before she realized it.

When she was outside, she gently called out, “Young master Zu” She thought that if he really was already asleep, then she would just explain things to him tomorrow.

She was just about to leave when the door groaned and opened, and Zu An called out, “Come on in.”

Zu An was sitting in his bed, not showing a single trace of drunkenness.

Tushan Yu’s heart pounded.

The memory of the previous night continued to appear in her mind.

She felt her body grow a bit weak.

“Why aren’t you coming in” Zu An asked.

He just assumed she was scared of Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s magic artifacts.

He said, “Don’t worry, I opened the door from inside, so it won’t activate their magic artifacts.”

Tushan Yu replied, “Oh.” When she entered, she unthinkingly closed the door behind her.

However, she then felt a bit strange.

She was about to open it again, but Zu An patted the bed next to him and said, “Come over and have a seat.”

Even though Tushan Yu was no walking seductress, she was still a fox-spirit.

Normally, it was always those fox women who played around with men, and not the other way around; and yet today, her head went completely blank like a little girl.

She only instinctively obeyed.

Only when she sat down did she realize something. Ah, I sat down on his bed again so easily! The clan’s grandmothers have always taught me that men always treasure what they can’t obtain easily.

I already made a mistake last night; I should be trying to fix that today…

Zu An was about to say something to her when his expression suddenly froze.

He noticed that Yan Xuehen would arrive soon.

He quickly said, “Take off your clothes.”

“Oh,” Tushan Yu replied, instinctively agreeing.

Her hand was already moving to her collar when she suddenly noticed that something wasn’t right.

She exclaimed, “Huh”


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