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Chapter 1235: Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox

Tushan Yu was still the ruler of a country.

She avoided his disrespectful hand at the last moment.

At the same time, a small and exquisite curved blade suddenly appeared from her sleeves, striking toward Chi Wen.

Chi Wen avoided it easily, however.

He took in a deep breath and said, “How fragrant.

A beauty really is a beauty.”

Yan Xuehen said with a frown, “This guy is really annoying.”

“He is indeed a bit shameless,” Yun Jianyue added, a trace of coldness appearing on her face.

Yu Yanluo agreed completely with them.

They were all women; Chi Wen’s assault on Tushan Yu had clearly offended them too.

Zu An couldn't help but feel a bit worried.

Chi Wen was already at the master rank.

Even though it didn’t seem as if it had been that long since he broke through, he was still a master rank cultivator.

Meanwhile, Tushan Yu was only around the eighth rank.

Furthermore, the Fox Race didn’t excel in combat.

She definitely couldn't win on her own.

Fortunately, a burst of lovable shouts filled the air.

Bluefield Country’s guards flocked over, joining the fray to help Tushan Yu.

Among them, the older ones were likely the Fox Race’s elders.

With their help, Tushan Yu finally managed to stabilize her position.

She stood at the center while commanding her troops; now, both sides were evenly matched.


Tushan Yu’s legs move a bit strangely whenever she dodges or kicks.

Are her legs injured” Yan Xuehen mused.

She was a grandmaster with penetrating eyesight.

Even though it was a small detail, she still immediately picked out several of Tushan Yu’s flaws.

If she were the one fighting against Tushan Yu, those openings would already have proven lethal.

Zu An’s face heated up.

After all, he was the real culprit.

The previous night, he had worried about the fox spirits’ reputation.

Furthermore, he had thought that Tushan Yu was a mature woman like Empress Liu Ning, so he hadn’t held back at all.

After a crazy night, the fact that she could even fight at that moment already proved how tough and supple her body was.

“That’s not all.

I’ve been waiting to see her use her charm technique all this time.

It’s rumored that Bluefield Country’s charm technique is extremely formidable.

Even though her cultivation is beneath this Chi Wen’s, she should be able to greatly decrease his will to fight, affecting his speed and power.

A battle between experts is decided by a sliver; that should already be enough to create many opportunities.

Why isn’t she using it, though” Yun Jianyue wondered.

She was also a master of charm techniques.

She had wanted to take the rare chance to use this battle as a reference for herself, and yet Tushan Yu had never used her technique.

It really was driving her crazy!

“Could it be that it isn’t too suited for use in battle” Yu Yanluo asked.

She thought that perhaps such skills were most effective under normal conditions, but if a battle broke out, the target would definitely be on guard.

“An ordinary charm technique might not work, but someone like the Bluefield Country Lord has definitely reached an extraordinary level in this field, and should be able to use it with every movement she makes.

Why is there a need for her to fight like a normal person” Yun Jianyue wondered.

She was also a master of charm techniques, so her words carried quite a bit of weight.

Yan Xuehen said, “She said she was ill, to the point that she could not even see us off.

Could that be what is affecting her”

“That’s impossible.

Unless she lost her virginity last night, there’s no other way she wouldn’t be able to use her charm techniques for some time,” Yun Jianyue replied.

She wasn’t scared of revealing the weaknesses of charm techniques.

Either way, in a fight between her and Yan Xuehen, charm techniques would be useless anyway.

The three women suddenly thought of something.

They looked at Zu An with strange expressions.

They remembered the romantic calamity the fat daoist had mentioned.

Zu An’s expression was awkward.

He wanted to explain, but there was no way he could, because they really had hit the nail on the head.

Fortunately, Yun Jianyue said, “That’s impossible, though.”

The other women also felt that it couldn’t have happened.

Zu An had behaved properly ever since the previous day, and Bluefield Country’s leader had never said a single thing to him the entire time.

How could anything have happened No matter how much they admired Zu An, how could they believe that he could make the glorious Bluefield Country Lord sleep with him after a single meeting

Zu An’s expression was a bit unnatural.

If they found out the truth, wouldn’t they skin him alive He was quite stirred when he recalled the charming and gentle scene from the previous night.

They had been so intimate that Tushan Yu even revealed her fluffy ears and tail.

He had seen those things before online, and had always been curious about whether they were plugs or wearables, so he had touched them to investigate.

To his surprise, it had just made Tushan Yu cry out in a lovable manner.

It turned out that the tail and ears were a fox woman’s most sensitive areas.

For someone like Tushan Yu, however, after her cultivation had reached a high rank, she had become able to hide those Fox race features.

Only when she was extremely aroused and couldn't restrain her emotions would she be unable to avoid revealing them.

She had continued to beg for mercy, moving her tail around to avoid him, but it had instead given Zu An an even greater novel feeling, so there was no way he would let go.

In the end, as he caressed Tushan Yu’s tail and ears, her body became completely limp and weak…

Just then, there was an outburst of cries.

Chi Wen sneered.

“I’m tired of this.

These games end now.” He opened his mouth and it lengthened outward, becoming like a large water jar.

Zu An’s eyes widened. No wonder that mouth looked so strange; so it had that kind of use.

Chi Wen took a deep breath, and powerful winds swept through the area.

Many of the Fox race guards immediately lost their footing, staggering from side to side.

Tushan Yu began jumping around amid her army; only then did she manage to help her subordinates stand up properly again.

Suddenly, accompanied by howls of laughter, the large mouth’s suction force suddenly increased.

The Fox race guards held each other's hands, and were barely able to steady themselves that way…

However, the clothes on their bodies couldn't endure it.


The sounds of tearing cloth filled the air.

Many people’s clothes burst apart, and were then sucked into the large mouth, revealing a great, shining white expanse.

The fox women cried out in shame and anger.

Only Tushan Yu and a few others with higher cultivation had been able to just barely keep their clothes intact.

However, it was hard enough for them just to take care of themselves, so how could they help anyone else

Chi Wen had already realized that he couldn't use that move to remove Tushan Yu’s clothing.

As such, he retracted the giant mouth.

He sized up the frightened fox women’s wonderful figures, a grin appearing on his face.

He smiled sinsterly and remarked, “Tsk tsk, why do these clothes smell faintly of urine”

“Utterly shameless!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

Her face turned completely white.

Yun Jianyue’s gaze became fierce as she remarked, “This Dragon Race has actually fallen to such a state.”

Yu Yanluo tugged on Zu An’s hand and said, “Ah Zu, let’s help her…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, however, Tushan Yu burst into a rage.

She muttered some words to herself, and a pure white fox projection appeared.

That fox actually had nine tails!

Zu An was stunned.

Why did this skill look so familiar He suddenly remembered that Daji also had a skill that can summon a nine-tailed heavenly fox.

That fox looked almost identical to this one.

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed.

She said, “This is bad.

This is the Fox race’s forbidden art! With Tushan Yu’s cultivation, she might not be able to maintain it!”

It was just like her Medusa forbidden art.

With her cultivation, it was hard to even use it once, and it had almost taken her life to do so.

Sure enough, Tushan Yu’s face immediately became pale.

The nine-tailed fox projection flickered as if it might scatter at any time.

The Fox race elders’ expressions all changed.

They cried, “Country Lord, don’t do it! You will lose your life!”

Meanwhile, Chi Wen didn’t dare to treat the Fox race’s legendary forbidden technique carelessly.

Blue light flickered all around him, and he transformed into his true form.

A monster with a dragon head and a fish body rushed forward.

Tushan Yu gritted her teeth.

She was just about to fight him to the death when her internal energies surged chaotically, making her vomit a mouthful of blood.

The nine-tailed fox projection instantly vanished.

Her heart became ice-cold.

If not because of what had happened the previous night, leaving her entire body incredibly sore, she wouldn’t have failed to use the skill at least once.

Chi Wen rapidly pushed forward with unstoppable power.

With all of the momentum he had, he couldn't stop now even if he wanted to.

Tushan Yu hadn’t expected she would die so soon after experiencing her life’s most joyful night.

She subconsciously glanced over toward Zu An’s direction, a hint of reluctance in her eyes.

However, Zu An was already nowhere to be seen at all.

Tushan Yu laughed inwardly in self-ridicule. Did he run away in the face of a disaster No wonder mother told me that all men were unreliable.

She wasn’t even in the mood to harbor resentment.

Her heart felt dead, like ashes.

She was already ready to face death.

However, a familiar voice suddenly said in her ear, “Be careful!” Then, she felt herself enter a warm embrace.

She raised her head with a blank expression, and her face immediately turned red.

This man had plowed diligently into her again and again, their faces pressed up against each other the entire time.

How could she not recognize who it was He had one hand wrapped around her waist, standing protectively in front of her.

His other hand faced Chi Wen.


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