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Chapter 1232: Why Aren’t Things Going According to Plan

Zu An was shocked.

He had clearly always been on guard, so why had he ended up becoming infatuated with Tushan Yu He felt that his self-control was pretty decent.

There should have been no way he would lose control like that! Charm skills alone shouldn’t have been able to achieve such powerful results.

After all, he had experienced Qiu Honglei and the others’ charm skills before.

He suddenly realized something.

There had been a faint, sweet fragrance coming from the wine both of them had drunk.

He had thought it was the smell coming from Tushan Yu, so he hadn’t noticed anything at the time.

Now that he thought about it, she had probably done something to the wine.

Even though he was immune to poisons, that kind of aphrodisiac wasn’t a poison, so he had little resistance toward it.

While he was thinking to himself, he didn’t notice the hint of blankness that flickered through Tushan Yu’s eyes.

However, that flicker quickly disappeared.

When she looked at Zu An, her expression became increasingly gentle as she suggested, “Big brother Zu, why don’t you just stay in Bluefield Country from now on I’ll make you the king, and I’ll be the queen.

We can spend our days lovingly as dao companions.”

The mood between them had already reached an extremely sweet and ambiguous state, which kept her offer from sounding strange or abrupt.

However, Zu An really wanted to find out her objective.

Even though he was normally pretty confident in himself, he wasn’t narcissistic to the point that he would expect such a beautiful fox queen to throw herself into his arms after a single meeting.

As such, he pretended to have been completely possessed by lust and hugged her tightly.

Even though he knew the whole thing was fake, he had to admit that her body was still extremely soft and comfortable.

But then, a look of hesitation suddenly appeared on his face and he said, “But Yanluo treats me really well.

I can’t let her down.”

Tushan Yu revealed a look of surprise when she saw how intimately Zu An referred to Yu Yanluo. Looks like the two are much closer than I imagined… I won’t get anywhere without being serious.

As such, she leaned into Zu An’s arms and hooked her arm around his neck.

She looked at him with tender feelings, saying, “That’s okay… If you would really hate to part with the Medusa Queen, then I can… I can share you as a husband.”

There was such a beautiful woman in his arms, yet Zu An instead remained extremely calm. Just what is this woman aiming for He pretended to be pleasantly surprised and asked, “Really”

“Of course! Who would joke about something like that” Tushan Yu replied with a blush.

She moved close to Zu An’s ear and whispered softly, “You can spend some time in Bluefield Country and some time in the Snake race territory.

When I have some free time, I can also go to the Snake race territory to find you…”

As she spoke those alluring words, her breath was bewitchingly warm.

If not for the fact that Zu An already knew that she had bad intentions, he would already have been done in at that moment.

“Country leader treats me so well that I don’t even know how to repay you,” Zu An said.

However, he became a bit nervous. Why hasn’t this woman revealed anything even after we’ve been talking for so long

Tushan Yu smiled sweetly and said, “If I like you, then I like you.

Why would I need you to do anything for me in return”

She gently went on tiptoes as she spoke.

Her red lips pressed gently against his chest, neck, and other places.

When such a pure and beautiful young lady acted so seductively, it resulted in a sense of irresistible charm.

Zu An thought to himself, Is she really planning to use these kinds of methods to gain my trust

But isn’t she sacrificing a bit too much

He remembered Yu Yanluo mentioning previously that fox women loved to toy with hearts the most.

Rarely would they truly let anyone take advantage of their bodies.

Hmph, I want to see just what kind of scheme you have at the end of all this!

At the same time, he remained vigilant.

He was worried that she would take the chance to bite his neck or other vital areas.

After all, she was of the fiend races, and that would be an attack difficult to defend against.

However, what surprised him the most was that she didn’t do anything at all.

Instead, her red lips became more and more passionate.

In the end, Zu An was still a young and vigorous man.

How could he not have any reaction when such a charming young beauty treated him so enthusiastically At the same time, he focused and maintained his guard.

It was about time; Tushan Yu had already sacrificed so much, so she was probably going to show her cards soon.

She can’t just continue this forever, right

However, his eyes quickly widened.

She really did just continue!

Tushan Yu lowered her head and gave him a look.

She giggled and said, “I didn’t believe it at first when I heard the rumors, but now, I finally know why the Medusa Queen likes you so much.”

Zu An had a strange expression.

He remembered how during the battle with the Golden Crow Crown Prince, he had become famous in an unusual way… This woman might have become so interested in him precisely because she heard about that.

Sigh, I didn’t expect her to be so fresh and pure on the outside, but actually be… that kind of girl.

A hint of despair flashed through his eyes, but soon afterward, he couldn't help but laugh.

What difference was there between his actions and people who wanted to free prostitutes from their trade

Now, he was certain that she really did have ulterior motives; but despite what others might think, she only lusted after his body.

In that case, there was no need for him to be too polite either.

Her methods thus far had already left him extremely annoyed.

Right at that moment, Tushan Yu showed him a charming smile.

Then, she bit down on her red lips and slowly sat down.

Her entire body immediately went taut, and a hint of pain crossed her brows.

Zu An had been wondering to himself how he would refuse her so it wouldn’t be awkward for either one of them.

How could he have anticipated that she would be so straightforward Now that things had already reached this point, refusing her would be way too superficial.

What was most surprising was that her body seemed to be extremely underripe.

She wasn’t like the fickle woman he had imagined her to be.

However, Zu An quickly realized that maybe the problem was with him.

Even a mature woman like the empress Liu Ning had had a similar reaction at first.

As such, he didn’t think too much of it.

When he thought about the fox spirits’ illustrious reputation in this field, he didn’t dare to act carelessly.

He brought out every trick he knew for fear of embarrassing himself.

The attendants outside looked at each other in dismay. Why did the country leader end up really doing it Wasn’t the plan just to fake it

Still, she was their country leader, so she definitely had a reason for doing what she had done.

The attendants just attributed it to their own lack of comprehension.

The only thing they could do was to stand guard from a distance so that no one could approach and find out what was happening inside.

Still, they could see just how intense it was from the candlelight silhouette and the groans that leaked out from time to time.

The bed rolled like red ocean waves, and a night passed just like that.

Before daybreak arrived, Tushan Yu suddenly sat up in alarm.

However, she quickly noticed that there wasn’t a shred of clothing on her.

She was so embarrassed her face went completely red.

She endured her entire body’s aching and quickly put on her clothes.

She felt like a limp noodle. Wasn’t I just putting on a play Why did I end up becoming possessed…

When she looked at the soundly sleeping man next to her, a hint of killing intent flashed through her eyes.

A small and exquisite curved blade instantly appeared in her hand, and she pressed it up against his neck.

But the charming and gentle scene from the previous night appeared in her mind.

She bit down on her red lips so hard that blood was about to come out.

Ahhhhhh! This is way too humiliating! I actually ended up even showing my tail and ears last night!

After hesitating for a long time, she still put away the curved blade in the end.

Then, she quietly left the room.

Unfortunately, as soon as she got off the bed, her legs buckled and she almost fell.

Only after a while did she slowly catch her breath.

She looked at the man on the bed with a conflicted expression.

She adjusted her condition, then quickly left.

The attendants outside surrounded her, with dark circles around their eyes.

One asked, “Country leader, about what that party wants…”

Tushan Yu stopped her.

She turned around and gave the room a final look before saying, “We’ll talk once we head back.”

The group quietly left.

Inside the room, Zu An opened his eyes. Sure enough, there was a plot! Also, who’s that party they’re referring to

His eyes suddenly narrowed.

He saw a freshly bloomed rose across his sheets.


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