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Chapter 1231: Dangerous Eyes

Zu An was a bit hesitant.

He said, “It’s already so late at night; that’s not too good, is it Should we reschedule this for another day” 

Tushan Yu felt as if her smile were about to break down.

She replied, “Even I’m not scared, so what are you scared of Furthermore, this is my palace.

I’m asking you to entertain me with my own tea, yet you’re not even willing Then return the Blue Earthflowers to me already.”

“Country leader is being too courteous.

I’m not someone that petty,” Zu An said.

After thinking for a bit, he felt that he was acting a bit insincere.

He opened the door again.

“What, are you not going to invite me inside” Tushan Yu asked.

When she saw him stand by the doorway hesitantly, she finally couldn't hold herself back anymore.

She remarked, “Don’t tell me you ended up fooling around with a palace fox girl, and you’re scared of me finding out”

Over the years, she had always handled people skillfully and easily no matter who they were.

Yet today, she had really been left flustered and at a loss by Zu An’s behavior.

You have successfully trolled Tushan Yu for 99 99 99…

Zu An turned to one side and said, “Country leader must be joking.

Please come in!”

Tushan Yu’s expression finally eased up a bit.

When she entered the room, she looked around.

When she saw that there was no one else, she sighed in relief and said, “So young master hasn’t slept yet.”

“I was cultivating just now,” Zu An said.

He made sure to keep the door open to show that he had nothing to hide.

Tushan Yu was speechless when she noticed his actions.

Most men usually tried to find ways to take advantage of her, and yet now, this guy was acting as if she were here to take advantage of him!

“The young master seems to be quite on guard against me,” she said as she casually sat down on his bed, looking at him with a smile.

Zu An was a bit hesitant, but in the end, he nodded and said, “Indeed, I find it a bit strange.

During the day, country leader clearly showed disinterest toward me, and yet this evening, you’re suddenly smiling and acting sweet.”

“So it was because of something like that,” Tushan Yu said with a smile, “The main reason I acted that way was because I saw that your relationship with the Medusa Empress was quite special.

I was worried that she would misunderstand and that I might end up harming the friendship between the two clans, so that was why I treated the young master a bit coldly.

I hope young master doesn’t mind.”

Zu An couldn't help but shrink back as he asked, “Then why did you come here now”

Tushan Yu almost fainted from anger when she saw how he was acting as if she might try something here.

You have successfully trolled Tushan Yu for 666 666 666…

“Didn’t I come here to deliver the Blue Earthflowers to the young master” she replied, clenching her fists tightly in her sleeves.

She really wanted to give this guy a good beating! She eventually added, “And then I wanted to have a chat with the young master.”

“I wonder what the country leader wants to talk about” Zu An asked, sitting down some distance away.

Tushan Yu couldn't help but laugh, remarking, “Is the young master scared that I’ll eat you or something”

“Country leader must be joking; I’m not a chicken,” Zu An said, recalling the dishes from the banquet.

Tushan Yu was speechless.

She realized that this guy was deliberately trying to ruin the mood during the conversation, not giving her any chance to continue.

But she reacted quickly and asked, “Since you aren’t scared of me, then are you scared that the Medusa Queen will become unhappy when she finds out Isn’t the young master looking down on big sister Yu too much She isn’t someone narrow minded like that.”

Zu An inwardly voiced his praise.

In his previous world, this woman would definitely be a crazy good green tea b*tch, so easily dragging in Yu Yanluo.

If he got mad, it would only prove that Yu Yanluo really was like that.

“Country leader must be joking.

If a man wants to do what they want to do, why would they need the approval of others” Zu An was now starting to become curious as to what this woman was trying to do.

As such, he pretended to be stirred up.

Seeing that he had taken the bait, Tushan Yu sighed in relief.

She thought to herself, This guy still has a weakness after all. “I was going to say, how could someone who could win against the Golden Crow Crown Prince be a henpecked yes-man”

Zu An sounded a bit embarrassed as he said, “Oh, so you even knew about that.”

“Bluefield Country isn’t too far from the Snake race, and no matter related to the fiend races’ crown prince is a small matter.

There are countless pairs of eyes watching him,” Tushan Yu said with a smile.

Zu An said guiltily, “I was just lucky.”

“The young master is too modest.

Our fiend races worship the strong, and I’m obviously no exception.

I really wanted to hear about what happened during that battle.” Tushan Yu’s eyes were sparkling.

“Is that so” Zu An replied, relaxing a bit.

“Actually, I didn’t want to fight back then either, but that Golden Crow Crown Prince was acting a bit too arrogantly…”

“Wait.” Tushan Yu stopped him.

Then, with a clap of her hands, a maid carefully brought in a bottle of alcohol, as well as some light dishes.

She said, “You have a story; I have wine.”

The maid arranged a small table by the bed.

After placing the food on the table, she withdrew.

She even considerately closed the door behind her when she left.

Zu An shivered inwardly. Looks like she’s been prepared for quite some time!

Tushan Yu personally poured him a glass of alcohol, revealing her beautiful wrist while doing so.

There was a dainty white gold bracelet on it, embedded with exquisite rubies.

The gemstones were quite striking against her fair white skin.

Combined with the faint sweet scent coming from her body, it was enough to make any man’s throat go dry, making their hearts race.

Zu An was obviously no exception. Formidable! This woman is completely different from ordinary brothel girls! She doesn't need to reveal her shoulders and chest at all; she’s able to tug at one’s desires with every move she makes!

Tushan Yu raised the wine glass and said, “Young master is a guest from afar, so I’ll pour a glass in honor of the young master.”

Zu An was a bit hesitant.

Tushan Yu smiled when she saw that, asking, “What’s wrong Could it be that the young master is scared that I would poison you” She raised his glass and drained it in one gulp afterward, showing that she was fine.

Zu An replied, “I’m not scared of poison; I’m scared of doing something wrong after getting drunk.”

“Pfft!” Tushan Yu had only swallowed half of the alcohol.

When she heard his reply, she choked and spat it out.

Zu An jumped in fright.

He quickly took out a handkerchief and asked, “Are you okay”

Tushan Yu wiped away the alcohol by her lips and gave him a resentful look.

She said, “Young master, ever since I can remember, I’ve never lost my composure as much as today.”

Zu An laughed awkwardly and said, “I was the one who was acting rude.

I’ll punish myself with three cups.” He drank three cups in succession afterward.

Tushan Yu’s mood finally improved.

She said, “Young master, please slow down.

Please do n’t really get drunk; I still want to hear the young master’s story…”

Then, she propped her chin on her hands and looked at him with starry eyes as he spoke about the battle in detail.

She voiced her surprise when she heard how incredible the scene was, even asking him various questions to appease her own confusion.

Of course, each time, she always poured Zu An more alcohol at a suitable time.

The atmosphere in the room became better and better.

With such a beautiful woman looking at him in adoration, constantly praising him, no matter how on guard Zu An had been, he still couldn't help but start to feel pretty good.

At first, they kept talking about that battle, but eventually, they began to talk about all sorts of different topics.

The two of them got closer and closer.

Eventually, Tushan Yu was already inadvertently leaning into Zu An’s embrace with star-struck eyes.

From his perspective, it was the perfect chance to get a good look at that shocking expanse of snow-white skin.

Tushan Yu raised her head slightly.

There was a mysterious smile on her lips.

She gave him a deep look with her beautiful eyes and asked, “Big brother Zu, do you think I’m pretty”

Zu An felt as if there were a flame burning within him.

At that moment, it erupted.

He felt as if his entire body were on fire.

At that moment, he only had a single thought, which was to press the woman in his arms down…

A wave of sobriety suddenly emerged from his soul.

A pair of beautiful eyes opened in his mind: Daji’s eyes.


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