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Chapter 1229: Appearance of a Great Treasure

Zu An didn’t care too much about that, however.

He was already much different from when he had first transmigrated.

In his previous world, he really hadn’t been able to understand why rich and powerful entrepreneurs would assert that they didn’t know whether the women around them were pretty or not.

He had just felt that they were just bluffing.

But now, he felt that they had actually been sincere.

Since the women around them were all kinds of beauties, looks weren’t all that important as a deciding factor anymore.

On the contrary, they cared more about other things.

Right now, Zu An felt similarly.

There were so many beauties around him, and all of them were the most beautiful women in the world.

He even had the Fox race’s most beautiful woman in history, Daji.

That was why even though Tushan Yu was pretty, it didn’t make him feel anything.

On the contrary, he was thinking about something else. Was that fat daoist from earlier really just a swindler, or was he secretly passing some information to them

If that fat daoist was secretly leaking out information, no one in our group realized it.

This is also related to Bluefield Country’s lord, so how could that guy really know the situation so clearly

Just what is his objective

He had watched many films in which people who thought they were smart actually got themselves killed.

There was no way he would let go of any points of suspicion.

I have to be careful today.

That guy’s warning about a bloody calamity isn’t trustworthy, but it isn’t entirely impossible either.

The group quickly entered Bluefield Country’s palace.

Compared to the human race’s Imperial Palace, it was obviously greatly inferior.

But compared to the Snake race’s simple residence, it was much more luxurious.

Perhaps it was because of all of the beautiful fox women there that many merchants from all around the world came to do business, however.

Bluefield Palace’s style was rather unique.

The architecture was rather similar to classical Japan’s.

The inside was full of precious decorations, and there were assorted oval wall carvings everywhere, giving it something of a Western style.

When they entered the palace, several maids helped Tushan Yu remove her cloak.

Her wonderful figure immediately came into full view.

She really was dainty and elegant.

“Is big sister here to respond to the Fiend Emperor’s Fiend King Court summons” Tushan Yu asked as she moved over in an adorable manner, casually taking Yu Yanluo’s hand.

Yu Yanluo wasn’t too used to this level of intimacy, but she couldn't just reject her.

She replied, “Indeed.

The Snake race territory is pretty far from the King Court, so we had to set out early.

Right, do you not have to go”

“I don’t want to go either, but I have no choice,” Tushan Yu said with a vexed expression.

“But there are still some things I need to take care of here, so I might set out a bit later.”

Yu Yanluo sighed and said, “Then that’s quite the regret.

I was hoping that little sister could keep us company along the way.”

The others traveling with Yu Yanluo rolled their eyes inwardly when they heard that.

Both of these two clearly didn’t want to travel with the other, and yet they just had to put up such a sisterly appearance.

Neither Yun Jianyue nor Yan Xuehen felt they could reach that level in terms of human relationships.

“That’s completely fine; big sister should just familiarize yourself with the Fiend King Court first.

Once I arrive later, I’ll have to rely on big sister for help,” Tushan Yu said with a giggle.

Then, she gave Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue a look.

She sighed in amazement, saying “The Snake race really is a place where incredible people come from… There are actually two incredible beauties here!”

Even though the two women were masked, that didn’t affect their charm at all.

On the contrary, it added a bit of mystery to their presence.

“They are my friends, not people from the Snake race,” Yu Yanluo said.

She didn’t reveal everything, and Tushan Yu couldn't really ask too much either.

Tushan Yu tried to guess the pair’s identities.

However, no matter how great her imagination was, there was still no way she could know that they were actually two of the human race’s most powerful grandmasters!

The group headed further in, where a feast had already been prepared.

They all sat down one after another.

When they saw how Yu Yanluo and the two other women treated Zu An with a lot of consideration, allowing him to sit with them, the other fox women in the palace clicked their tongues in wonder.

After all, this was a country that worshiped women over men.

However, Zu An was quite handsome, so the fox women had a good impression of him.

They didn’t speak up in dissent.

“These are all specialty dishes from our Bluefield Country that I had our kitchen prepare.

I hope this meal can leave everyone with beautiful memories,” Tushan Yu said, smiling and making an inviting gesture.

The group looked at each other in dismay.

They were all worried that she had done something to their food.

If Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were both at their strongest, they wouldn’t fear anything.

But at the moment, they were seriously injured and weak, so it was too big of a risk.

Zu An told them through ki, “It’s fine; I’ll give it a try first.”

He had poison immunity.

If there really was some poison, it wouldn’t affect him, but he could still detect it and let them know.

As such, he began to gorge himself on all of the different dishes one at a time.

The other women were a bit worried at first, but they knew he wasn’t a reckless person.

Since he was doing it, that meant he had confidence in himself.

That was why they didn’t say anything else.

The fox women all exchanged looks. This man looked pretty handsome, but why does he look like a starving beggar Sigh, what a waste of his good looks.

Tushan Yu said with a smile, “This young master is quite straightforward and valiant.”

She obviously knew what these people were worried about, so she had been planning to start eating first to ease their worries.

But who would have thought that her praises would instead draw the vigilance of the other women Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both shot Yu Yanluo a look.

Yu Yanluo obviously knew their intentions.

She didn’t want to draw attention to Zu An and instead changed the topic to something else.

She and Tushan Yu chatted about the local customs of their two races, as well as past friendships between the clans and best wishes going forward.

Zu An was happy to take it easy, enjoying the fine food.

He had to admit that the skills of the chefs in Bluefield Palace were pretty good.

The food was incredible in smell, look, and taste.

However, there was one flaw.

There was crystal lotus chicken, pearl chicken meatballs, stir-fried tomato and chicken strips, beauty chicken liver, foo young with shredded chicken, crispy-fried chicken cutlet, imperial chicken wings, eight treasure whole chicken, chicken stuffed dumplings, shredded chicken pastries, chicken blood congee…

Zu An had never imagined that there were so many ways to prepare chicken! Looks like this Bluefield Palace is a chicken hell.

Those present all chatted in a friendly manner, and time passed just like that.

Eventually, Tushan Yu invited them to stay for the evening.

The women had been starting to relax, but now, they became nervous again. It’s here!

Seeing how Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen’s eyelids were twitching from how strongly they were hinting toward her, Yu Yanluo smiled inwardly.

After being around them for a long time, she had discovered that these two weren’t as terrifying as they seemed.

Instead, they were more like two little girls.

She tactfully declined, saying, “There is no need.

I still have some attendants outside.

They will become worried if I do not contact them after a long time.

Furthermore, we need to rush to the King Court tomorrow morning, so we will not be disturbing the country leader.”

Tushan Yu replied with a smile, “Isn’t that easily solved I can just send someone over to big sister’s subordinates.

Some things have happened recently in Bluefield Country, so there is a night curfew in the city.

If all of you go out now, you might not even be able to find a tavern to stay at, but the palace has more than enough rooms for accommodation.

Staying here will surely be better than resting at a tavern outside.”

The women all thought, We won’t be able to rest well It’s precisely right here where we won’t be able to rest well!

Zu An asked through ki transmission, “Can you ask her about what happened in the country recently”

The women nodded in satisfaction.

They were extremely satisfied to see him keep to himself instead of flirting with other women.

Thus, Yan Xuehen voiced their misgivings.

Tushan Yu explained, “Recently, there has been a strange rumor saying that a great treasure will appear in Bluefield Mountain, so strong individuals from all manner of different clans have gathered.

That is the reason why I have no choice but to stay in this palace for a few more days before leaving, you know”

“A great treasure” the women asked, with pensive expressions.

“These are just some random rumors.

If there really were some great treasure, would our Greenfield Country not be aware of it We would already have excavated it a long time ago!” Tushan Yu said.

She looked at them and continued, “As far as I am concerned, my esteemed guests are instead the most important treasure.”

Even though they all knew that she was praising them, when they recalled the fat daoist’s divinations, they all felt as if she harbored some evil intentions.

They were about to refuse when Tushan Yu continued, “I heard you mentioning Blue Earthflowers.

There are not many left in the country, but the Imperial Palace still has some.

I will have some people look into it, and I should be able to bring some over to you tomorrow morning.

If you leave, with all of the things that are happening, I might not be able to find you and will instead embarrass myself.”

The group exchanged a look. If they’re bringing out something like this to tempt us, it looks as if we have no choice but to stay here for the evening.

But when they were about to assign rooms, they encountered a problem.

The palace was full of women, so it was fine for Yu Yanluo and the other women to stay there for the night.

But Zu An was a man, so it was a bit inappropriate.


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