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Chapter 1217: Not Even the Yellow River Can Wash This Clean

Zu An finally understood why the description had said that Mo Xi lived a life of betrayal and being betrayed.

Wasn’t this skill the source of the issue No wonder she had been able to sever the soul contract they had made so easily.

It turned out this was the skill she had used!

Sigh, what a pity it is that I hadn’t summoned her when I defeated the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

Otherwise, I would have been able to seize that Sun Slaying Bow for myself!

He was suddenly a bit shaken.

Wasn’t this skill a bit too ridiculous Did any requirements need to be met for it to be used But when he recalled the information from before, it didn’t seem to have mentioned anything like that.

The keyboard system is becoming more and more unreliable!

He tried to ask Mo Xi.

Even though her soul was damaged just like Daji’s and she couldn't speak, she still retained some of her instincts.

Between that and the soul contract they had, some simple conversation wasn’t a problem at all.

Unfortunately, Mo Xi didn’t reply to him at all.

Instead, she reached out her hand.

Zu An knew what she was saying; she was asking for the Ki Fruits from earlier.

Zu An felt disappointed. This Mo Xi really is a bit hard to please.

Look at how nice Daji is!

But when he recalled her past, and how she was like the incarnation of betrayal itself, and the way the two of them didn’t know anything about each other, he realized it was normal for her to be apprehensive.

Seeing as he had agreed to a business relationship, he took out 49 Ki Fruits.

Mo Xi didn’t obediently open her mouth to be fed like Daji, but instead took the Ki Fruits.

She tossed them into her mouth like snacks.

Her fierce and valiant gaze began to ease up, and an intoxicated expression unwittingly appeared on her face.

Zu An became more and more certain that the Ki Fruits from the lottery had been prepared precisely for the valkyries.

Using them for himself was a complete waste.

Mo Xi quickly finished them.

She reached her hand out again, clearly asking for more.

Even though she had clearly brandished her spear against him, there weren’t any calluses on her hand.

On the contrary, her fingers were beautifully slim and slender.

Unfortunately, Zu An didn’t care about that at all for the moment.

He said, “You’ve finished the amount this time.

In the future, there’ll only be Ki Fruits after you finish what I need you to do.

We’ll do things one exchange at a time.”

It wasn’t his fault for acting like that.

If Mo Xi hadn’t caused so many problems before and was instead obedient like Daji, he would immediately have fed all of his Ki Fruits to her to increase her strength.

After all, Daji was stuck at the seventh rank breakthrough point and still lacked Blue Earthflowers.

It would be useless for her to eat the Ki Fruits before she broke through.

With the way Mo Xi acted, however, there was no way he would dare to give her all of his Ki Fruits immediately.

Furthermore, based on her skills, it seemed she could sever their soul contract at any time.

If he fed her fully but she turned around and ran away, wouldn’t he be losing out big time

Looking at Mo Xi’s gaze filled with unruliness, Zu An suddenly remembered how those who raised eagles in his past world never fed the eagles too full, always maintaining control over their appetites.

Only then would the birds obediently go out and hunt.

Even though he didn’t like comparing Mo Xi to a bird, the principles were similar.

I hope that as we spend more time together, she can really start to trust me.

Mo Xi immediately looked away when she heard what Zu An said, seemingly a bit upset.

Of course, the good news was that she didn’t try to run away again.

Zu An sighed in relief.

He carefully recalled both her and Daji, then returned to the Snake Race manor.

However, he didn’t return to his room, but instead headed in the direction of Yan Xuehen’s room.

He didn’t have someone contact her; instead, he disappeared into the darkness.

He made his way around, then quietly pushed open the window, jumping in.

His movements were extremely light, as if he were scared of alerting someone.

However, a wave of coldness swept over him the moment he entered.

A shining longsword was instantly pressed against his chest.

“Who is it” A cold voice that sounded like a never-melting frozen peak called out.

A faint mist swept through the air, giving off a sense of someone completely detached from the secular world.

At the same time, it conveyed a frigid killing intent.

“It’s me!” Zu An replied with a sigh.

This was the true voice and temperament Yan Xuehen normally had! It was only because she had been left completely helpless by what had happened over the past few days that she had been left at a loss.

A blush flashed across Yan Xuehen’s cold countenance when she heard that it was Zu An.

She hissed, “What are you here in the middle of the night for!” She deliberately lowered her voice, seemingly scared of alerting anyone.

Zu An explained, “It’s about ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’…”

Before he even finished, Yan Xuehen’s longsword pushed forward an inch.

Her voice was full of embarrassment and anger as she spat, “Don’t think that you can do what you want with me just because of that darn skill!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 199 199 199…

Zu An was stunned.

He replied, “Huh I never had any of those thoughts.” Why would she think such things

Yan Xuehen’s vigilance didn’t decrease at all.

She replied, “Then why did you come to my room in the middle of the night And in such a sneaky manner too!”

Zu An retorted self-righteously, “Isn’t it because I don’t want others to see me”

Yan Xuehen scoffed.

“Our relationship is proper; why can’t we meet openly”

“Then I’ll go out and come in again through the front entrance,” Zu An said with a gloomy expression.

“Wasn’t it you who said that we have to keep this ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ skill a secret”

Yan Xuehen’s expression changed.

When she thought about how Yun Jianyue was next door, she quickly stopped him and said, “Alright, alright, you’re already inside.

What’s the point of doing it again”

Zu An didn’t feel any pressure and instead acted as if it were his own room, walking in casually.

He noticed that Yan Xuehen was dressed in simple and neat white silk.

It was probably her usual nightwear.

The covers on the bed had been tossed aside.

It was clear that she had jumped out of the covers because she sensed that someone had snuck in.

As expected of a grandmaster, even while wounded, her spiritual senses are still so sharp.

Yan Xuehen sensed his gaze, then realized that she was dressed in a way that was a bit too personal.

How could she let someone else see her private side like that She thought about putting on some clothes, but that would be too deliberate, and would embarrass her even more.

Zu An had already treated her injuries, hugging and touching her all over.

Even though her clothes were personal, she wasn’t exposing anything…

While she was struggling internally, Zu An sat down at a table and poured himself a cup of tea.

After that little event just then, he really was getting a bit thirsty.

“Sigh…” Yan Xuehen tried to stop him because that was the cup she had just used, but she was too late.

“What is it” Zu An asked, looking at her in confusion after taking a sip.

“It’s nothing,” Yan Xuehen replied.

Her expression became a bit unnatural when she saw the faint lip mark on the teacup.

She was scared that he might find out and quickly changed the topic.

“What’s going on with that skill To the extent that you had to sneak into my room in the middle of the night”

“Actually, I have a friend who has an ability that can sever all kinds of contracts and oaths.

I reckon that this ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ skill should also be a kind of contract,” Zu An explained.

“When you say friend, are you talking about yourself” Yan Xuehen replied.

Her pretty brows furrowed. This guy was tricking me after all! He clearly could’ve undone this thing before!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

“This friend really isn’t me,” Zu An replied, feeling extremely wronged.

He quickly summoned Mo Xi.

“This is a friend I just met.

She might have a way to undo our contract.”

Yan Xuehen was shocked.

She asked, “Is she a fiend race woman”

This woman’s way of dress was completely different from that of human women.

However, even though she was dressed rather provocatively, there wasn’t a trace of charm coming from her.

Instead, she carried a heroic air that would make one naturally feel admiration for her.

However, the key was that this valiant woman was extremely beautiful, to the extent that she wasn’t inferior to Yu Yanluo.

The fiend races actually have such beautiful women

“She’s probably a human… Uh, that’s not what’s important,” Zu An said.

He explained, “She has a skill called ‘Farewell, Nanchao’, which might be able to undo the ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ skill.”

“Fine!” Yan Xuehen replied.

Zu An was just about to put his plan into action when a knock came from outside.

“Stone cold woman, what the hell are you doing in the middle of the night Why did I sense your killing intent just now” Yun Jianyue called out.

“I heard that the Snake Race was rather lewd; don’t tell me you ended up liking one of them, and he just snuck into your room in the middle of the night”


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