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Chapter 1211: Caught Up in the Drama She Was Enjoying

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

She was completely stunned.

Had Yan Xuehen hit her head or something

Yan Xuehen was also about to faint.

Why had she come up with such a stupid excuse

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue almost burst out laughing.

The stone cold woman was usually graceful and angelic, and yet today, she was actually so slow.

It was actually surprisingly cute.

Yu Yanluo looked at Zu An expressionlessly, waiting for an explanation from him.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 299 299 299…

Surprisingly, however, Zu An cried, “Huh Sect Master Yan, why are you here!”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

He had been calling her ‘big sis’ not too long before, and yet now, it had gone back to ‘sect master’ again!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 233 233 233…

Yan Xuehen suddenly noticed that Zu An was frantically gesturing toward her with his eyes.

She couldn't help but laugh inwardly.

His face looked as if it were twitching or something; it really was ugly.

But she finally reacted in the end, saying, “I thought that I had recovered enough, so I tried to fly, but accidentally ended up falling here.

I inadvertently disturbed you two.”

Yu Yanluo was expressionless. Do you take me for a fool

If you accidentally fell here, why would Little White know that you were hiding there

But it wasn’t the time to expose the other woman.

She could only silently accept the excuse.

Yan Xuehen also knew the excuse she had scraped together wouldn’t be able to fool the other woman.

She was so embarrassed, she wanted to dig straight into the floorboards and disappear.

However, she could only say, “Since it’s already getting late, then I won’t disturb your rest.”

Inwardly, she felt quite sullen.

She had been chasing Yu Yanluo vigorously and domineeringly just a few days before, and yet now, she actually couldn't even raise her head in front of the other woman! She even had to speak carefully. It’s all that brat Zu An’s fault!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 433 433 433…

Zu An felt miserable. I’m over here trying to find an excuse for you; what are you getting upset at me for

But wait, why did only Yan Xuehen come out by herself

“I wish Sect Master Yan a speedy recovery,” Yu Yanluo said, calming down again.

She was the host, after all, and the other woman’s status was special.

As a host, she couldn't go too far.

Yan Xuehen felt strangely guilty when they made eye contact and quickly avoided Yu Yanluo’s gaze.

She forced a smile and nodded before quickly leaving.

Behind the divider, Yun Jianyue sighed in relief. Sure enough, this stone cold woman was so flustered that all of her attention was on Yu Yanluo.

She completely forgot about getting revenge on me!

This stone cold woman is still a bit too easily embarrassed.

If she were from our Holy Sect, with her nature, she really wouldn’t have a good time.

After Yan Xuehen left, Yu Yanluo’s expression turned completely cold.

She remarked toward Zu An, “Who would’ve thought that you were even in cahoots with Sect Master Yan”

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanlu for 198 198 198…

Zu An replied, with a bitter smile, “Yanluo, you’ve misunderstood! She only came to visit me.

She only hid there because she was scared of a misunderstanding happening!”

“Oh If you two were really innocent, why would you be scared of a misunderstanding” Yu Yanluo sneered.

“It’s already the middle of the night; these kinds of situations can easily cause misunderstandings! You know her status is special.

She might have thought that the less complications there were, the better it would be.

But she didn’t expect to be exposed in the end,” Zu An explained.

He suddenly asked, “Right, do you have a recording stone here”

Yu Yanluo’s pretty brows furrowed.

She asked, “Why do you need it”

Zu An replied, “You know I left Cloudcenter Commandery in a hurry in order to save you, but I didn’t expect to be trapped in the mines afterward.

Now, I’m deep in the fiend race territories, so I have to contact the Imperial Envoy somehow, right Otherwise, I might already be a wanted criminal by the time I get back.

Yu Yanluo softened up a bit when she thought about how Zu An was in this situation because of her.

She took out a recording mirror from a storage pouch off to the side and gave it to him, saying, “I have a recording mirror, but if you want to record a long message, the ki stones it has inside might not be enough.

I’ll get the clan to bring you some more tomorrow.”

Yun Jianyue thought to herself, Yu Yanluo is a wealthy clan leader after all.

She really does throw around wealth easily.

Zu An’s ability to mooch really is on an entirely different level.

Zu An spoke up again, saying, “There’s no need; I won’t use up too much time.

The few ki stones I have with me should be enough.

You’ve just returned to the Snake race territory, so you should hold onto them to improve public opinion.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression eased a bit when she heard Zu An’s expression of consideration.

However, she still couldn't help but say, “I almost fell for your tricks.

Stop changing the topic and tell me what exactly you and Yan Xuehen were doing in this room.”

Zu An felt that the situation had become a huge pain in the ass. Why isn’t she just letting the matter drop But Yan Xuehen wasn’t Little Blue; the two of them really hadn’t done anything.

He had a clear conscience as he said, “Nothing, really.

She just helped me apply some medicine.”

“She helped you apply some medicine” Yu Yanluo’s eyes widened.

Yan Xuehen’s cold and arrogant figure appeared in her mind.

That coldness was something she could feel even from far away.

A woman like that would help a man apply medicine, and with his clothes off, no less

Yun Jianyue nodded in deep sympathy.

She had already formed similar suspicions when she saw Yan Xuehen hidden behind the divider.

She had been just as shocked then.

Hmph, stone cold woman, isn’t your character a complete mess now Let’s see how you’re going to keep up that act in the future!

“Is there a problem” Zu An asked in confusion.

“Yes, of course there is!” Yu Yanluo replied, remaining expressionless.

“I seem to have come at a bad time.”

Zu An just assumed she was angry and quickly said, “No, no, no, you came at the perfect time!”

“What do you mean, ‘perfect time’ I ended up ruining your happy time,” Yu Yanluo shot back, seemingly very upset.

Zu An gulped and said, “Yanluo, don’t scare me like that… You can hit me and curse me, but don’t be like that.”

“I’m not joking with you,” Yu Yanluo said, sounding surprised by Zu An’s reaction.

She continued, “If I had arrived a bit later… Well, it’s already late at night.

With just a man and woman alone together, who knows The two of you might have gotten a step closer.”

Zu An was stupefied.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue gave him a sidelong glance, thinking, Is there something wrong with this woman

When she saw Zu An’s expression, Yu Yanluo quickly said, “Other women would be one thing, but I actually fully support you in capturing her.

Think about it; she’s a grandmaster, and even the master of the White Jade Sect.

If she became your woman, wouldn’t you be able to do whatever you wanted”

Of course, there was something else she wasn’t saying.

She still vividly remembered being chased down by Yan Xuehen a few days before.

They were no longer enemies, so she couldn't really get revenge at this point.

However, if Yan Xuehen became Zu An’s woman too, as Yu Yanluo was the first one to confirm her relationship with Zu An, Yan Xuehen would have to respectfully call her ‘big sister’.

That thought alone put a big smile on her face.

Yun Jianyue’s eyes lit up.

That actually didn’t sound like that bad of an idea.

She thought, If Yan Xuehen is successfully captured by Zu An, then as Zu An’s senior, wouldn’t she have to serve me respectfully in the future

Most importantly, if both master and disciple belonged to the same man, she could spread the news everywhere. Let’s see how that woman would still act cocky then!

The common people all worshiped Yan Xuehen as if she were some immortal.

White Jade Sect had successfully convinced the world of that.

If her image collapsed, wouldn’t our Holy Sect then rise, completely crushing the White Jade Sect beneath our feet Yun Jianyue was so excited she almost burst out laughing.

“Um… I don’t think that’s too appropriate,” Zu An said.

He was really sweating now.

He really hadn’t expected Yu Yanluo to have that sort of idea.

“What’s inappropriate about that” Yu Yanluo harrumphed.

“In my opinion, Yan Xuehen alone isn’t enough.

That Yun Jianyue seems to have good intentions towards you too.

Both of them are seriously injured right now; this is an incredible situation no other man could experience.

You should seize this chance well and take both of them as your wives.

Then, both leaders of the righteous and devil ways will become your women.”

If that happens, you really will be able to do whatever you want in this world.

Yun Jianyue had just been watching the drama play out happily.

But when she heard that, her smile instantly froze on her face.


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