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Chapter 1207: Way Too Packed

Behind the screen divider, Yan Xuehen became nervous.

“What do you need her for” Zu An asked in confusion.

Yan Xuehen was also puzzled.

“It’s nothing.

It’s just that my hands are itching a bit and I want to hit something,” Yun Jianyue replied.

She even swatted the air a few times while speaking.

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

Zu An didn’t understand what she meant at first, but he immediately understood when he saw those movements. These two really are destined to be enemies…

“Ahem, I haven't seen her.

Maybe she’s on a stroll somewhere, or she went to some guy’s room.” Zu An said with a deadly earnest expression.

Yan Xuehen almost jumped out to bite him to death.

This guy was actually working together with Yun Jianyue to bully her!

Yun Jianyue couldn't help but laugh, saying, “That’s where you’re wrong.

I’ve fought against that stone cold woman for so many years.

Even though she has a ton of flaws, she’s always remained completely pure in terms of romance.

Why would she be in a man’s room”

Behind the screen, Yan Xuehen’s face heated up. I absolutely can’t let her see me here, or else I’ll die from embarrassment!

Yun Jianyue said, “Right, you’ve fought quite well today.

There were several times where even I broke out into a cold sweat, worried that you might not make it.

That Golden Crow Crown Prince is one of the strongest at the master rank, and he even had the help of the Fiend Emperor’s divine weapon.

The fact that you were able to win against him really was quite excellent.

Honglei didn’t choose the wrong man after all.”

Yan Xuehen frowned, thinking to herself, This woman really is cunning.

She keeps using Qiu Honglei to pull their relationship closer.

Does that mean I should talk more about Chuyan with him in the future

Inside the wardrobe, Little White and Little Blue listened in confusion. Why is there another girl named Honglei, and what kind of relationship do they have

“It’s all because big sisters have taught me well,” Zu An quickly said.

Yan Xuehen felt a bit better when she heard him praise her too.

However, Yun Jianyue said a bit unhappily, “The stuff that stone cold woman taught you wasn’t even of any help in your battle against the Golden Crow Crown Prince this time.

Its use isn’t as practical as my skill at all.”

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned ice cold. This woman even wants to argue over something like this But the most infuriating part was that she couldn't even object!

Little White and Little Blue widened their eyes. So big brother Zu’s skills were taught by these two women No wonder they were always so prideful, and even the clan leader treated them with respect!

Ah, we can’t let his masters find out that we’re hiding here no matter what, or else their impression of us will be completely ruined!

But they quickly remembered that they had already been caught by Yan Xuehen.

Their expressions sank.

They definitely had to give her some suitable presents in the future to apologize to her…

Zu An coughed and said, “They’re all useful! Both are useful.” Yan Xuehen was right there, so he couldn't start gossiping.

“You’re always so slick-tongued.

Forget it.

That only means you wouldn’t speak ill of me in front of her either,” Yun Jianyue said, then nodded in satisfaction.She asked, “Right, that move of yours that covered the skies with sword ki, what is it called It’s actually pretty cool looking.”

“Really I thought so too,” Zu An replied, his vanity greatly satisfied.

He answered, “It comes from the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra…” However, he actually didn’t know if it really came from the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, or if it was some additional function provided by the keyboard system.

“The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra really is mysterious.” Yun Jianyue clicked her tongue in wonder.

“But I feel that the move still has a lot of room for perfection.

If you alter it a bit, you can just defeat the Golden Crow Crown Prince with that move alone.

There won’t be any need to put yourself in such a dangerous situation anymore.”

Zu An was shocked.

He quickly asked, “How can it be improved”

Yun Jianyue helped him apply medicine while asking, “Did you pay attention when Golden Crow Crown Prince created his sword formation The reason it was so powerful is because he used his own feathers.

That made his feathers more concentrated and sturdier than sword ki made out of thin air.

Furthermore, because your sword ki is made out of thin air, its power seems to be linked to your own cultivation.

Against the truly strong, it isn’t very useful at all.”

Zu An nodded.

He had faced grandmasters before, and back then, that attack wasn’t too effective.

That was why he just hadn’t chosen to use it in those situations.

Yun Jianyue continued, “So, you can just imitate the Golden Crow Race… Don’t look at me like that.

I know you don’t have any feathers.

What I’m saying is that you can refine some earth-grade or higher-level weapons.

Of course, the higher the rank, the better.

You can then use those swords in place of the sword ki, and the attack will become much stronger.”

“Our Holy Sect might not have many other things, but we have quite a few weapons.

If you come visit our sect in the future, you can take a look around our warehouse.

Of course, the heaven-grade weapons all have owners and I can’t give them to you, but giving you a few dozen earth-grade weapons isn’t too big of an issue.”

In the martial world, a single earth-grade weapon was already enough to cause a hubbub within many sects.

As for a heaven-grade weapon, they were usually weapons only the greatest sects would possess.

Immortal-grade weapons, on the other hand, were already the stuff of legend.

As for deity-grade weapons, not many of them had appeared since ancient times.

Every single one of them had tremendous history.

The fact that he could get tens of earth-grade weapons in one go would already be quite the big investment.

Behind the screen divider, Yan Xuehen’s eyes widened in shock.

This woman really was going all out! Looks like I have to think of something too, or else he’ll be roped in by that demoness… That won’t be good for my White Jade Sect at all.

Little White and Little Blue were completely stupefied.

Just what kind of a background did this woman have She was actually giving away tens of earth-grade weapons that easily All in all all, their entire Snake Race only had a few earth-grade weapons!

They had thought that the two women were weak individuals hiding behind their big brother Zu for protection.

Now, it seemed that big brother Zu was actually a mooching pretty boy!

Zu An was moved as well.

He had never thought of that before.

If he really tried that out, wouldn’t the attack become dozens of times more powerful He said with a smile, “Thank you for your reminder, big sis sect master.

But I don’t need those earth-grade weapons.

I have some weapons of my own.”

“Oh You’re showing disdain even toward earth-grade weapons” Yun Jianyue replied in annoyance.

“Don’t tell me you have a bunch of heaven-grade weapons on you”

Zu An said with an awkward chuckle, “I don’t have any heaven-grade weapons.”

“What are you acting all cocky for if you don’t have them” Yun Jianyue asked, dumbstruck.

“But I seem to have acquired some immortal-grade ones…” Zu An took out some weapons and put them on the table as he spoke.

Yun Jianyue’s eyes widened.

She exclaimed, “These are Sun Slaying Arrows, this is that Poisonous Prick, this is the sword that blocked the Sun Slaying Bow head on… Kid, your treasury is making even me a bit jealous.

I almost want to steal these from you.”

Yan Xuehen nodded in deep sympathy.

This kid was a bit too well off, right It was already quite amazing for a great sect to have a single immortal-grade weapon, yet this brat had so many of them.

Furthermore, some of them might be even higher than immortal-grade!

“Hm What are these five throwing knives” Yun Jianyue’s voice sounded again.

Zu An said, “These are the Immortal Beheading Knives I got in the past.

I had a feeling that they might secretly be divine weapons, so I kept them.”

“Divine weapons” Yun Jianyue picked one up and flicked it.

She said, “The material is quite good and they’re sharp, but they don’t seem to have any special skills.

I don’t think they’re divine weapons.”

Zu An chuckled and said, “It’s just a suspicion.

Who knows Maybe they were sealed or something, so I might have to gather nine of them before they transform.”

“That’s not entirely impossible,” Yun Jianyue said as she lowered the throwing daggers.

Then, she gave him some pointers on cultivation that were extremely helpful.

A while later, she said, “Right, once you return to the human world, pay our Holy Sect a visit.

We should get your marriage with Honglei over with already.”

Zu An was surprised and happy.

He replied, “So you agree”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed, “I’m not like that stone cold woman, so why would I try to break up two lovebirds But I still have to make this clear beforehand.

You’re not allowed to take her virginity before Honglei cultivates Heavenly Devil Temptation fully.”

Zu An’s expression immediately sank.

He replied, “Then it’ll be fine even if we get married later…”

“Of course not!” Yun Jianyue immediately sat up straight.

She said, “A playboy like you has to have many other girls lined up, so we have to establish the order first.

That stone cold woman keeps bringing up her disciple’s past relationship with you, and it really pisses me off! You two have clearly divorced already, so what relationship do you even have left with that disciple of hers

“I’ve fought against that stone cold woman my entire life.

She can’t win against me, and her disciple will always be beneath mine!”

Yan Xuehen’s entire body was shaking when she heard that.

This woman really was treacherous!

Right when she almost couldn't hold herself back anymore and was about to rush out, a gentle voice called out from outside the door, “Ah Zu~”

It’s Yu Yanluo (clan leader)!

The women inside were all stunned.

Just as she took a step forward, Yan Xuehen quickly pulled her foot back.

Little White and Little Blue both nervously shrank into the wardrobe.

Yun Jianyue also suddenly got up.

She wouldn’t really have cared before, but it was now deep into the night.

That brat Zu An’s clothes still weren’t on.

Other people might not believe that they hadn’t done anything when they were sitting on the same bed.

She was full of experience in other areas, but that wasn’t one of them.

She felt a headache when she thought about another woman’s jealousy. It’s less trouble if no one knows!

She quickly made her decision and hissed, “Don’t tell her that I’m here!”

Then, she instantly rushed over to open the wardrobe.


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