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Chapter 1202: Godrune Forging Diagram

Then, a wistful expression appeared on Mi Li’s face.

She began, “If I remember correctly, in terms of weapon-forging methods, none surpassed the Xia dynasty.”

“The one with the great flood” Zu An asked.

“Indeed.” Mi Li nodded.

“In the past, the Xia Emperor Yu the Great decided to cast nine cauldrons.

Five would be made through yang principles, while four would be made through yin.

Soft gold was used for the yin cauldrons, while strong gold was used for the yang cauldrons.

All that resulted in an extraordinary divine weapon.

All that was because he cultivated the Godrune Forging Diagram.

“It was said that Yu the Great was proficient with all weapons.

In order to do so, he had to first familiarize himself with the characteristics of those weapons.

If he wanted to do that, nothing would be better than personally refining them.

The Godrune Forging Diagram was precisely one such method to do so.

Through forging so many different weapons, in the end, he became able to use any weapon.”

Zu An clicked his tongue and remarked, “So he was just an enlightened blacksmith”

Mi Li shot him a look and replied, “Don’t be disrespectful.

How can just weaponsmithing alone describe Yu the Great If you can find the Godrune Forging Diagram, not only will you be able to repair the Tai’e Sword, you can even restore its former glory as a deity-grade weapon.”

Zu An sighed and said, “That’ll probably be quite difficult.”

If the method came from the Xia Dynasty, it was probably one of the secret manuals the keyboard needed.

But the unknown regions they were found in were all mysterious and enigmatic.

He had only managed to enter a few such ruins by circumstance.

He might not be so lucky in the future.

He had even searched with the Embroidered Envoy’s powerful information network, but he hadn’t found a single clue about any more of those places.

But that made sense too.

In the past, Emperor Zhao Han had used his entire nation’s strength to find a single unknown region, but the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra resting within had ended up in Zu An’s hands.

As such, whether or not any more of those regions could be found would completely be up to luck.

But Mi Li sounded optimistic, saying, “Since you were able to find Westhound Tomb and the Yinxu Ruins, you’re definitely someone with incredible fortune.

You really might be able to find the Xia Dynasty’s ruins.”

Zu An was stunned. I have incredible fortune

Then why the hell is my luck always so freaking awful when I pull on that keyboard gacha

He subsequently asked, “Master, have your soul’s wounds recovered yet”

Mi Li sounded a bit downcast as she replied, “I was about to recover, but after being hit by that Sun Slaying Arrow, all of my efforts ended up being for nothing.”

The Tai’e Sword had almost been broken, and she was just a sword spirit attached to the sword.

She had suffered great injuries as a result too.

Zu An’s expression changed.

He said, “Only a single drop of the Milk of Purple Frost can form every ten thousand years.

I might not be able to find a second drop.”

“You don’t need to worry.” Mi Li felt warm inside when she sensed his concern.

She explained, “The Sun Slaying Arrow wasn’t as powerful as the attack from Zhao Han.

I don’t need the Milk of Purple Frost to recover from it.

I’ll be fine if I sleep a bit longer to recover.”

“You’re going into seclusion again” Zu An asked, sounding a bit reluctant.

The times he had spent with Mi Li were always short, with long periods in between.

“What, you can’t bear to see your master leave” Mi Li chuckled.

“If I were awake, I would constantly pester you about your wooing of girls.

Isn’t it better when I’m asleep” 

Zu An smiled and said, “I don’t mind.”

“Hmph, even if you don’t mind, I find it a sight for sore eyes.” Mi Li harrumphed.

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment.

He said with a serious expression, “Right, master, can you move into something else Now that the Tai’e Sword is cracked, I’m worried that you might…”

Mi Li shook her head and said, “The Tai’e Sword is the Chu State’s divine weapon, and it’s also Emperor Qin’s personal sword.

Its ties with me are deep, making it the most suitable host that rejects my soul the least.

Furthermore, with each transfer of hosts, my soul body will greatly weaken.

In my current state, I wouldn’t be able to handle another new host.”

She gritted her teeth a bit when she thought of that.

If not for this brat, she would already have stolen Chu Chuyan’s body.

Then she wouldn’t have had to worry about her soul scattering at all.

But when she thought of that, she suddenly recalled being in Chu Chuyan, her body being pounded beneath Zu An.

Her complexion suddenly became unnatural.

This guy is just a brute!

Her expression quickly returned to normal.

She didn’t want him to know what she was feeling.

She calmed down and said, “It would be best to find the Godrune Forging Diagram as soon as possible and repair the Tai’e Sword.

Don’t forget that the two of us are bound by a life and death contract.

If my soul scatters, your fate won’t be much better.”

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 55 55 55…

Zu An was confused as to why she would suddenly get upset.

He was about to ask her why, but she had already gone back into the Tai’e Sword to sleep.

She didn’t wake up no matter how he called out to her.

“Sigh, this is just too much of a pity,” Zu An muttered, looking at the cracked Tai’e Sword.

He thought to himself, If I don’t get that crown princess as compensation, there’s no way this loss can be made up for!

He suddenly thought of something.

He took out two arrows from the Brilliant Glass Bead that flickered with a shining, dark luster.

There were numerous runes carved on their surface.

He could vaguely sense that the two arrows were extremely intertwined with the natural laws of the world.

The two arrows gave off a terrifying destructive pressure that could make all those who approached them feel a mysterious sense of apprehension.

They were the two Sun Slaying Arrows the Golden Crow Crown Prince had unleashed.

Zu An had received one directly, while the other had been blocked by the golden war chariot.

He had taken them into the Brilliant Glass Bead the moment they lost their divine radiance.

Unfortunately, just like the golden war chariot, he had been unable to store away the Sun Slaying Bow.

It seems items that have acknowledged an owner aren’t so easily stolen.

While he was feeling gloomy, he suddenly heard a light knock on his door.

A soft and gentle voice called out, “Young master Zu, are you asleep”

Zu An was stunned.

He recognized that voice; it was the young lady named Little White.

He put away the Sun Slaying Arrows and got up to open the door.

Sure enough, a timid young lady was standing there.

He asked, “Lady White, is something the matter”

Little White’s face was a bit red.

She was too embarrassed to raise her head and look at him directly.

She quietly said, “Your injuries seemed quite severe during the day, so I brought over a Hundred Herb Pill from my clan.

I hope it’ll be of some help.”

Zu An smiled and said, “Lady White, please come in.”

He remembered Maid Xing mentioning that Elders White and Blue were the ones with the greatest authority in the Snake Race.

They didn’t get along with Yu Yanluo normally.

In order to lessen Yu Yanluo’s burden in taking over the Snake Race, he had to do his best to mediate the two parties’ relationship too.

Hm Does this count as standing on the madam’s side When she heard the invitation, Little White showed some hesitation.

Entering a man’s bedroom in the middle of the might really was a bit inappropriate.

With her usual nature, there was no way she would agree.

But Zu An’s incredibly handsome appearance during the day reappeared in her mind.

Before she could even reject the offer, her feet had already mysteriously walked in on their own.

“Thank you, miss Little White,” Zu An said as he poured a cup of tea for her.

He looked her up and down.

She had pretty features and a graceful figure, a beauty in the making.

Furthermore, her underripe and shy appearance didn’t seem to resemble the other Snake Race women.

After all, he had just experienced their enthusiasm during the banquet not too long beforehand.

Little White’s heart pounded under his gaze.

She quickly raised her teacup to hide her embarrassment.

Zu An chuckled and asked, “Are you not scared of me drugging the tea”

“Huh” Little White exclaimed, sounding like a startled rabbit.

She subconsciously lowered the teacup.

Zu An chuckled and said, “I’m just messing with you.”

“Big brother Zu, you’re a bad man!” Little White cried, realizing that she had been played with.

However, there was no threatening nature to her anger at all.

It simply made her look even cuter.

Zu An said with a smile, “I was just saying that to warn you.

How can you not be the slightest bit vigilant when you enter a man’s quarters in the middle of the night”

Little White mumbled, “I wouldn’t be like this in front of anyone else.”

Zu An was stunned.

Only then did Little White realize that her words were a bit ambiguous.

She quickly asked, “Big brother Zu, why aren’t you taking the pill I gave you The Hundred Herb Pill’s effects are really good.

It’s something my grandfather obtained through great difficulty.”

If Elder White found out about this matter, he might just faint from anger.

Even with their Snake Race’s strength, they had only managed to obtain two such pills after so many years.

They couldn't even bear to use them on several occasions when they had been injured, and yet one had secretly been given out to an outsider by his granddaughter.

When he saw her hopeful expression, Zu An obviously didn’t want to disappoint the girl.

He swallowed the pill.

The pill dissolved, sending waves of heat through his body.

Little White had a dangerous smile on her face.

She remarked, “Big brother Zu, you were warning me just now, but didn’t you end up ingesting an unknown drug just like that too”


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