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Chapter 1200: We’re Even

Even though the Sun Slaying Arrow had tracking properties, Zu An was next to the crown prince.

If Zu An were hit, he might die too.

Helpless to do anything else, he quickly triggered the golden war chariot’s defenses.

A semi-transparent barrier rose around it.

The Sun Slaying Arrow quickly arrived with terrifying momentum.

However, the expected explosion didn’t happen.

On the contrary, it was as if the world had stood still.

There was no sound, as if everything had been erased.

Then, a blinding light filled the sky, bathing the whole world in gold.

Those watching all covered their eyes.

The ones who were a bit slower screamed miserably, as if their eyes had been burned through.

Then, a shadow fell from midair, landing on a mountain.

With a loud crash, the entire mountaintop was cut in half.

“That’s the golden chariot!” a cultivator with sharp eyes shouted.

But the golden war chariot was already dull and lusterless.

Meanwhile, the Golden Crow Crown Prince was being carried in Zu An’s arm like a wet noodle.

There was no trace of his previous pride and overbearing nature left.

Zu An looked at the golden chariot next to him. This really is good stuff.

If I had something like this, wouldn’t it be like my own private jet I could return to the human world in just a few minutes.

As such, he tried to store it into his Brilliant Glass Bead, but it didn’t budge at all.

Was it a divine artifact that had acknowledged an owner

Zu An looked at the Golden Crow Crown Prince in his arms.

A flicker of murderous intent appeared in his eyes.

This birdman had tried to kill him several times, so it made sense to take the chance to get rid of him.

Unfortunately, a terrifying aura approached the moment he was about to make his move.

He was alarmed and quickly dodged to the side.

However, when he looked back, he saw that the Golden Crow Crown Prince was in the hands of an elder.

“A grandmaster” Zu An exclaimed, becoming guarded when he sensed the other person’s aura.

“Youngster, you should let people off where it is possible,” the elder said, giving Zu An an emotionless look.

He had clearly seen that Zu An was planning to end the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s life.

Zu An snorted and replied, “Why didn’t I see you step in when this birdman tried to kill me using this divine weapon Now that he’s lost, you’re suddenly stepping in to speak of morals.

Do you not find yourself disgusting”

The elder’s expression turned cold.

He said, “Youngster, those who are too proud usually do not meet good ends.

Thus, offending me will not bring you any benefits.”

“Aren’t you just a grandmaster It’s not as if I haven’t faced any before.

If you want to fight, just come at me and stop wasting my time,” Zu An retorted.

Even though he was covered in injuries, after going through that great battle, his confidence and battle spirit were at their highest.

He was ready to challenge the entire world.

Of course, he wasn’t completely crazy.

He had Keyboard Come, his Poisonous Prick, and quite a few life-saving measures.

It wasn’t as if he would have no chance of victory if they really did fight.

The elder gave him a look and said, “Not bad, you have the heart of a strong individual.

Your future accomplishments will be limitless.”

Just then, the Golden Crow Crown Prince woke up.

He cried, “Elder, kill this arrogant brat!”

Zu An felt a chill, and secretly went on his guard.

Yu Yanluo and the others spoke up in protest.

“They fought a fair battle before, so they should take responsibility for their decisions! How can someone from the older generation interfere!”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen had also made their preparations.

If the elder really attacked Zu An without any regard for his identity, even if they were injured, they had to interfere to help him.

The elder gave Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen strange looks.

These two were clearly extremely weak, but why did they give him a deep and immeasurable impression He collected his thoughts and said calmly, “Medusa Empress, there is no need for you to feel worried.

The fiend races respect the strong.

This elder would not stoop so low as to interfere in a competition between juniors.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince immediately panicked when he heard that.

He protested, “Elder, this person offended me! He is looking down on our fiend races’ royal family! If we let him go, he will become a great enemy!”

Unfortunately, because the elder’s status was special, the crown prince couldn't just order him around using his identity.

The elder shook his head and said, “He has the ancient phoenix’s bloodline within him.

He is a friend of our fiend races and not an enemy.

There is no need to feel too much worry.”

The others were alarmed when they heard that. The legendary phoenix bloodline

Even Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue looked at Zu An with strange expressions.

In the end, this damn brat was even half-fiend

Zu An naturally knew that the elder had misunderstood.

He could produce flames carrying the phoenix’ aura because he cultivated the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

It wasn’t because of his own bloodline’s power.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was about to say something else, but the elder interrupted him, saying, “The Fiend Emperor sent you out to train your temperament.

He felt that you had lived too smooth a life, so a few setbacks would be a good thing.

Remember this humiliation and use it as motivation to get revenge for yourself in the future.

Only then can you become truly strong.

If you remain so quick to borrow other people’s strength, you will never reach the level of the past Fiend Emperors, and will not be able to become a suitable Fiend Emperor.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was horrified.

He said quietly, “I have benefited from elder’s words.” Even though he was proud, he was one of the strongest on the path of cultivation.

After receiving that reminder, he seemed to have suddenly realized the truth.

The elder nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he turned to Zu An and said, “Little friend, please attend the Fiend King Court assembly with the Medusa Empress in the future.”

Afterward, a streak of golden light appeared in front of Zu An and he snatched it out of the air.

It was a golden token with a sun carved on it, with a golden crow in its center.

“This is the Golden Crow Token.

With this token, you can pass through different fiend race checkpoints uninhibited.

You also have the qualifications to enter the Fiend King Court,” the elder explained.

“Many thanks.” Seeing as the other party’s attitude was good, there was no need for Zu An to continue acting coldly.

“We will surely meet again,” the elder said with a nod.

He sucked in both the golden chariot and the golden-armored warriors with a wave of his sleeves.

Naturally, out of consideration for the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s condition, he didn’t suck the prince in too, and instead grabbed his shoulder before flying into the distance.

Zu An quickly shouted, “Birdman, you lost the bet just now! You still haven’t given me what you put up as a stake!”

The onlookers’ expressions were strange.

Only then did they remember that the combatants had bet their own women.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince seemed to have put up the crown princess…

The Golden Crow Crown Prince staggered.

His dao heart that had just become steady once more collapsed again. 

How can this despicable human be so freaking shameless!

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 999 999 999…

He was so angry that he wanted to go back and fight Zu An to the death, but the elder grabbed him firmly and said, “You do not even have a crown princess, so what are you so worried about”

Only then did the Golden Crow Crown Prince realize, Right, my status is special.

I haven’t chosen a crown princess yet.

If I don’t have one, of course I don’t have to give the other guy anything.

Wasn’t that the reason why I even agreed in the first place

He quickly calmed down when he thought of that.

Hmph, stupid human, you were fooled by this crown prince!

The two of them quickly disappeared into the distance.

Zu An couldn't help but curse, “Screw this birdman, he actually planned to run without paying up! I’m so pissed!”

Yu Yanluo quickly rushed over to him, blushing furiously.

She took out a coat and wrapped it around him.

She really had been going crazy from seeing ‘that’ dangle.

Then, she took out a piece of cloth to help him wipe away the bloodstains on his face.

Finally, she applied medicine and treated his wounds.

Zu An held her hand, smiling radiantly as he said, “Don’t worry, I’m alright.

I’ll recover after a bit of time.”

The Snake race people were all incredibly shocked when they saw that.

When had their clan leader ever acted like a lovable young wife This didn’t look like the way one would treat a male pet at all! Still, the human was indeed formidable, so he couldn’t just be treated like a normal gigolo.

Furthermore, the previous scene was firmly engraved in all of their minds.

The clan leader's body and mind had probably already been subdued by him for quite some time…

While the Snake race people were thinking all sorts of things, Yun Jianyue walked over to Zu An’s side and remarked, “Damn kid, what are you panicking for That birdman might not have a crown princess right now, but do you think he won’t have one in the future”

Seeing a human steal away a fiend race crown prince’s bride really would be a very amusing sight.

Zu An said with a chuckle, “I was just trying to make him upset and break down his dao heart.

Do you think I really want his crown princess Am I that kind of person”

Yun Jianyue shot him a look of disdain, replying, “Hmph, what’s the use of just words If you really had the skill to seize his crown princess, this big sis would just feel admiration for you.”

Yan Xuehen said unhappily, “What the hell is in that head of yours If you are going to win, you need to win properly.

Who cares about one’s womenfolk” For some reason, she just wasn’t happy whenever she heard that Zu An was going to seduce another girl.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“Wow, you’re so noble and virtuous, so amazing.

Fighting against the fiend races is inevitably a matter of ‘You die or I live’.

Of course one would commit any sort of crime to achieve one’s ends.

Someone as inflexible as you is really a disgrace to the human race.”

“What did you say!” Yan Xuehen found it a bit hard to keep her cool.

She shot Zu An an angry look.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 55 55 55…

Zu An thought to himself, You two are fighting among yourselves; what are you getting angry at me for!

After thinking for a moment, he decided to comfort the other person.

As such, he moved over to Yan Xuehen’s side and said with ki, “I saw you naked before, but you’ve seen me naked now too.

We’re even now, right”

Yan Xuehen: “”


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