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Chapter 1199: Using His Spear Against His Shield

“Stupid human, you’re overestimating your abilities!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered.

He waited for cheers from the spectators, but unfortunately, apart from a few scattered cheers from his own golden-armored soldiers below, the others were all dead silent.

They all looked at the Sun Slaying Bow in his hands with fear.

It was clear that they all knew he hadn’t won with his own skills, but by relying on the Fiend Emperor’s divine weapon.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was enraged, but he knew that his victory really wasn’t all that brilliant.

He would have to find some advisors to polish the story a bit before spreading it to the world.

Either way, the only ones who had seen the battle were these Snake race fellows.

He didn’t think they would want to smear his name.

Even if there were some who refused to be obedient, pitted against the skilled propaganda of his subordinates, they wouldn’t be able to stir up much.

He turned to look at the distant Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue.

These two women really were pretty… Most importantly, they had a proud and aloof nature.

That wasn’t something the women around him could compare to at all.

It was time for him to collect his spoils of war.

He had already been pissed off badly enough by the battle, after all.

He would properly vent his anger on the two women in a bit.

Just as he was about to fly toward them, however, he suddenly sensed something.

He looked toward the collapsed mountain peak.

An indistinct figure emerged from the endlessly surging smoke and dust, walking over step by step.

Over time, that figure became clearer and clearer.

It was Zu An!

“Ah Zu!” Yu Yanluo cried, her eyes brimming with tears of excitement.

Little White and Little Blue also cheered excitedly.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue sighed in relief.

Only then did they discover that because they were too tense and nervous, their fingers had actually crossed with each other’s.

They immediately pulled their hands back as if they had been shocked by electricity, wiping their hands on their clothes and putting on expressions of disdain.

Waves of cheers erupted through the mountain valley.

They were sincere expressions of the praise all fiend race individuals felt toward the strong.

They all knew Zu An was the underdog in the fight, fighting the Golden Crow Crown Prince while at a lower cultivation realm.

Despite that, he had still been able to reach this level! In the end, he was even able to take an attack from the unparalleled Sun Slaying Bow!

Deep down inside, they all knew full well who the truly strong person here was.

The fiend races truly did value strength; they wouldn’t necessarily stand by the Fiend Emperor’s son, the crown prince, purely because of his status.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s face twitched when he heard the roaring cheers. These damned Snake race people, you actually dare to publicly shame this crown prince Hmph, once I rise up to the position of Fiend Emperor, I’ll make sure that the Snake race is completely eradicated.

But for the time being, his attention quickly returned to Zu An.

He remarked, “You’re actually still alive”

“You’re not even dead yet, so how can I kick the bucket” Zu An replied with a dazzling smile.

Many of the Snake race’s young ladies watched with sparkling eyes. He’s so handsome!

But even though Zu An sounded calm, he wasn’t having an easy time at all.

On the contrary, he looked quite miserable.

Forget about the blood covering his entire body, his clothes had been reduced to a few scraps.

The Sun Slaying Bow was clearly not so easily blocked.

He walked out from the smoke and ashes step by step, as if there were tangible stairs beneath his feet.

He approached the golden war chariot, one step after another.

Walking on air Many of the Snake race onlookers began to discuss what kind of technique Zu An was using.

Those at the master rank could fly, but normally, they couldn’t do so in such a carefree and confident manner.

“That looks like the lost ‘Steps of Rising Lotus’… Just how many secrets does this brat have in his arsenal”

“It was not completely lost.

It has been rumored that someone in the Imperial Palace might have seen it before…”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were both grandmasters.

They subconsciously began to comment on Zu An’s steps, but they quickly froze and began to blush.

“Aiyah!” Little White and Little Blue cried out, covering their eyes.

However, both of them secretly peeked between their fingers.

Zu An’s clothes had been all but destroyed by the arrow’s impact.

The bits of cloth that remained had then blown away in the cold wind, completely scattered.

Without the cover of the smoke and dust, his robust and healthy figure that seemed as if it had been sculpted from marble was on full display.

It was even more dazzling under the sunshine.

Not only did the scars and blood covering his body not ruin his appearance, they instead conveyed the valiant air of someone who had gone through blood and flames.

But the onlookers were all drawn to something else.

Soon, there was an uproar that drowned out the previous cheers.

“Is this guy from the Donkey race or something”

“Nonsense! What Donkey race person would still have such size after changing into human form”

The Snake race’s young ladies all covered their eyes, but continued sneaking looks.

The mature women watched excitedly, as if they were seeing a whole new world.

The Snake race men were incredibly ashamed and resentful.

How the heck were they supposed to even raise their heads at home in the future

Meanwhile, on the golden carriage, even the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyes widened.

He had always had confidence in his own body, but now, his own dao heart was being shaken.

Is this bastard still human!

“Is this guy an exhibitionist In front of so many people…” Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

She quickly looked away.

With her nature, she was obviously too embarrassed to give it a second look.

But how powerful were the divine senses of grandmasters That sight was already deeply engraved within her sea of consciousness.

She could see everything more clearly than even cultivators who were staring right at it.

Yun Jianyue had been subconsciously about to look away too.

But when she saw what Yan Xuehen had done, she thought, Wouldn’t I be just as bad as this stone cold woman then

Even so, after she struggled for a while, her heart began to beat crazily.

She couldn't help but shift her gaze in the end.

The two women both turned to look at Yu Yanluo.

The other woman’s waist was so thin, her body so soft and delicate.

How had she endured that

Yu Yanluo felt heavily pressured by their gazess.

Her face was completely red, and she felt great bitterness. Ah Zu, what are you doing… Why are you letting other people see

Zu An wasn’t in the mood to worry about anything else at all, however.

At that moment, all of his attention was on the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

His opponent launched attacks from the golden chariot, while there was nothing he could do other than to passively take the beating.

He couldn't guarantee that the Star Shattering Imprint would successfully activate the next time.

Furthermore, in his current state, he might not even be able to take another arrow.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince also snapped out of his daze.

He immediately began to panic when he saw Zu An close in step by step.

He steered the golden war chariot to create some distance, then bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence.

Then, he drew the Sun Slaying Bow again.

He had to kill this human no matter what.

Otherwise, he would always be a loser in front of him in the future.

“Didn’t you two say he could only use it once!” Yu Yanluo cried angrily toward Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue.

Seeing Zu An face that danger again, she didn’t care that the two were grandmasters anymore.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s expressions also changed.

They replied, “This birdman actually doesn’t care about sacrificing his own foundation to fire a second arrow!”

After all, if the Golden Crow Crown Prince lost, that would be it.

He would lose some dignity at most, let alone the fact that he might not even lose.

But who would have thought that he would choose to do something so rash Even if he won the battle, he would still be in poor condition for a long time.

His cultivation would even drop by one or two lesser ranks.

That price was far worse than suffering a blow to his reputation!

But saying all that would be useless.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince still drew the bow again, and another Sun Slaying Arrow flew at Zu An with murderous intent.

Zu An definitely couldn't handle the arrow in his current state.

Yun Jianyue and the other women couldn't hold back any further, and intended to intervene and lend a helping hand.

But Zu An seemed to have already anticipated that.

He decisively used his Keyboard Come skill, saying, “I am inside the golden carriage!”

He instantly appeared inside the golden war chariot as soon as he spoke, right behind the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

He immediately sealed the major acupoint on the crown prince’s back.

The reason why he hadn’t used that technique before, apart from fearing the rebound that would follow, was because the Golden Crow Crown Prince had still had some strength.

Even if he appeared right next to the crown prince, he might not have been able to instantly restrain him.

But now that the Golden Crow Crown Prince had forcefully fired a second arrow, he had been left extremely weak, providing the best opportunity.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was stupefied.

He couldn't figure out how Zu An had covered such a distance no matter how he thought about it!

But he didn’t have any time to think about all that, because the Sun Slaying Arrow was already following Zu An over…

And that bastard Zu An was actually using him as a shield!


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