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Chapter 1197: Feeling of Death

Chapter 1197: Feeling of Death

Sang Hong looked downcast as he said, “Sir Xu, proof is important when investigating cases; you cannot randomly accuse others as you do.

Could it be that now, after failing to capture Yu Yanluo over the past few days, you wish to instead blame Sir Zu”

Xu Yu replied with a hint of coldness, “I believe Sir Sang knows whether that is the case yourself.

I will report this matter to His Majesty and obey his ruling.

You can tell me that Sir Zu is carrying out a secret mission you cannot tell me the details of, but let us see if you can still say the same once His Majesty asks you the same question.”

“That is not something Sir Xu needs to concern yourself with,” Sang Hong replied.

He remained calm and said, “Instead, Sir Xu should think about how you are going to explain these results to His Majesty.

You captured Madam Yu, and yet also allowed her to get away.

The Yu clan’s mines have even completely collapsed.

The impact this will have on the Great Zhou Dynasty is simply immeasurable.”

Xu Yu’s breath caught in his throat.

Bringing down the Yu clan was originally supposed to bring him tremendous merit, and yet now, Yu Yanluo had gotten away.

That made it so the merit would be but a mere shadow of what it was supposed to be.

Furthermore, even the Yu clan’s mines had collapsed.

His Majesty had indeed been targeting the Yu clan, but he also needed those mines! The Yu clan’s mines alone supplied close to thirty percent of the empire’s cultivation resources.

How in the world were they supposed to make up for such a loss now

The officials of the court knew that as well, which was why they had always been flocking around Xu Yu and egging him on.

And yet today, none of them were saying a thing, instead merely watching as he and Sang Hong faced off in a verbal exchange of swords.

The meeting thus ended on bad terms.

Meanwhile, Xu Yu cursed those people for being opportunists.

He had to continue to look for Yu Yanluo, while simultaneously having to worry about disaster relief and dealing with the aftermath of the Yu clan mines’ collapse.

On the surface, Sang Hong looked happy about his victory, but he was incredibly worried inside. Ah Zu, where in the world did you go!

Just then, Zu An was fighting a great battle against the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

When he saw golden feather swords cover the sky, he subconsciously recalled a certain anime scene from his previous world: Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.

He had to admit that it really looked freaking amazing.

Just like when female students watched while one was playing basketball, whether or not one made the shot didn’t matter.

What mattered was whether one was handsome.

Zu An just happened to have the Blue Luan Sword Formation skill, however.

As such, he had also tried to use the ability in a similar manner.

Surprisingly, it really worked! Just like that, blue sword ki collided with the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s golden feather swords.

Blue and golden brilliance interweaved, producing dazzling splendor.

Many Snake race experts rushed over when they heard what was happening.

All of them were left in complete awe.

In all their years of cultivation, none of them had seen such a stunning scene of clashing swords!

Countless golden feather swords broke apart, while much of the blue sword ki also disintegrated.

The sword ki that scattered outward was enough to tear through massive trees in the distance.

Several large boulders on the ground were sliced through like tofu, and long, narrow sword scars quickly riddled the ground’s surface.

The spectators shivered when they saw that sight.

They could sense the horrifying killing intent even from far away.

Just how great would the pressure be for the people directly involved If they were in either of the two fighters’ place, they might not even last a single second before being torn to shreds by the clashing sword ki, right

They quickly backed up to distance themselves even more, for fear of being caught in the destruction.

Neither Zu An nor the Golden Crow Crown Prince were having an easy time.

Neither of them could completely deflect all of the incoming sword ki, so their bodies were quickly covered in bloody gashes.

The stinging pain of sword ki piercing into their bodies made both of them tremble inwardly.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s eyes were about to pop out of his sockets. Why the hell does this bastard have an answer for every single freaking move I know!

After all, any random skill he used would normally be enough to earn him the advantage.

Then, he would just spend the rest of his time toying with his enemies.

And yet today, he felt as if he had become a different person or something.

Zu An knew that the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s sword ki had been refined from his own feathers.

Unless he plucked this guy buck naked, the sword ki would continue flowing relentlessly.

However, his Blue Luan Sword Formation had a time limit.

Continuing such a battle would be unfavorable for him.

As such, he seized a moment when the Golden Crow Crown Prince was distracted, then charged at him while wrapped within endless blue sword ki.

As he got closer, the golden sword ki became more and more concentrated, and thus more and more terrifying.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince focused all of his power on killing the intruder.

The blue sword ki around Zu An began to melt at a visible rate.

However, just as the last strand of ki disappeared, he broke through his opponent’s defensive net.

His fist rammed into the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s lower chin again.

Again! The Golden Crow Crown Prince was shocked and furious.

He was already starting to develop PTSD because of that move.

He definitely didn’t want to fight another round of bitter close combat against Zu An and quickly flew away.

But how could Zu An let him have his way In the end, he rode on the crown prince’s back, his fists raining down blows from above.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was thus beaten until blood mixed with snot and tears.

It truly was a bitter sight.

All those watching felt their teeth ache, subconsciously touching their own chins.

They could imagine the Golden Crow Crown Prince’s suffering.

“This kind of position, doesn’t it seem a bit like man on man…” Yun Jianyue trailed off, her expression strange.

She couldn't help but feel that the sight looked a bit offensive.

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She asked, “What is ‘man on man’” She came from the White Jade Sect, so she had always cared a great deal about nobility and clean living.

When had she ever come into contact with such things

On the contrary, Yun Jianyue was from the Devil Sect and had experienced all sorts of things.

What hadn’t she seen before She moved over and began to whisper to Yan Xuehen with a naughty smile.

Yan Xuehen was completely embarrassed and angry. This damn demoness, she even knows about such random things!

A terrifying pressure descended from above as a red sun slowly rose… No, two suns appeared!

Zu An could no longer hold onto the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

He was blown back by a powerful force.

When he looked over, he saw that the Golden Crow Crown Prince was already nowhere to be seen.

In his place was a fiery red sun that was scorching hot.

The surrounding air seemed to ripple like water, and the entire world became blood-red.

Inside the red sun stood a crow with its wings spread.

Judging from its aura, it was clearly the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

Zu An laughed out loud, remarking, “So it turned out you were just a dark and swarthy crow! You normally have to wear all that gold to cover yourself up”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 999 999 999…

“You were actually able to push me this far… This is something you can be extremely proud of even if you die,” the Golden Crow Crown Prince spat, boiling with rage.

His voice had become extremely strange, seemingly beginning to reverberate; he sounded almost like a deity looking down on the people below.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue cried out in alarm, “How is this possible!”

Yu Yanluo also sensed that something wasn’t right.

She exclaimed in disbelief, “This is a domain” She had fought against Yan Xuehen before, so she obviously knew the power of a domain.

Yan Xuehen nodded and said, “Indeed, it is a domain.

However, he has not reached the grandmaster rank yet.

Why is he able to create a domain”

Yun Jianyue also said seriously, “As expected of the successor to the Fiend Emperor, his skills are unfathomable.

Ah Zu is in danger now.”

“Not necessarily.

He has a way to deal with domains,” Yan Xuehen said.

Despite that, however, she unwittingly clenched her fists within her sleeves.

She was clearly also worried.

While they spoke, the trees on several mountains around them quickly evaporated.

Once their moisture content dried up, they began to burn.

Even the nearby rocks became entirely red, then began to gradually melt.

Even with Zu An’s cultivation, he could smell his hair starting to burn.

Pei Mianman’s pendant wasn’t too useful, as this was the power of a domain, and didn’t come from fire.

As such, He quickly took out the Tai’e Sword and unleashed its Domain of Power, temporarily neutralizing the burning effect of the Red Sun Domain around him.

However, in order to extend the effects of the Domain of Power for a longer time, he could only keep it close to himself and completely abandon its offensive properties.

The crow suddenly vanished.

Zu An went on full alert, sensing a fatal threat. Did he already use Golden Crow Radiant Flow Is he going to attack from a hidden corner

As Zu An maintained total vigilance, he suddenly heard waves of ringing.

He looked toward  the center of the red sun; the sound was coming from that area.

A war chariot made of pure gold slowly emerged from the very center.

The creatures pulling it were actually six hornless dragons! As it came out, an aura of death locked onto Zu An.

His entire body felt ice-cold, as if he would turn to ashes the moment he moved even a little bit.


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