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Chapter 1191: Domineering

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen weren’t that worried about Zu An.

That fellow could preserve his life even before grandmasters, so why would he be scared of a mere Golden Crow Crown Prince

What they were worried about was that there was actually someone so outstanding in the fiend races’ younger generation.

Of course, that young age was relative.

The fiend races typically had longer lifespans, and though the Golden Crow Crown Prince looked young, he might even be a bit older than the two of them.

Even so, he could still be considered to be of the younger generation, because there were still older experts above him.

The human race’s younger generation was still far from a match for the Golden Crow Crown Prince.

That wasn’t good news.

Zu An stood in front of Yu Yanluo protectively, then smashed a fist toward the giant golden claw.


Waves of energy rippled outward.

The tables and chairs in the meeting hall were blasted to smithereens, and the building itself rocked back and forth.

Many runes inscribed on the walls flickered, and only then did things gradually calm down again.

As the building was the Snake race’s meeting hall, being brought to the verge of collapse so easily really wouldn’t look too good for the Snake race.

That was why they had specially carved numerous formations into it.

If the building itself had been so badly shaken, one could well imagine what the people inside felt like.

Little White and Little Blue’s faces were pale.

Fortunately, their grandfathers had promptly shielded them with their bodies.

The other guards and maids with lower cultivations weren’t so lucky, however.

Many of them couldn't stand still and fell to the ground.

Some of them couldn't help but vomit blood.

On the other hand, the golden-armored warriors standing behind the Golden Crow Crown Prince were still standing.

Their cultivations were clearly higher than those of the guards on the Snake race’s side.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were grandmasters.


Having had some time to recover, that bit of power wasn’t enough to influence them.

They suddenly couldn't help but laugh.

What were they worried about Wasn’t Zu An a human from the younger generation

The Golden Crow Crown Prince gave Zu An a look of surprise, remarking, “You were actually able to receive my attack Looks like you’re a bit stronger than the other ants.

Human, I congratulate you.

You’ve successfully drawn this crown prince’s interest.” He had used around thirty to forty percent of his power just then, so he was a bit surprised that Zu An was able to receive this blow, but he wasn’t all that shocked.

Zu An gave him a look of disdain and retorted, “Do you take me for some naive pretty face Stop trying to use these cliched overbearing tactics.

If you aren’t disgusted by how you’re acting, I’ll feel disgust for you.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s smile froze.

Even though he hadn’t heard some of those phrases before, he could guess that they didn’t mean anything good.

His face darkened and he spat, “Human ant, you’ve truly managed to anger this crown prince.”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 484 484 484…


The Golden Crow Crown Prince has already used force in our meeting hall; you clearly do not have any respect for our Snake race!” Yu Yanluo shouted.

Her expression was completely cold.

Her beautiful black hair fluttered around and her pupils started to change color, as if she were about to summon her Medusa state. 

The Golden Crow Crown Prince frowned.

Even though this woman was inferior to him, the Medusa’s Eye was rumored to be from a powerful bloodline.

In the past, legend had it that one Medusa Empress had completely turned a Fiend race ancestor into a stone statue.

He didn’t want to take such a risk.

Besides, he had the job of passing on the orders of his father, the emperor.

If the Snake race rebelled, he would lose too much face.

When he thought of that, he said gravely, “Fine.

As a favor to the Medusa Empress, this crown prince will spare your life today.

However, I still need an explanation for this.

How about this I’ll let this matter pass if you let those two servants serve this young master tonight.”

He pointed outward.

Previously, he had been drawn to Yu Yanluo’s reputation and appearance, but his interest had waned greatly when he learned that she already had a man.

Afterward, he noticed the two incredibly beautiful women in the corner.

They weren’t inferior to Yu Yanluo at all.

One was cold and pure, and the other was stunning and charming.

However, both of them had the same prideful gaze.

Judging from their bearing and appearance, they were probably still virgins.

Even if they weren’t, when they were this pretty, he didn’t mind going against his own rules.

He’d just have some fun.

It was just a pity that due to her status, the Medusa Empress wasn’t so easily provoked.

Otherwise, how great would it be if he had all three to serve him tonight

Elders White and Blue sighed in relief when they heard that.

They had been worried their own granddaughters would be chosen, because they knew there were rumors that the Golden Crow Crown Prince was arrogant and despotic, and would choose beautiful local young ladies to serve him wherever he went.

That was why they had sent the girls away, under the pretext of welcoming their clan leader back.

Now that the Golden Crow Crown Prince had ended up favoring other women, their granddaughters were safe.

As for those human women’s misfortune, what the hell did that have to do with their Snake race

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue’s smiles immediately froze.

They had just been watching the drama unfold with amusement, commenting from time to time.

But now, they had ended up getting caught up in it too When they heard what the Golden Crow Crown Prince said, both women’s expressions sank.

But whether it was Yun Jianyue or Yan Xuehen, both of them were glorious grandmasters! They had been respected by the people for so many years, receiving the adoration and veneration of the masses wherever they went.

Who dared to look at them with expressions that were the slightest bit indecent, let alone actually voice their desire out loud!

Yun Jianyue said coldly, “Ah Zu, smash his rotten mouth for me!”

Yan Xuehen was in agreement with her this time.

If the two of them weren’t injured, they would have smashed that guy into meat paste already.

But they could only rely on Zu An at the moment.

Out of consideration for the crown prince’s special identity, they didn’t want Zu An to take his life and incur the Fiend Emperor’s wrath.

However, smashing his rotten mouth was still within an acceptable range.

Zu An couldn't help but laugh.

This birdman probably had no idea that he had actually unknowingly offended two grandmasters.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression became grim.

His True Sun Eyes weren’t too effective against people at a higher level like them.

Furthermore, Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen had already reached the level of ‘retracing their true self, pursuing the natural state’.

That was why in his eyes, they were nothing more than two ordinary human cultivators.

Of course, their beauty was still first-class.

He really couldn't understand why they would dare to treat him with disrespect.

He was so angry he laughed, remarking, “The humans seem to be growing more and more arrogant these days, no Looks like the fall of the human race is inevitable.

The day my fiend races take back the world is imminent!”

“Keep dreaming.” Zu An cut him off without a trace of politeness.

“Do you even have any idea how badly you’ve been courting death”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s expression was ashen.

He shouted, “Human ant, do you only know how to talk Now, you’re also quite good at shooting your mouth off while hiding behind a woman!”

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 684 684 684…

Yu Yanluo quickly advised Zu An, “Ah Zu, don’t take his words to heart…”

She had heard some rumors about the Golden Crow Crown Prince before.

She knew that his cultivation was extremely high.

The Fiend Emperor was getting on in age, and the Golden Crow Crown Prince might soon take his place as the next Fiend Emperor.

She obviously didn’t want Zu An to go head-on against such a terrifying enemy.

Furthermore, they had just fought against the Scaled Deathworms and he was still injured.

She was really worried about Zu An’s safety and didn’t want him to risk himself in a dangerous situation.

Zu An patted her hand in consolation and said, “It’s fine.

This birdman is too cocky, so I need to teach him a lesson.”

“You really boast shamelessly!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince sneered.

He just assumed Zu An was bragging in front of a woman.

He said, “The fiend races have always cared about strength above all.

I challenge you to a duel!

“Out of consideration for the Medusa Empress’ face, this crown prince can even temporarily lower my cultivation to fight against you on the same level.

At least then, you’ll properly acknowledge your defeat.

Of course, if even that’s too scary for you and you don’t dare to fight, instead choosing to hide behind a woman, there’s nothing left for this crown prince to say.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue sneered. This guy seemed to be acting considerate, making a ‘magnanimous’ promise to avoid being known as someone who bullied others with his higher cultivation rank.

But even if one lowered one’s cultivation realm to the same level, that would only be in terms of pure strength! A master rank cultivator’s combat experiences and various skills would still remain.

Furthermore, after attaining the master rank, the soul would fully condense, becoming an absolute advantage against those beneath the master rank.

However, he likely had no idea that even though Zu An hadn’t reached the master rank, he had already condensed his soul, right The birdman would probably pay bitterly.

And yet, surprisingly, Zu An said indifferently, “There’s no need.

You can just go all out; otherwise, you’ll end up using excuses when you lose.”


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