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Chapter 1188: King Court Emissary

Because the white and blue-clad women’s heads were lowered, Zu An couldn't see their appearances clearly.

He sighed.

Their figures were incredible, but no matter how incredible they were, all of the Snake race people present had giant mouths.

No matter how great their bodies were, their faces were still too frightening.

Yu Yanluo said gently, “There is no need for excessive formalities, everyone.

Please hurry and rise.”

All of the Snake race people got up.

The white and blue-clad women also raised their heads.

Zu An was stunned.

Not only did they not have the same giant mouths, they instead had delicate, ruby-lipped mouths.

They were also pretty and full of life.

Even though they couldn't compare to Yu Yanluo’s devastating beauty, they were still beautiful in their own right.

The feeling of youth and tenderness coming from them made it hard for anyone to feel ill will towards them.

The white and blue-clad women also looked at him curiously.

They were normally confident in their beauty, and so they hadn’t been convinced when they heard their clansmen talk about how stunning the clan leader was.

They hadn’t believed it at first, but now that they saw her themselves, they felt that she was even prettier than the rumors.

They now accepted it wholeheartedly.

At the same time, they were wondering to themselves, Who is this person next to the clan leader Judging from how closely he was standing to the clan leader, it seemed their relationship was quite close.

But based on his clothing, he seemed to be a human.

Still, he did look pretty handsome; not a single one of the young men from the Snake Race could compare to him…

The white-clad young lady snapped out of her daze first and said, “We greet the clan leader.

We came to respectfully welcome the clan leader home.”

Yu Yanluo nodded and replied, “I will have to trouble the two ladies.”

Maid Xing said angrily, “Elder White and Elder Blue really are growing older and more inflexible.

Meeting with them seems to be quite difficult!”

Yu Yanluo shot her a look and called out, “Maid Xing!” Even though she stopped her maid on the surface, she didn’t actually have any intentions of actually blaming her.

It was merely a good cop, bad cop act.

The young lady who was called Little White said, “Replying to the sect leader, our grandfathers were planning to attend themselves at first, but unfortunately, the Fiend King Court sent an emissary, so they had no choice but to remain in the clan to receive them.

I hope that the clan leader does not take offense.”

Zu An was a bit shocked.

From the start, these people’s attitudes had been extremely respectful without the slightest bit of domineering air.

They didn’t seem like ambitious subjects at all.

They didn’t seem to match up with what Maid Xing had said before.

Yu Yanluo asked curiously, “The Fiend King Court’s emissary What is this matter about”

The Fiend races and the Zhou Dynasty didn’t work quite the same way.

The various races all claimed to bow down to the Fiend Emperor, but the Fiend King Court didn’t have much control over the different areas.

Such visits from an emissary might not even happen once every few decades.

“We don’t know the exact details, but that emissary is quite arrogant.” The other young lady, who was named Little Blue, wrinkled her fine nose; she was clearly quite dissatisfied.

Yu Yanluo also frowned.

She had too little information and couldn't make an accurate assessment.

She said, “Let us return to the clan first for now then.”

Little Blue said with a big smile, “Alright! We’ll show the clan leader the way… Clan leader, you’re really pretty… Clan leader, your skin is so soft! How do you keep it that way”

Yu Yanluo was between laughter and tears from all of the random questions along the way.

However, she was also affected by the girl’s lively nature, so it was hard for her to feel annoyed at her.

Zu An marveled at the way the girl really did seem to embody the opposite of social anxiety.

Little White’s quiet beauty was more reassuring as she stayed off to one side.

But who would have thought that Little White would turn around and look at him in confusion, asking, “Are you a human”

“I am,” Zu An replied with a smile.

“Our Snake race rarely meets humans.

I’ve seen some human slaves in auction houses while shopping with my grandfather before.

None of them look as handsome as you,” Little White said with a sigh.

Zu An’s face darkened.

He replied, “Whatever, I’ll just take that as you praising me.”

Little White snuck a look at Yu Yanluo, then lowered her voice and moved closer to him.

She asked, “What kind of a relationship do you and the clan leader have The two of you seem to be really close.”

Zu An thought back to how Yu Yanluo didn’t care about their relationship being exposed.

He thought to himself that having Little White spread the news wouldn’t be bad either, or else there would be more unnecessary trouble later.

He replied, “I’m her man, of course.”

Little White appeared to have a sudden look of understanding, replying, “Oh, so you were the clan leader's male pet!”

Zu An was bewildered. Don’t tell me that being someone’s man means the same as being their male pet in snake language

After confirming Zu An and Yu Yanluo’s relationship, Little White lost all interest in Zu An.

She quickly began to chat up Yu Yanluo with Little Blue.

Yu Yanluo had originally been a bit unhappy with Elders White and Blue, but she couldn't bring herself to hate the two lovable young beauties.

Meanwhile, Zu An happily enjoyed the moment of peace.

He watched as the scenery around them changed.

The fleet quickly left the forbidden mountain zone, and on the way, they passed a few villages.

The homes in them were as different from human homes as could be.

They looked more like caves made from dirt.

Each household grew many flowers, plants, and trees.

It was probably the Snake race’s natural tendency; having that kind of cover undoubtedly made them feel more at peace.

When they heard that their clan leader had returned, countless Snake race villagers came out to greet her.

They all tried to see the clan leader's face at least once.

Zu An noticed that many of those gathered were more similar to lizard people.

They had large muscles and mighty appearances.

Furthermore, there were a considerable number of them.

From the looks of it, they were probably lower-level beings than the Snake race.

They seemed to mostly be warriors or farmers.

There were some men and women with wide mouths present as well.

Even though they had half-snake, half-human appearances, there were still some distinctive markings on their faces.

As for the clansmen Yu Yanluo had brought out from Cloudcenter Commandery, they were probably the highest-level beings from the Snake race.

After all, apart from their vertical pupils, they weren’t much different from humans at all.

Little White and Little Blue were probably a notch above even that.

They could even hide their vertical pupils.

Nothing else strange could be seen about them.

Several snake people cheered along the way.

Their leader's return was clearly an exciting thing to them.

Yu Yanluo also stood outside the entire time, waving toward the citizens along the way.

Zu An was worried for her safety, so he didn’t dare to leave and always stood guard next to her.

The fleet continued forward.

The surrounding buildings gradually became more and more densely packed as the villages gave way to towns and cities.

Many buildings stood within a large valley.

A ring of city walls encircled them, stationed with many guards.

Maid Xing explained, “Young master, that is the Snake Race’s King City.”

Zu An nodded.

This city did seem quite imposing.

However, forget about big cities like Cloudcenter or Brightmoon, it couldn't even compare to the smaller cities in some commanderies.

However, this city had been built in a mountain valley, so it was quite high up.

The interior of the city was bustling with activity as they entered.

All sorts of peddlers filled the markets with a constant hubbub.

Even though their goods were rather lacking, they were still full of energy.

Soon afterward, they passed a giant sculpture.

Yu Yanluo raised her hand and had the fleet stop.

Then, she walked up to the sculpture with an extremely complicated expression.

She muttered to herself, “Mother, I’ve returned…”

Zu An had seen the Medusa sculpture through Xiao Yao’s recording in Cloudcenter City.

Now that he had seen it himself, he sighed in admiration.

Seeing it on a recording stone couldn't be compared to seeing it in person at all.

The woman really was extremely similar in appearance to Yu Yanluo, but there was a powerful look of dignity sculpted into her face.

The surrounding guards and soldiers, as well as the routine sacrifices and prayers, made the sculpture seem even more divine and holy.

Zu An also bowed toward the sculpture and said,“Respected mother-in-law, I will definitely protect Yu Yanluo and prevent her from experiencing your tragedy.”

After paying their respects to the Medusa statue, the group headed toward the Snake race’s official court.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue also got off the carriage.

They wanted to take the chance to meet with the Snake Race’s elders and the Fiend King Court’s emissary, to learn a bit more about the fiend races.

But when Zu An saw Yan Xuehen unable to help but hold her bottom when she got off, he wanted to laugh, but couldn't.

He quickly went over to help her.

Yan Xuehen seemed to have found her savior; she quickly hid behind him, scared that Yun Jianyue would grab her again.

Little White’s eyes widened.

She had thought that the clan leader's beauty was already unparalleled in this world, so why were there two more ladies who were just as beautiful The most important part was that both of these women seemed to be rather close to Zu An!

He can become this awesome even as a mere male pet He actually dares to flirt with other girls in front of the clan leader

An impatient voice called out from inside, “I don’t care.

You need to choose a new clan leader today.

If anything, just pick between the two of you!”


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