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Chapter 1178: One Line Prophecy Fulfilled

Meanwhile, Zu An carried Yu Yanluo and slowly entered the water.

Blue Mallard’s ability created a water bubble so she wouldn’t suffocate.

Zu An began to transfer ki throughout his body to adjust his condition.

Even though his wounds were also quite serious, his condition was still passable.

As such, he began to use the Primordial Origin Sutra, sending a strand of primordial ki into Yu Yanluo’s body.

Seemingly sensing the warm stream that entered her body, Yu Yanluo groaned and gradually began to wake.

However, she was so weak that even opening her eyes was a bit strenuous.

When she finally realized that it was Zu An, a faint smile appeared between her brows.

She asked, “Ah Zu, you’ve already recovered I’m not dreaming”

Normally, her complexion was so beautiful that many men would feel ashamed of their own inferiority and wouldn’t even dare to look straight at her.

But now, she was extremely wan and sallow, like a porcelain doll that would shatter if handled carelessly.

Zu An felt extremely pained.

He held her hand and placed it against his own cheek, replying, “Yanluo, can you feel my warmth Why would you be dreaming”

Yu Yanluo’s lips curled into a faint smile when she felt those firm lines.

She said, “You’re okay… That’s good.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay with you.”

She was an expert herself.

She had known just what kind of consequences forcefully using the Medusa’s Eye several times would produce.

However, she felt no regret.

If she were given another chance, she would still make the same choice.

“No, you can,” Zu An said with certainty.

Yu Yanluo just assumed he was consoling her.

She said weakly, “I can only exchange a few words with you; this is all the time I have left… I feel a bit cold.

Can you hold me a bit closer”

Only then did Zu An realize that Yu Yanluo hadn’t liked the cold to begin with.

Now, she was seriously injured, her life’s flame about to go out.

As they were at the very bottom of the lake, it was extremely cold.

Naturally, she couldn't take it.

Thus, he quickly transferred his ki.

Waves of warmth entered Yu Yanluo’s trembling body, and she finally felt a bit of relief.

She smiled and said, “I remember how you gave me some Warm Darlings when you first met me and saw that I was cold.

Now, I’ve discovered that you’re the best warm darling.”

This was the capital’s number one beauty.

Even if she just stood there without doing a thing, even if she didn’t say anything… For many men in this world, they didn’t even have to see her; just hearing her name alone would leave them completely captivated.

And yet at that moment, she was lying right in Zu An’s embrace, whispering sweet words to him.

But Zu An didn’t think of any of those things at all.

He only felt endless tenderness and worry.

Thus, he told her, “We’ll have more than enough time to talk in the future.

Try to preserve as much strength as possible.

I have a way to save you.”

Yu Yanluo had a distressed smile as she replied, “There’s no need for you to trick me.

I know my condition the best.”

Zu An said with an honest expression, “I really do have a way.

The method I cultivate is extremely special.

Not only does it have powerful regenerative abilities, it can even treat many injuries that touch upon one’s foundation.

Look, even though I forcefully exceeded the limits and used the Star Shattering Imprint just now, aren’t I still slowly recovering”

Yu Yanluo was stunned.

She recalled that Zu An had seemed about to die, and yet now, he was still fine.

His condition was clearly much better.

Zu An said, “But the method to save you is a bit… special.

I’m worried that you won’t be willing to receive it.”

Yu Yanluo smiled and replied, “Why wouldn’t I be willing to receive your treatment”

Zu An moved closer and whispered into her ear.

Yu Yanluo’s pale cheeks immediately turned slightly red.

She pursed her lips, but in the end, she replied quietly, “Okay.”

Zu An was stunned.

He hadn’t expected her to agree so decisively.

He asked, “You’re not doubting me at all That I might be taking advantage of you”

Yu Yanluo shook her head.

Her gemstone-like eyes were full of gentleness as she said, “Since I chose you, of course I trust you.

Besides, either way, I’m already yours.”

“Yanluo…” Zu An trailed off, feeling incredibly touched.

He took her firmly into his embrace.

Yu Yanluo’s cheeks heated up as she said, “I heard that in the past, Chu First Miss had her foundation damaged in that secret dungeon.

Everyone from Brightmoon City thought she was going to die.

But she not only recovered; she even improved further.

Was it because… You saved her like this”

“Yeah,” Zu An replied.

He was a bit embarrassed to be talking about another woman, but for the sake of granting her more confidence, he still admitted it.

“I wouldn’t have expected you to even know about what happened back then in Brightmoon City.”

Yu Yanluo leaned against his chest, her eyes almost sparkling.

She said, “Back then, I was saved by a young man, so I began to pay more attention to him.

However, that was only out of gratitude.

I didn’t expect that young man to become my man in the end.”

Zu An thought back to their first meeting and replied with a smile, “You didn’t think I was just joking around when I said I was going to become your man back then, did you”

Yu Yanluo looked a bit embarrassed as she replied, “How could I have known that, when you were just a little rascal back then” She had just treated his bold words as a joke back then, and had had no idea that he was being serious.

When he saw the loveliness in her playful pout, Zu An couldn't help but press his lips against hers.

Yu Yanluo moaned, closing her eyes and taking him in.

Her long eyelashes cast shadows across her jade-like cheeks, fluttering ever so slightly.

Soon, Zu An raised his head.

Saving her was the most important thing at the moment, and yet he was worried that he would wrong her.

Yu Yanluo seemed to have guessed his suspicions.

She said gently, “I don’t even have the strength to raise my arm.

My clothes… You need to take them off.”

She didn’t dare look him in the eyes after she said that.

She was clearly already utterly embarrassed.

At that moment, her decision to give herself fully to her man really made her too beautiful and alluring.

Zu An continuously warned himself that saving her was the most important thing, and that he couldn't be distracted at all.

As such, he didn’t hesitate any longer and instead gently undid the band around her waist.

Yu Yanluo’s skin was just as smooth and sleek as before; all her clothes came off without him even having to use much strength.

Ever since Zu An had entered the mine, the surrounding environment had been completely dark.

However, at that moment, there was a dazzling and sparkling expanse of white before his eyes.

Even the invaluable luminescent pearls now seemed to pale in comparison.

A while later, Yu Yanluo raised her hand to stop him.

Then, she said bashfully, “You should put my clothes underneath me.”

Zu An was momentarily stunned, but then he replied with a smile, “There’s no need.”

But Yu Yanluo’s attitude was firm.

She said, “I’ve been married before, after all.

I don’t care what others think, but I care about what you think.

Even though I told you that the duke and I were only a couple in name, words are unreliable.

I don’t want you to have any doubts about us.”

Zu An knew that he couldn't persuade her, so he could only place the pure white dress underneath her.

Yu Yanluo’s breath soon quickened.

Her beautiful eyes looked at the manly man before her with endless gentleness.

Her red lips parted as she cried, “Ah Zu, I love you~”

Those simple words were more effective than any medicine Venom Child could create.

Under Yu Yanluo’s love-filled gaze, Zu An completely became one with her.

Soon, with a groan, Yu Yanluo almost fainted.

Her entire body immediately tensed.

Fortunately, a wave of warmth created from the foundation of the cosmos entered her body, nourishing the meridians and internal organs that had been withered and damaged.

This was something she had never experienced before! Yu Yanluo felt even more amazing than when she had broken through to her current cultivation realm.

At that moment, she felt as if she were within the great emptiness before the world was created.

She sensed opportunities for life emerge around her, and the dao changing and evolving.

She relaxed completely and held onto her beloved tightly.

Meanwhile, by the shore, Yan Xuehen was seated in meditation, trying to remove the poison.

Even if she didn’t succeed, she could at least stop her condition from worsening.

Yun Jianyue wasn’t in the mood to try to recover.

She knew her condition wouldn’t improve for some time, so she paced around by the shore.

She felt extremely restless at that moment.

Suddenly, she gave Yan Xuehen a curious look and asked, “Stone cold woman, why is your hair turning a bit green Are you okay”

“I think your face is the one that is becoming a bit green,” Yan Xuehen shot back, but she was actually a bit nervous. Has the poison inside me already spread throughout my entire body


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