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Chapter 1169: Supreme Skills of Two Masters

Yan Xuehen immediately felt the urge to beat this damn kid up.

The Unshaken Daoist Manual was White Jade Sect’s supreme treasure.

There were countless people in this world who wanted to learn it, and yet would never have the chance.

This was such a huge opportunity, but he was worried that he wouldn’t become as good at playing around with girls because of it

He’s just a stupid and perverted man after all!

Yu Yanluo covered her mouth and giggled, thinking, Ah Zu really is interesting. In the past, she had always been surrounded by hypocrites.

Zu An’s straightforward side was a pleasant change of pace.

Yun Jianyue was even more delighted, saying, “Brat, big sis over here really likes this side of yours.”

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned ice-cold.

She gritted her teeth and said, “You don’t need to worry about that.

This technique will only help you restrain your killing intent.

There's no way just a trifling few lines will be enough to make you reach the indomitable state free of emotions that countless geniuses from our sect have been unable to reach.”

Yun Jianyue also chuckled and said, “You really are overthinking it.

The Unshaken Daoist Manual is so boundless and mysterious.

There’s no way she can teach you the entire thing in such a short amount of time.

You can just relax and learn whatever she teaches you.”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try then,” Zu An said, finally nodding in the end.

Seeing how unwilling he was, Yan Xuehen felt irritation boil within her.

However, she was suddenly frightened.

She had cultivated her unshaken state for so long; her mental state should have been free of any ripples.

Why was it that after she had met him, she had begun feeling all sorts of strong emotions

She couldn't vent her frustrations out on him, but she wasn’t so polite toward Yun Jianyue.

She said, “I’m going to pass him the chant now.”

Yun Jianyue clicked her tongue and asked, “Do you think I’d be interested in a technique that prevents interpersonal relationships” She walked some distance away and sat down cross-legged to meditate.

Yu Yanluo obviously knew that Yan Xuehen definitely didn’t want her to hear the technique either.

She gave them a smile, then walked off to one side to nurse her own injuries.

Yan Xuehen felt somewhat amazed. As expected of an incredible beauty like her; no wonder this guy was willing to risk his own life to protect her.

Sensing that her current mindset wasn’t quite right, she quickly took a deep breath.

She gave Zu An a cold look and said, “Before I pass the Unshaken Daoist Manual to you, I need to ask you something.”

“What is it” Zu An asked with a smile.

“As long as sect master is the one asking me, this humble one won’t withhold anything.”

“Smooth talker.” Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“Did you use… some strange kind of technique against me”

Zu An was alarmed. She probably noticed the effects of Gold Phoenix’s ‘Love is More Solid Than Gold’.

“No, I didn’t.

Why would the sect master ask something like that” he replied, pretending to be puzzled.

Only an idiot would admit to that in the current situation.

Otherwise, considering Yan Xuehen’s nature, she would definitely become hostile.

If that happened, how were they supposed to work together to deal with that Scaled Deathworm Even if he decided to tell her, he had to tell her in private if they had an opportunity in the future.

Yan Xuehen carefully looked into Zu An’s eyes.

She thought to herself, Was I just overthinking things

Could it be that it wasn’t some kind of sorcery, but rather that she had actually become attracted to his outstanding characteristics after fighting against him…

Her heart beat crazily.

She didn’t dare to continue thinking about it and instead tried to sound emotionless as she said, “It is nothing; just a random question.

I am going to pass you the Unshaken Taoist Manual.

You cannot share this with anyone else, or else I will come to eliminate you no matter what corner of the world you flee to.”

Zu An sighed in relief and said, “If you’re going to be the one going after me, there’s no problem.”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

Zu An coughed and quickly explained, “What I meant was that seeing you would definitely be a happier thing than seeing some old men.

Of course, I would never leak this to anyone else.”

Yan Xuehen gave him a glare and shot back, “I am your master now; you are not allowed to speak nonsense anymore!” Despite saying that, however, she still enjoyed the praise about her beauty.

“I haven’t even formally become your disciple yet…” Zu An mumbled.

“Focus and memorize the mental cultivation portion,” Yan Xuehen said.

She calmed herself down before slowly continuing, “Unmoved against all emotions, cast aside feelings; remain unshaken and undisturbed.

From the heavens to the self, let this reign supreme.

One’s fate lies in the breath.

The dead find root in the living; the living find root in the dead…”

Zu An’s eyes lit up.

As Yan Xuehen spoke, the energies around him began to move, as if extremely profound laws were swirling around him.

He quickly collected his thoughts and memorized the whole thing.

At the same time, he carefully anal;yzed the experience, comparing and contrasting it with everything he already knew.

He gradually felt as if he were obtaining a kind of enlightenment.

Yan Xuehen knew that Zu An was gaining a lot of understanding from his appearance.

She felt great admiration for him. This fellow’s talent really is exceptional. Eventually, she said, “That piece was the Unshaken Daoist Manual’s introduction.

Remember it and spend some time thinking about it.

It will be of great benefit to your future cultivation.”

Zu An didn’t agree with that.

Even though the manual was profound and mysterious, if one studied it every day and you ended up becoming all cold and emotionless, what meaning would there be in life anymore Of course, he didn’t dare vocalize any of those thoughts.

Yan Xuehen continued, “Your talent is incredibly high, and you have already comprehended the basics of the Unshaken Daoist Manual.

Now, I will teach you how to restrain your killing intent through this foundation.”

Then, she started another chant.

“Calm above impatience, cold above heat, peace and quiet as a principle.

Seek a peace like the void; become absolutely empty…”

Yan Xuehen’s hair fluttered around.

Her clothes were purer than snow.

She looked as pure as ceramic, her presence filled with the air of an immortal.

Zu An felt an icy cold emerge within him as Yan Xuehen chanted the sutra.

Even his restlessness calmed down a bit.

“Focus!” Yan Xuehen noticed that he was fixing his stare on her, and a blush covered her cheeks.

She glanced over at Yun Jianyue guiltily, and then sighed in relief when she saw that no one was paying attention to what was happening between them.

Suddenly, Zu An coughed and said, “I think I’ve already pretty much learned it.”

“You already learned it” Yan Xuehen exclaimed in shock.

She said, “Then pick up a sword and try to stab me.”

“Won’t I hurt you” Zu An replied somewhat hesitantly.

Yan Xuehen rolled her eyes and said “I am not asking you to stab me with that Poisonous Prick.” Even though she hadn’t reached her peak condition, her sight and spiritual senses still remained.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to evade Zu An’s sword.

“Okay.” Zu An didn’t act too politely.

He took out an ordinary sword from his Brilliant Glass Bead and said, “I’m starting.”

Yan Xuehen felt a bit warm inside when she saw him take out an ordinary sword, clearly for fear of hurting her.

She replied, “All right.

Keep the technique I just taught you in mind.”

The chants Zu An had just heard appeared in his mind.

The expression in his eyes began to turn empty as he slowly thrusted his sword outward.

“Even though it is much better than before, it still occasionally lets out a strand of killing intent.

Try it again,” Yan Xuehen remarked after easily avoiding the sword.

Zu An thrusted his sword outward again.

“Even though no killing intent leaked out at all that time, it is still too slow.

If you want to defeat that Scaled Deathworm, the slower you act, the more variables might appear.

Again!” Yan Xuehen said.

She was a famous master, after all.

She easily noticed where the problem lay.

Just like that, Zu An’s sword thrusted outward again and again.

Yan Xuehen continued to point out his weaknesses.

“Thrust at me again!”

“Use more strength!”

“Like that; don’t stop!”

Yun Jianyue felt strange when she heard all those things.

She asked, “Why does it sound as if the two of you are doing something dirty”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

Only then did she realize the double meanings behind what she had just said.

Her ice-cold face turned as red as an apple.

She shot back angrily, “You witch, what kind of nonsense are you saying”

She grabbed her sword and tried to attack Yun Jianyue.

However, Yun Jianyue evaded it with a smile, saying, “You’re the one saying strange things, so why are you telling me to be quiet”

Yu Yanluo’s forehead darkened.

She thought to herself, Why are these two grandmasters fighting like two little girls She took the chance to ask, “Ah Zu, how is the training going”

“I’m fortunate to have Sect Master Yan here to teach me carefully.

It should be fine now,” Zu An said.

Yan Xuehen finally calmed down a bit.

She recovered her usual capable appearance and said, “Mm, his aptitude is quite good.

He was able to keep his killing intent from showing.

However, there is another problem right now.

That Scaled Deathworm is almost entirely covered in armor.

It is also ridiculously strong, and there seems to be something like a ki barrier protecting it.

Even though his Poisonous Prick is sharp, even if he manages to stab it, it might not produce an injury.”

That was another reason why similarly-ranked beasts were stronger than human cultivators.

Their bodies were just too powerful.

With their two-fold protection, they could endure many more attacks.

Zu An felt a bit worried when he heard that.

Even though the Poisonous Prick was extremely sharp and had successfully killed several Scaled Deathworms, none of them had been the mother worm.

They had been much weaker.

Yan Xuehen and the mother worm had fought before.

If she was saying that, it meant that she didn’t feel that his Poisonous Prick could break through the monster’s two-fold defense.

Yun Jianyue suddenly harrumphed and said, “Stone cold woman, you don’t have to incite me like that.

Even a miser like you taught him your best skill; do you think I’d hold back, considering our relationship

“Ah Zu, I’m going to pass an exceptional skill onto you, the Star Shattering Imprint.

It can instantly increase your offensive power by ten times.

With your current cultivation, forget about the Scaled Deathworm, even that damn emperor wouldn’t be unscathed if he took your attack without dodging!”


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