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Chapter 1164: Awkward

Yan Xuehen blushed furiously when she saw Zu An move closer, perhaps because of bashfulness or alarm.

She began to struggle frantically, not knowing where she was suddenly getting the strength to do so from.

Zu An was conflicted over the blissful question of who to give oxygen to first.

After a moment, though, he realized something in alarm. What the heck am I thinking! They’re Chuyan and Honglei’s masters!

What the hell possessed me just now!

Men are all pigs after all!

Zu An cursed himself inwardly.

He quickly used Blue Mallard to form an air bubble for the three of them.

As the bubble formed, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue began frantically breathing in oxygen.

Only then did they gradually begin to recover.

They both looked at Zu An.

Yan Xuehen’s expression was extremely conflicted.

On one hand, she was furious that he had used some witchcraft on her, but on the other hand, she had to admit that he had saved her life.

Furthermore, when he had appeared in their moment of crisis, her heart had begun beating in a way it never had before; it was an unfamiliar feeling.

The bubble wasn’t too small for them, but it was still a bit cramped for all three people.

Zu An felt as if he had returned to the experience of mornings in his previous world, where he had been crammed into a train with many other passengers.

But unlike the big and smelly uncles who had surrounded him, he instead had two stunning beauties next to him, making the experience worlds apart.

Yan Xuehen could sense Zu An’s body’s heat through her clothes, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

She subconsciously moved backward, but that just made the water bubble shake intensely.

“Stone cold woman, can you not move, please You’ll break this bubble and we’ll all become food for the fishes,” Yun Jianyue remarked, shooting her a glare.

Yan Xuehen knew that she was in the wrong as well.

She looked away with a harrumph, not arguing against her adversary for the first time.

Only then did Yun Jianyue give Zu An a look, a hint of gentleness appearing in her eyes.

She said, “Damn kid, you were actually alive and kicking.

I worried about you all this time for nothing.”

Yan Xuehen was just about to shoot back a sarcastic reply, but considering what had just happened, wouldn’t that only make Zu An feel even more grateful toward Yun Jianyue As such, she swallowed those words back down.

“Big sis sect master, why are you here” Zu An asked.

He had never thought that he would see her here.

“That’s a long story…” Yun Jianyue replied.

Even though she was from the Devil Sect, she didn’t want to explain in detail either; as such, she just said with a smile, “Not even the emperor Zhao Han would dare to have me and Yan Xuehen surrounding him, one in each arm, and yet a brat like you achieved it.

How does it feel”

Yan Xuehen gave her an accusatory look. This witch… We’re in this kind of situation, and yet you can still say something like that

Zu An was sweating buckets.

He almost choked on water and quickly explained, “Uh, I can only make the bubble this big.

Any bigger and it’ll break.”

“I wasn’t blaming you, so what are you getting all nervous for Sigh, my body really is weak right now.

Lend me a shoulder,” Yun Jianyue said.

She shifted into a more comfortable posture and leaned against him, letting out a light sigh of comfort.

Yan Xuehen’s eyes went wide. What is going on with these two Why does all of this seem so natural No wonder Yun Jianyue almost fought me to the death when she heard me say I killed Zu An.

She had faced Yun Jianyue for many years.

The other woman understood her, so how could she not understand as well

Even though Yun Jianyue was from the Devil Sect, she had always maintained her purity.

For so many years, even though there were untold numbers of experts who had fallen under her hands, she had never had any kind of relationship with any man, let alone acting so intimate.

Just what strange powers does this brat have Yan Xuehen thought.

She was suddenly horrified. Don’t tell me Yun Jianyue was also affected by his strange magic

Her expression became unpleasant as she thought, This guy is way too despicable. At the same time, she felt a bit of sympathy for her old adversary Yun Jianyue.

“What are you staring at This is my little brother.

Why can’t I use his shoulder to rest for a bit” Yun Jianyue remarked.

She had noticed Yan Xuehen’s expression and just thought that the other woman was curious about their relationship.

“Your little brother or your little lover” Yan Xuehen couldn't help but shoot back, thinking that the other woman was usually pretty sharp, and yet she was actually completely unaware that she had already been afflicted by this man’s witchcraft.

“When did a woman like you become so sharp-tongued too” Yun Jianyue replied, a bit surprised.

But she suddenly thought of something.

She looked at Zu An with an ambiguous smile and asked, “I almost forgot, but just now, didn’t you want to use that chance to kiss us”

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned unnatural when she heard that.

Meanwhile, Zu An’s face heated up as he replied, “What are you talking about I saw that you two were drowning, so I quickly used my skill to make a water bubble.”

Yan Xuehen became a bit embarrassed, thinking that she had misunderstood him.

At the time, she was struggling intensely… Just the thought alone made her feel a bit embarrassed.

But Yun Jianyue said, “Ah, what a pity.

I was already prepared to kiss you.

I’ve lived for so many years, and yet I’ve never even been able to experience what it feels like to be kissed by a man.”

Yan Xuehen said coldly, “A demoness is nothing but a demoness after all.

You have no sense of shame.”

“He was going to do that to save my life.

What is there to be embarrassed about in that kind of situation” Yun Jianyue retorted mockingly.

“It’s someone else here who, because they’re filthy inside, sees everything in a filthy way.

Do you think Zu An wanted to kiss you You’re just a chunk of ice; what is there to even kiss He’s not even related to you in any way.

Even if he did kiss someone, he would kiss me first.”

Yan Xuehen began breathing heavily.

She subconsciously wanted to retort that her relationship with Zu An wasn’t any worse than Yun Jianyue’s, but she was held back by her reasoning.

She swallowed her words back down and looked away sharply, starting to sulk.

Yun Jianyue liked seeing Yan Xuehen looking wronged.

She giggled and said, “Right, you were struggling like a woman clinging onto her chastity.

Was that to preserve your purity for the one you like”

“The one she likes” Zu An exclaimed in shock. Even a woman like Yan Xuehen has someone she likes

Yan Xuehen subconsciously gave Zu An a look, but she immediately shifted her gaze unnaturally, retorting, “What kind of nonsense are you speaking in front of a junior”

“Shameless woman,” Yun Jianyue said, curling her lips.

But her mood was so good from having survived their ordeal that she didn’t even bother arguing.

Yan Xuehen wanted to change the topic too.

She looked at Zu An with eyes that were as pure as a snowy mountain, asking, “How did you instantly move us here Was it Soulspeak” She was a sect master, so her experiences were extraordinary.

She quickly recovered her usual temperament when the conversation returned to cultivation.


Ah Zu isn’t even from the Dragon Race, so how could he know Soulspeak” Yun Jianyue remarked without a trace of politeness.

Yan Xuehen frowned, but she didn’t retort.

That really didn’t seem too likely, after all.

Zu An thought to himself, Were these two women enemies in their last lives or something They’ve been arguing from the moment I saw them. However, he replied, “It’s actually more or less the same; the principles are similar.”

Yun Jianyue sighed with amazement and said, “Thank goodness we ended up in the water.

If we had appeared in the earth, we might have just suffocated to death.”

Zu an said with a smile, “I wouldn't have suffocated to death, but I wouldn’t have been able to produce this kind of water bubble to give you two air then.”

Yan Xuehen blushed, while a dangerous glint flashed through Yun Jianyue’s eyes as she replied, “You damn brat, you really were planning to feed us oxygen through a kiss”

“What else could I have done then” Zu An replied, surprisingly straightforwardly.

“Would I just have to watch you two die”

Yun Jianyue’s expression became somewhat strange as she replied, “What you said makes some sense.

But you would only have needed to help me.

Don’t tell me you were going to kiss this stone cold woman too”

Yan Xuehen’s expression changed and she exclaimed, “Why would I want him to save me!”

Zu An replied impatiently, “Didn’t I just save you If I hadn’t arrived just in time, you would already have been sliced in half by that Deathworm.

At that point, the goddess of Cloudcenter Commandery would have had her inner organs strewn everywhere, and even that would later have turned into the Deathworm’s poop.”

“You!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed, blushing furiously.

Smoke almost seemed about to come out of her head as she cried, “Wasn’t all of this your fault to begin with!”

If it hadn’t been for this scoundrel, would she even have come here in the first place Would she have fought against Yun Jianyue like that That damn worm obviously wouldn’t have mattered.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 411 411 411…

“What does this have to do with me” Zu An replied, completely confused.

Meanwhile, Yun Jianyue’s expression also became a bit unpleasant as she asked, “Can you not be so gross” After all, that had almost happened to her too.

“Alright, alright, I was wrong,” Zu An replied, chuckling in embarrassment.

While they were speaking, however, the bubble had already reached the surface.

With one of the women in each arm, he kicked off and headed for shore.

When she felt his hand’s warmth, Yan Xuehen’s entire body stiffened.

Even Yun Jianyue, who had been focused on adjusting her condition, felt a bit uncomfortable.

Because they had been underwater, their clothes had already been drenched.

It hadn’t been that obvious while they were in the water bubble, but now that they had returned to the surface, their clothes now stuck to their skin, becoming see-through.

Such a thing would never happen normally.

Their cultivation levels were so incredible that their bodies normally wouldn’t be tainted by even a single speck of filth, let alone water.

Even if something did get on them somehow, just a bit of ki would make them completely dry again.

But the two women couldn't do that right now!


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