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Chapter 1150: Strange Roar

Yan Xuehen jumped in fright when she sensed Yun Jianyue’s killing intent.

She exclaimed, “Are you mad You are injured, but you are still going to fight against me”

She was more interested in finding Zu An and finding out what had happened.

She obviously didn’t want to waste any more time.

Furthermore, in a fight between two grandmasters, unless absolutely necessary, neither side would want to fight to the death.

Regardless of who won and lost, they would suffer serious injuries that were difficult to recover from.

Yun Jianyue retorted coldly, “Aren’t you injured too We’re in the same situation.

Are you trying to scare me off or something”

“What kind of a relationship does that person have with you You are actually willing to even fight me to the death for him” Yan Xuehen asked as she summoned her Flying Snow Sword to defend against Yun Jianyue’s attack.

Yun Jianyue’s expression was dangerous as she said, “He’s shown me kindness, and he’s my friend.

I couldn't do much to repay him.

Since you killed him, I’ll get revenge in his place!”

“Friend” Yan Xuehen thought to herself, This demoness actually called Zu An her friend! That was something that had never happened before.

For so many years, the sect master of the Devil Sect had been used to stop children from crying at night.

She had always kept to herself.

When had she ever had any friends And yet now, she actually called a junior her friend, and she was even willing to fight against a grandmaster while disregarding everything!

She recalled how the other woman previously seemed to have appeared several times to help Zu An as well. It would be even stranger if there were nothing fishy going on between these two!

Yan Xuehen’s expression turned cold.

The two had clearly known each other longer than she had known Zu An.

For some reason, that made her feel extremely unhappy.

And because they had faced each other for so many years, she didn’t want to tell the truth.

Otherwise, she might seem scared of Yun Jianyue.

“Eliminating evil has always been our responsibility to begin with.

It is that man’s fault for being infatuated by lust and going astray,” she said.

She knew they could easily avoid fighting if she backed down even a bit, but she had always been a proud woman.

How could she show any weakness in front of her old adversary

“Then die!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed.

She could no longer sit still, brandishing her crescent disk and attacking.

Yan Xuehen gripped the Flying Snow Sword tightly and faced her.

What kind of matter was a battle between grandmasters The surrounding cave quaked, and the nearby tunnels collapsed.

However, the falling dirt and rocks didn’t prevent the two from using their skills at all.

One side was eager to get revenge, while the other was proud and stubborn.

Just like that, the two fought an incredibly intense battle.

Meanwhile, Zu An, who had been rushing through the underground paths with Yu Yanluo, sensed the terrifying power in the distance.

He couldn't help but stop.

Yu Yanluo also sensed it, wondering, “Who is Yan Xuehen fighting”

Zu An replied, “Who cares who she’s fighting.

Her cultivation is so high.

Who could even hurt her unless the emperor himself came”

Yu Yanluo nodded.

That was indeed the case.

Both she and Zu An were already quite strong, and yet they couldn't do much to Yan Xuehen at all.

If Zu An hadn’t managed to think of a way out, both of them might already have left this world.

She couldn't help but become curious when she thought of that, however.

She asked, “Just how did you make Yan Xuehen let us go”

Zu An’s face heated up.

That method really was a bit despicable, so how could he say it out loud He could only reply ambiguously, “Her conscience might have finally kicked in, and she could have been worried that killing me might affect her relationship with her disciple.”

“But there was no reason for her to let me go, was there” Yu Yanluo had guessed that as well, but she didn’t understand why she had been allowed to escape as well.

Zu An said, “Maybe she did that out of consideration for how you’ve never harmed anyone all these years, and have instead saved many people.

Or maybe she thought you were so pretty that even as a woman, she was captivated by your beauty.

She couldn't bring herself to ruin a natural work of art the heavens created.”

Yu Yanluo blushed.

She said with playful annoyance, “You are always teasing me.” But she still felt happy whenever she heard him praise her for being pretty.

In truth, many people had used even prettier words than Zu An in describing her beauty, such as calling her the most splendid flower.

However, even though she always replied with a smile, she usually didn’t feel anything inside.

It had reached a point where she had even been a bit unhappy with her appearance, because it brought her too many unnecessary troubles and difficulties.

But now, when she heard Zu An praise her, she instead felt a bit shy for the very first time.

She had been an incredible beauty to begin with, but now that she was showing her bashful side, she was even more charming.

Even Zu An, who had his fair share of experiences, was a bit stupefied.

Yu Yanluo also noticed his scorching hot gaze.

While she felt shy, she also felt a hint of happiness.

She said, “Am I pretty”

Zu An nodded and said with a smile, “You are.” He wanted to use some fancier words to describe her, but when their eyes met, he instead felt that they were all unnecessary.

It was instead the purest and truest feelings that were best.

Yu Yanluo’s smile seemed to make the entire black cavern become a bit brighter.

She said, “You can look at me as long as you want in the future.”

She wasn’t a little maiden who didn’t know about worldly matters.

She didn’t have to mince words and hide her own thoughts.

She had had favorable feelings for him to begin with.

Furthermore, the two of them had fled through the mine together.

When faced with Yan Xuehen’s pursuit, both of them had been willing to give up their lives for each other.

Since they had already faced life and death together, their relationship had also naturally advanced.

Zu An didn’t notice her implication and instead replied jokingly, “I can look at you for as long as I want Then can I look at you whenever I want”

“When do you want to look” Yu Yanluo’s eyes swirled, and her voice even became a bit softer.

“For example, at night” Zu An replied.

He had gradually sensed that something wasn’t right, but his thoughts hadn’t gone in that direction.

Yu Yanluo replied, “Okay.”

Zu An was stunned. What the hell

When she saw his stupefied expression, Yu Yanluo giggled and said, “Dummy.” After she spoke, she quickly placed her arms around Zu An’s neck, kissing him with her red lips.

Zu An’s entire body went rigid.

He subconsciously held her waist while thinking, I let Yu Yanluo take the first kiss

For so many years, there had always been so many men at her side, but none of them could get closer to her.

And yet today, she actually took the initiative to kiss a man! Even if this matter got out, not a single person would believe it.

After a while, their lips separated again.

Zu An only remembered that her lips were extremely soft, and also extremely sweet.

Yu Yanluo’s face was already completely red, but she still said with a shy smile, “You’re always such a smooth talker normally, so I thought you were some player.

Turns out you’re also a stiff and pure man.”

What! Are you kidding me right now Zu An thought.

How could he still hold back He grabbed her wrist and pushed her against the wall next to them.

Then, he lowered his head and kissed her.

When she felt the masculine pressure from Zu An’s rough actions, Yu Yanluo was stunned at first.

However, she reacted soon afterward, feeling that her words must have incited him.

Her heart pounded crazily.

She didn’t get upset and instead slowly closed her eyes, letting him do what he wanted.

No matter how mature she was, she had still never done it before.

How could she be a match for the seasoned Zu An Under his ministrations, her entire body quickly softened like melted candy.

Zu An felt himself become incredibly hard when he sensed how soft she had become.

He was soon no longer satisfied with just kissing.

Yu Yanluo’s breath quickened more and more when she sensed him invade her personal space further.

However, she only opened her eyes and gave him a resentful look, but didn’t stop him.

Zu An embraced her waist.

He was just about to go a step further when a strange, ominous roar rang out.

The cave around them rocked back and forth, and chunks of rock began to fall from above.

The two of them were shocked.

That sound had emerged from the distance.

They saw some black fog gradually closing in from the long, pitch-black tunnel, obscuring everything in its path.

“I think something was crying out just now,” Yu Yanluo said.

Her entire face was red.

She was leaning against Zu An as if she didn’t have a bone in her body.

If Zu An hadn’t been holding her, she might have fallen to the ground.

“We heard that when we first jumped down here too,” Zu An said, his expression serious.

He had thought that it might have been the wind or an earthquake, and that it had only become so loud after being amplified by the huge mine pit.

Now that they were farther inside, he realized it was a living creature’s roar.

Its voice carried a terrifying pressure that made both of them feel as if they were facing a great enemy.


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