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Chapter 1148: Live to See Another Day

“Ah!” Yu Yanluo screamed.

She was a powerful cultivator in her own right, and knew many things.

But no matter how she racked her brains, she couldn't think of any ways in which Zu An could survive.

She wanted to help him, but the Absolute Cold domain was too powerful.

She couldn't even move her body.

Her beautiful eyes had begun to turn red.

After all, Medusa’s Eye wasn’t a skill that could be used limitlessly.

Each use would consume a tremendous amount of her body’s energy.

Her bloodline hadn’t even completely awakened yet, so the cost of each use was great. She had already been left on the verge of breaking down from two uses of the skill; now, the only choice left was to burn her own life force.

However, using Medusa’s Eye at half strength wouldn’t do anything to a grandmaster.

She had to use it at full strength, but that might just exhaust the rest of her lifespan.

But she couldn't be bothered with all of that.

Her only thought was to save Zu An.

Yan Xuehen also noticed something unusual about Yu Yanluo’s behavior, and set aside a bit of strength in reserve to deal with her.

In any event, she was within her Absolute Cold domain, which could offset the Medusa’s Eye to a certain degree.

She had confidence that she could first deal with Zu An, then turn around to finish off Yu Yanluo.

The moment she was about to stab Zu An, however, she suddenly heard a loud and clear phoenix cry.

Then, a golden phoenix appeared before her.

She was startled, but she just attributed it to another one of his strange abilities.

Light flickered around her.

Even if another grandmaster attacked her at that point, she could still block it.

However, that golden phoenix seemed like an intangible object.

It passed through her splendid defenses and flew into her body.

Yan Xuehen was confused and alarmed, quickly examining her body.

However, she discovered that there wasn’t anything wrong with her.

As a grandmaster, she had absolute knowledge over her body’s condition; since she didn’t sense anything strange, she had to be fine.

But what was that golden phoenix It couldn't have just been an illusion, could it

It wasn’t the time to be worrying about those things, though.

She planned to get rid of Zu An first, then slowly examine what was going on.

But when her sword was just a hair away from Zu An’s forehead, she suddenly noticed the wound in his chest.

That was the wound she had inflicted earlier!

For some reason, she suddenly felt distress and remorse.

She felt as if hurting him would be harder to bear than if she were injured herself.

All kinds of memories about him appeared in her mind.

Before, she had only seen his flaws: How he was affecting the cultivation prospects of her disciple, and how he was slick-tongued and perverted.

He colluded with the fiend races, and he cultivated evil arts…

But now, she suddenly realized that Chuyan had never seemed to be willing to cut things off with him.

He was incredibly talented, and they might even be able to help each other by cultivating together.

It might not be a bad thing for her cultivation.

Even though he seemed like a smooth talker, he was actually firm and unwavering.

Even while facing death, he wasn’t willing to bow down.

As for his perverted side, which sane man wouldn’t like an incredible beauty like Yu Yanluo

Furthermore, Yu Yanluo was an experienced woman herself.

There were so many outstanding men constantly flocking around her, and yet Yan Xuehen had never heard of her caring much about any of them.

Now, she was actually willing to give up her life for Zu An.

That meant the two of them really had an affinity for each other, and it wasn’t just something superficial like infatuation.

As for colluding with the fiend races, since Yu Yanluo had saved him before, shielding her was completely understandable.

If he ran as soon as he encountered danger, wouldn’t that make him utterly shameless

As for cultivating some evil art, she had never heard of Zu An ruthlessly killing any honorable cultivators.

Instead, there were many evil faction experts who had died under his hands.

Was she really going to kill such a loyal and steadfast man

If one’s opinion of someone changed, one could look at the same matter from a completely different perspective.

After thinking to herself for a moment, Yan Xuehen slowly lowered her sword.

Her vicious expression became gentle too, and the killing intent within her eyes gradually faded.

Yu Yanluo quickly stopped her Medusa’s Eye when she saw that.

She didn’t know why Yan Xuehen would suddenly show mercy, but it was obviously a good thing.

She was worried that taking any action would make Yan Xuehen change her mind, so she didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly.

Yan Xuehen’s expression was also extremely strange, containing a hint of embarrassment and vexation.

She wondered to herself whether, judging from the way she had treated Zu An, would he hate her He definitely will.

How can I compare to Yu Yanluo, who is warm and considerate 

She frowned for a moment, but then her brows unfolded.

Zu An looked so frightened he didn’t dare say a thing for fear of accidentally offending her.

I think I’m going to survive… Zu An’s expression was also extremely strange.

Just moments before, death had seemed imminent for him.

However, he had suddenly remembered that there was one skill he had never used.

That was the Gold Phoenix ability he had awakened after he broke through.

According to the Gold Phoenix’ skill description, it would make a girl love him if it were used.

Back then, Zu An had thought that the skill really wasn’t anything useful.

He was so handsome and charming, he could get any girl he wanted.

He hadn’t needed such a skill to get all the pretty girls around him at all.

Furthermore, every single one of them was a goddess-level beauty in others’ eyes.

He didn’t like the ability that much either.

In a relationship, it was important for the feelings to be mutual, and for both parties to have affinity for each other.

What would be the point of using such a skill Wouldn’t it make him no different from those lowlives who used aphrodisiacs

That was why he had always kept the skill on the backburner, having never used it.

However, this was a life or death situation, so his survival instincts had made him go for broke.

If he died, Yu Yanluo would come to a bitter end.

Furthermore, there was Chuyan, Manman, Zheng Dan… They were all still waiting for his return.

He definitely couldn't just willingly accept such a conclusion without trying everything he had.

But he hadn’t had any confidence in the ability.

The first reason was that he had never used it before and hadn’t known what its effects would be.

The second reason was that his opponent was a grandmaster, and so it might not be effective.

Even if it did, it might not stop her from killing him…

Fortunately, at least for the time being, it seemed as if the results had been good.

Yan Xuehen fished out a bottle of medicine and said, “These are the White Jade Sect’s Ice Heart Pills.

Take one orally, and crush one to apply over your wounds.

They should help with your injuries.”

Yu Yanluo had been extremely nervous the entire time.

When she saw that, her eyes almost popped out. Did I hear wrongly What do you mean, it should help 

In the past, many powerful cultivators had tried to show off in front of her.

One of them had mentioned the White Jade Sect’s Ice Heart Pill.

It was rumored to even be able to revive the dead, and to be among the very best sacred medicines in this world.

Since the materials needed to create it were priceless, every single pill was invaluable.

The expert had been a bit sad that he hadn’t had the fortune of obtaining one.

Otherwise, it would be equivalent to a second life.

And yet, Yan Xuehen hadn’t even hesitated to give Zu An a medicine so precious Additionally, she had even given him another one to apply externally If that expert were to hear of such a thing, he might just begin cursing, right He might even just vomit blood on the spot.

Mere seconds prior, Yan Xuehen had still been after Zu An’s life, so why was she suddenly treating his injuries now Furthermore, her tone just then was no longer as arrogant and cold as before, but instead carried a trace of gentleness.

There was even a hint of fear in her voice, as if she had done something wrong, and yet was too embarrassed to admit it because of her pride.

Yu Yanluo also saw that Yan Xuehen had deliberately looked away, but kept sneaking looks at Zu An from time to time.

Her gaze was nothing like before, when it had been completely ice-cold, but rather… carried tender feelings

She jumped in fright as soon as that thought appeared. How could that be possible! She immediately dismissed that guess.

Rather, perhaps Yan Xuehen felt misgivings about Zu An’s relationship with her disciple, or maybe she felt pity for a talented genius…

While Yu Yanluo’s thoughts were running wild, Zu An swallowed with difficulty.

He couldn't help but feel a bit scared when a tigress kept eyeing him.

The worst part was that he didn't know how long the Gold Phoenix’s skill would last, or to what extent it would go.

“There’s no need, my body’s recovery ability…” he began, about to refuse.

However, he suddenly saw her brows raise sharply, as if Yan Xuehen might become upset.

He was startled and immediately changed his tone, saying, “Thank you, sect master.”

He took the bottle, touching her hand in the process.

It really was cold like ice, but also smooth like fine jade.

Yan Xuehen pulled her hand back, as if an electric current had just run through her body.

A light blush appeared around her neck.

She was a bit taken aback.

She had never felt such a thing before in all her years of cultivation. Why is my heart beating so hard

When Zu An ingested the Ice Heart Pill, all of the ki and blood within his body came alive.

All of the internal injuries he had obtained from that intense battle recovered at a visible rate.

He was greatly shocked.

This medicine’s effects were almost at the level of Faith in Brother Spring! Even though the pill was a bit slower, as his cultivation rose, it had become hard for those red bottles to completely heal him anyway.

They would only heal him around halfway.

But the Ice Heart Pill didn’t have such limitations.

It was full of medicinal power, making him feel as if it could even heal a grandmaster if they were wounded.

Even Ji Dengtu’s Soul Return Pill was a bit inferior to it.

Zu An took the chance to say, “I’ll repay the sect master for this medicine in the future.

I have something to tend to for now, so I’ll be saying my goodbyes first.” He was worried that she might change her mind, so he quickly picked up Yu Yanluo and disappeared into the distant cave.

A bit of displeasure appeared in Yan Xuehen’s eyes when she saw the two of them together.

She felt an urge to break the two of them apart.

She was horrified as soon as that thought emerged, however.

She stood in place for a long time, looking confused.

She muttered to herself, “What is wrong with me”


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