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Chapter 1145: Call It Even

A snow-white burst erupted into the air, revealing a graceful and wonderful figure that was like the finest white jade, its surface flowing with sparkling radiance.

It carried a clean and cold aura, a certain unique charm manifesting in its pure holiness.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo were speechless.

Never could they have expected things to develop in such a direction.

Yan Xuehen was stunned for a moment, but eventually snapped out of it.

Just then, Yu Yanluo’s Medusa’s Eye had petrified her.

Such skills were difficult to defend against, as their power wasn’t something that could be measured strictly through cultivation.

Fortunately, she was already at the grandmaster rank.

Grandmasters all had unique domains.

In a moment of imminent peril, she had used her own domain of absolute cold, redefining the principles of the surroundings to benefit her.

Only then had she managed to fend off the Medusa’s Eye skill, which seemed to be a kind of reason-defying ability.

But the power created from the clash of two different laws was just too great.

Furthermore, petrification usually made things brittle and prone to cracking easily.

Yan Xuehen could protect her own body, but she had forgotten about her clothes.

That was why after experiencing all of that, her clothes shattered from even the smallest movement.

Even though she had already cultivated for so many years and reached a level of mental control sufficient to let go of most emotions, at that moment, she still couldn't help but scream.

Soon afterward, a snowstorm appeared around her, covering her exposed body.

Zu An felt a huge headache, but he still subconsciously said, “I have some clothes on me.

They’re Chuyan’s.

Do you want them”

It would have been one thing if he hadn’t said anything, but since he had, Yan Xuehen immediately realized that her disciple’s man had actually seen everything! What the hell is this!

“Get lost!” she cried.

A wave of air swept outward, sending Zu An flying.

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 702 702 702…

Zu An fell right by Yu Yanluo’s side.

He supported her back up, crying, “Run!” Remaining where they were was definitely not a smart decision.

“Are you alright” Yu Yanluo asked, examining his body worriedly.

“I’m fine,” Zu An replied.

He picked up Yu Yanluo and rushed into a cave off to the side.

Yan Xuehen had acted impulsively just then, while his body was extremely tough.

Thus, even though his internal energies had been stirred a bit, he had quickly recovered.

Soon after they left, the wind and snow that had surrounded Yan Xuehen gradually disappeared.

She walked out, dressed once more.

For someone of her status, it was only natural for her to have a storage pouch on her.

Changing into a new set of clothes wasn’t particularly difficult.

When she thought about how close Zu An had been, as well as about how he had seen everything, her expression changed several times.

Killing intent erupted in her gaze.

Previously, even though she had spoken aggressively, she had only intended to teach him a bit of a lesson.

She hadn’t really planned to kill him.

After all, he was her disciple’s husband.

She hadn’t wanted her relationship with her disciple to fall apart over such a thing.

But now, things were different.

If she didn’t kill this man who had seen her body, the indifferent and emotionless state she had maintained for many years would become flawed.

At that point, falling from her current cultivation would be the least of her worries.

If it got out of hand, she might become seriously wounded.

Whether it was for personal reasons or the White Jade Sect’s interests, she couldn't permit something like that to happen.

She looked in the direction the two of them had disappeared toward, and vanished.

Meanwhile, Yu Yanlou said worriedly, “Ah Zu, you should run on your own; do not worry about me anymore.

Otherwise, both of us will die here!” As a woman, she knew that there was no way Yan Xuehen would let Zu An go after what had just happened.

She had just used the Medusa’s Eye against a grandmaster at full power.

The rebound her body had suffered was powerful.

She was already wounded quite badly.

As such, she had already resolved to buy some time for Zu An.

Zu An could roughly guess her intentions from her expression.

He replied, “Don’t do anything stupid.

I’ve worked so hard to save you, and I don’t want everything to fail at the very end.

Things aren’t that bad yet.

We can use the black fog to cut off her perception.

The cave’s paths are confusing, so she might not be able to find us.”

Afterward, he took her straight into the black fog.

Their elemental barriers immediately began to sizzle noisily, corroded by the fog.

Fortunately, their cultivations were rather profound; furthermore, the black fog wasn’t everywhere, but rather gathered in clouds.

That was why they were able to hold on.

After they ran for a long time, things finally calmed down.

They couldn't feel Yan Xuehen’s icy cold aura anymore.

“We should be alright for now,” Zu An looked behind him and said with a sigh of relief.

I really am unlucky… Who could have expected that Yan Xuehen would suddenly become buck naked

No wonder big sis sect master calls her a stone cold woman.

Her entire body is like a chunk of ice.

With how close they had been, he had even sensed cold seeping out from her skin.

Yu Yanluo said with a sigh, “Ah Zu, I always sense a vigorous will to live from you.

No matter what kind of situation you are in, you always remain optimistic, and you always manage to find a solution.”

Zu An chuckled and replied, “What’s wrong Did you unknowingly fall in love with me”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned red.

She said, “We are already in this kind of situation, and yet you still remember to tease me.” Since they were no longer in danger, she also felt a bit naughty, asking, “So Is Sect Master Yan… pretty”

Zu An was speechless. Are girls all this gossipy He replied, “Didn’t you see her yourself too Why are you asking me”

Yu Yanluo smiled and replied, “Most of her body was covered by you, so I did not see much.

Come on, tell me.”

Zu An thought back to that splendid scene.

He subconsciously said, “Her figure is pretty decent…”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 809 809 809…

Zu An jumped in fright when he received the string of Rage points.

He quickly changed his answer.

“Uhh, actually, I didn’t see either… Huh, Sect Master Yan, why are you here”

Yu Yanluo was also shocked.

She quickly turned around and saw Yan Xuehen with a sword in hand, standing there with a completely cold expression.

Yan Xuehen had already changed into white clothes.

She was no longer wearing a dress like before, but instead had a daoist robe on.

Perhaps she had subconsciously chosen to dress a bit more conservatively, but the more that was the case, when he thought back to the scene he had seen before, Zu An couldn't help but think ‘innocent and sexy’.

Damn it, why the hell am I thinking about this old nun that way

“Did you two really think you could shake me off by relying on that strange black fog” Yan Xuehen put away her divination circle and remarked coldly.

“Not even that black fog is an issue for the sect master Your cultivation really is deep and profound,” Zu An said while thinking about the thing she had just put away. This woman knows fortune-telling

This was a world of cultivation, so he obviously wasn’t thinking of the scamming technique.

There were many powerful individuals who really could probe the mysteries of the heavens.

Sigh, that makes things really annoying.

We can’t get rid of her even if we want to!

“If it were not, I would not have been able to hear you two talk behind my back,” Yan Xuehen replied with a terrible expression.

Yu Yanluo was alarmed, feeling deep regret.

Her gossipy heart really had ended up harming Zu An now.

“But I didn’t say anything bad about you!” Zu An exclaimed, seeing Yan Xuehen’s expression.

He continued, “Ah, is sect master talking about what just happened I saw a flash of sacred light before me.

Maybe it was because of the Medusa’s Eye or your own domain, but my eyes were hurt and I couldn't see anything for a while.

Right, what just happened I’m still confused about that.”

“Are you taking me for a fool” Yan Xuehen shot back.

She was starting to really respect this kid.

Even now, he had still managed to create a ‘logical’ pretext.

If it were any other matter, she might even just let it go.

But there was no way she could forget about what had happened.

Zu An knew that well too.

Playing the fool hadn’t worked, so he could only say with a sigh, “It’s notas if I wanted to disrespect you.

It was you who ran up to me, and then made your clothes explode.

I’m completely innocent here! If you feel that you’re losing out here, why don’t I just take off my clothes for you too We’ll call it even”

As he spoke, he used his ki and began to make his own clothes explode too.


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