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Chapter 1137: On the Verge of Being Exposed

Zu An was alarmed, because he could tell it was Sang Hong’s voice.

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed.

A failure at the final juncture really would be hard to swallow.

But both of them knew what Sang Hong was thinking.

They worried that he might notice something, so they both lowered their heads.

Sang Hong quickly led a group of men over and asked, “How is Madam Yu doing” Zu An had entrusted her to his care, so he obviously didn’t want anything to happen to Yu Yanluo.

“Everything is fine,” the guard leader replied.

He was still brainwashed by Daji and had forgotten everything that had just happened.

For him, he had just finished work as usual.

Yu Yanluo was full of admiration.

That mysterious woman really was formidable! Even though her own eye technique possessed devastating power, there were many situations where it wasn’t as useful as Daji’s skill.

Sang Hong nodded.

He then turned around and headed toward his courtyard.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo sighed in relief, thinking they had managed to get through.

But Sang Hong suddenly stopped after taking a single step.

He turned around and shouted, “Wait! The two of you in the middle, raise your heads.

Why have I not seen either of you before”

Zu An cursed inwardly.

He really hadn’t expected Sang Hong’s thoughts to be so meticulous, to the point that he even remembered the appearance of every single guard. Sigh, if I knew it was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have asked him to look after Yu Yanluo.

“We’re new…” Zu An said.

However, he knew such an explanation wouldn’t work against Sang Hong.

He tugged on Yu Yanluo’s arm, preparing to run.

“Arrest them!” Sang Hong commanded.

He had always been a cautious person.

He signaled for his men to get ready as soon as he spoke.

The guards fired several crossbows at the two as soon as they charged outward.

The military crossbows the academy had created could pierce through the fiend races’ leather armor, and they could even penetrate the elemental barriers of cultivators.

They were normally only supplied to the most elite troops in the army.

Zu An hadn’t expected Xu Yu to invest so much into this matter, having actually transferred over so many military crossbows.

Zu An brandished the blade at his waist, deflecting all the arrows.

Even with his current cultivation, his fingers were a bit sore afterward.

It was easy to imagine just how shocking the crossbows were.

At that instant, Sang Hong quickly arrived in front of the two of them, blocking their path.

The guards behind him also drew their blades.

The defensive perimeter Xu Yu had created immediately moved.

Alarms rang out inside the manor.

A chaotic array of sounds quickly spread throughout the entire Cloudcenter City.

At the same time, fireworks flew up from the highest point of the manor as a form of insurance.

It warned all those nearby, summoning any available forces near and far for assistance.

South of the city, the commoners who walked past White Cloud Lake glanced toward a gazebo by the lake from time to time.

Inside was an incredible beauty; her black silk-covered legs were especially striking.

Many people even thought that if they were stepped on by those legs, it would definitely feel amazing…

But they could only think about it.

There were some perverts who had such ambitions, but they were all tossed into the lake by the foul-smelling drunkard with the beauty.

In such a cold place, being tossed into the river would leave one half-dead.

Sigh, why would that beauty with those incredible long legs end up favoring a sloppy drunkard like that

Many people sighed in pity.

Why did pretty women all seem to be blind

Xiao Yao had an ugly expression on his face.

He remarked, “These fellas’ mouths are too vulgar.

I’m going to go and teach them a lesson.”

Across from him, Jiang Luofu stopped him with a smile.

She said, “Even I’m not upset by their curses, so why is senior brother getting angry”

Xiao Yao harrumphed in annoyance, his expression unhappy.

However, Jiang Luofu continued, “So What do you think about paying your respects to teacher again and becoming his disciple”

Xiao Yao fell silent.

A while later, he said, “I hold the utmost respect for teacher, and I also miss those days I spent in the academy.

However, there are still things I have to do.

If I return now and become an academy disciple again, it might instead make those things more difficult to do.

“Furthermore, my actions might easily implicate the academy and teacher.

That’s why I think I should stay like this for now.

The world can continue to think that the past Xiao Yao has already died.”

Jiang Luofu sighed and replied, “Senior brother, aren’t you looking down on teacher too much With his cultivation and status, why would he be scared of being implicated by you”

Xiao Yao said seriously, “Of course teacher isn’t scared, but as a disciple, I’ve already been unworthy.

I cannot bring more trouble to him.”

Jiang Luofu was about to continue persuading him when the faint ringing of bells echoed in the distance.

Xiao Yao’s expression changed.

He said, “Damn, something has happened over there.” As soon as he spoke, the sword at his waist flew outward.

He stood on the sword and took flight, vanishing into the distance as a black speck.

“Hey!” Jiang Luofu reached out her hand, but lowered it in the end.

She muttered to herself, “I wanted to buy him some more time, but who would’ve thought that senior brother would be that fast Ah Zu, did you succeed or not”

Meanwhile, Xu Yu had been secretly following the Duke Manor’s carriage, his brows furrowing deeper and deeper.

The carriage had stopped several times, acting extremely secretively.

He had secretly continued his investigation, but he hadn’t found anything.

Eventually, he had even begun to think that the other party was just bringing his concubines on a leisure trip.

Suddenly, he sensed something.

He turned around and looked toward Cloudcenter City, seeing fireworks rising into the sky.

His expression quickly changed greatly.

He cursed, “F*cking hell! They were just luring me away”

He turned his horse around and sped back toward Cloudcenter City.

After what had just happened, he couldn't be bothered with Jian Yanyou’s carriage anymore.

Because he had followed the carriage the entire time, it had created a blind spot in his thinking.

He had believed that there was no way Jian Yanyou could have left under his watch.

Instead, he had been worried that if he tried to inquire about it, he would be held up by Jian Yanyou.

inside the carriage ahead, Liu Ji and Chu Ji sensed the activity from the city.

They were both worried, and inadvertently both spoke at the same time.

“I wonder if the duke (he) succeeded.”

The two girls were stunned when they heard each others’ voices.

They both sensed the concern in the other’s voice, but they knew that person wasn’t the duke.

They both felt awkward when they realized that.

Zu An was in the middle of a chaotic battle.

He obviously knew that if he was surrounded and kept in one spot, more and more powerful cultivators would show up.

Eventually, he and Yu Yanluo would be crushed.

The worst part was that if his identity was exposed, the consequences would be tremendous.

That was a situation he couldn’t afford to let happen.

As such, when he saw Sang Hong stand in his way, he didn’t dare to continue fighting.

He sent the other party flying with a palm strike.

Then, he took Yu Yanluo and quickly disappeared beyond the walls.

Sang Hong crawled back up in a sorry state.

He felt several energies running amok within him.

He almost couldn't stand still and was forced to quickly readjust his internal ki.

He was horrified.

That person’s cultivation was actually so terrifying

But his expression quickly turned strange, because he keenly sensed that the other party had had a chance to injure him seriously, and yet he had used a kind of gentle force, as if he had been scared of harming him.

That person had the motive to save Yu Yanluo, his cultivation was high, and he didn't want to hurt me… Sang Hong was alarmed, thinking, Don’t tell me that was Ah Zu

The other guards had already surrounded him, asking, “Sir Sang, are you okay”

“I am fine.

Help me examine Madam Yu’s situation first.

Everyone else, continue chasing after those two who escaped,” Sang Hong said.

He thought to himself, I can only secretly help him like this.

I can’t just tell them to stop chasing the intruders, right

He quickly entered the courtyard.

He saw guards lying everywhere on the ground, and sure enough, Yu Yanluo was nowhere to be seen.

He was extremely worried.

A single mistake and Ah Zu would be completely done for!

With a loud sonic boom, Xiao Yao appeared in the room and asked, “What happened”

“Someone broke Madam Yu out.” Sang Hong harrumphed.

“Sir Xiao, why were you not in the manor at such a crucial time” He knew how great Xiao Yao’s cultivation was.

He was worried for Zu An’s safety and did his best to stall the man.

Xiao Yao’s expression changed.

Jiang Luofu appeared in his mind, and she had just happened to pick this day to chat with him… But she was his junior sister, and she wasn’t a Medusa like Yu Yanluo.

He obviously didn’t want to involve her.

He exclaimed, “Where did that bastard go!”

Sang Hong wanted to stop him, but someone quickly pointed in the direction Zu An had left in.

Xiao Yao’s figure flickered, and he instantly flew out again on his sword.

Sang Hong’s brows furrowed deeply.

He hadn’t been able to stall Xiao Yao at all.

After thinking about it, he quickly followed along. 

Xu Yu also returned alone soon afterward.

He couldn't be bothered to gather all of his forces first, instead using his movement technique to travel faster.

He quickly ordered various troops to intercept the two who had fled.

At the same time, he asked the people at the manor about the situation regarding Yu Yanluo’s rescue.

He was in complete disbelief when he heard about what had happened.

The well fortified defensive line he had created had actually silently been broken through

Just who in all of Cloudcenter City had such ability He suddenly thought of someone.

“Follow me!” he called out, then gathered his subordinates and rushed toward the temporary residence.


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