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Chapter 1136: Wait

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

If anyone else had said such a thing, she would definitely have spat in their face.

But she couldn't really object because Zu An was saying it.

She just thought of it as Zu An hiding his embarrassment.

She kindly changed the topic, asking, “So what do we do now Even though we have changed into these guards’ uniforms and are just two people, there is no way for us to escape under everyone’s prying eyes.”

Zu An replied with a smile, “That’s not too difficult at all.” He summoned Daji afterward, then woke up the guards he had knocked unconscious previously.

Yu Yanluo was shocked when she saw someone appear out of thin air. Is this some spatial summoning ability Zu An’s cultivation was already at this level

But her attention was quickly drawn to Daji herself.

Daji’s devastatingly beautiful features made even a woman like her skip a heartbeat.

She thought to herself that if her future husband had a mistress like this, she might not even be able to feel any thoughts of jealousy.

Daji was dressed in a moon-white gown, giving off an otherworldly and aloof air.

But there was also a hint of seduction in her expression that seemed as if it could turn the entire world upside down.

Previously, Yu Yanluo could never have imagined that those two entirely different temperaments could exist in the same body, and furthermore blend them in such a natural and harmonious way.

It really created a completely unique kind of charm.

Yu Yanluo had long been the publicly-proclaimed number one beauty of the capital.

She had absolute confidence in her own appearance.

And yet, when she saw the foxy yet also pure woman before her, she immediately felt a sort of danger.

The guards were already waking up one by one.

When they saw the situation, they were all shocked.

They were just about to fight back when Daji’s eyes targeted them.

Those eyes were just too beautiful, like the brightest stars flickering in the night sky, or the most precious gemstones in the world.

If the Medusa’s eyes were beautiful and dangerous, these eyes were so charming one wouldn’t be able to stop themselves.

The guards’ eyes quickly grew vacant.

Their wary expressions were nowhere to be seen, having been replaced with a bewitched smile.

“Stand over there,” Zu An ordered.

He and Daji were already mentally linked, so she would immediately repeat his orders.

Sure enough, the guards obediently gathered their belongings and lined up by the entrance, looking as if they were about to get off of work.

Yu Yanluo was stupefied.

She was knowledgeable about many things and quickly reacted.

“Is this a kind of mind-controlling eye technique”

“Indeed,” Zu An replied with a nod.

Even though Daji’s fighting ability wasn’t great, her mind-controlling ability was way too useful.

The higher her cultivation became, the more people she could control.

He had to level her up as quickly as possible.

Daji was already at the peak of the sixth rank; he had already prepared most of the other breakthrough materials, and only lacked two things.

He had entrusted the Hub of Freedom to help him look for the Blue Earthflower.

A few days prior, Tang Tian’er had told him that they already gained some idea of its whereabouts and would likely be able to obtain them very soon.

The remaining item was the Wuyang Jade.

He had initially wanted Yu Yanluo to help him look for it, but she was in trouble herself, so it didn’t seem as if he’d be able to get his hands on it anytime soon.

Yu Yanluo was even more shocked when she received his confirmation.

She asked, “Is this woman also a fiend race individual”

Eye techniques were innate skills of the fiend races.

Different races had different eye techniques.

The eyes were the human race’s weakest part; it would be difficult for humans to produce any powerful eye techniques on their own.

Daji didn’t reply to her and instead only calmly stared at Zu An, as if she would only follow him blindly.

Zu An thought for a bit, then replied, “I guess she could be considered a fiend race individual, to a certain degree.”

Daji wasn’t a creature of this world, but her original form was a nine-tailed fox.

Using this world’s classification, she was indeed part of the fiend races.

“May I ask what the lady’s esteemed surname is What race do you belong to” Yu Yanluo asked.

She immediately felt a sense of intimacy when she heard that Daji was a fiend race individual.

But Daji still ignored her no matter how enthusiastic she was.

Yu Yanluo didn’t get angry, because she sensed that the way Daji looked at Zu An was extremely strange.

It didn’t seem like ordinary friendship, but rather a far more intimate attachment, to the point that it resembled the look of a servant toward a master.

Seeing her confusion, Zu An replied, “She’s named Daji; you could say she’s my maid.

She’s quite introverted and doesn’t like to speak, so please don’t mind it too much.”

The stunning empress of an entire generation had been called an introverted and quiet young maid Zu An could clearly sense the discontent in her eyes.

But what else was he supposed to say That she was mute

“A maid…” Yu Yanluo immediately felt a huge mental blow.

A gorgeous beauty like this, whose appearance wasn’t inferior to hers at all, was actually just a maid Furthermore, it didn’t look as if she were being forced to do anything either.

Instead, it was as if Zu An being her master were something dictated by heaven’s law.

If such a woman showed herself in public, just how many kings and princes would kneel down and propose marriage to her How many young heroes would bend their backs for her sake Yet she was just fine being Zu An’s maid!

Just what kind of charm does this man have

While she was feeling shocked, she suddenly remembered how he had said that he was face blind, and that he didn’t care about how pretty a girl was at all.

Back then, she had thought that he was just being shameless.

But now that she had seen Daji, she was suddenly somewhat convinced.

If he even had such a beautiful woman as a maid, how could he be someone who would act rashly because of beauty

Sigh, I have really committed an offense… I have been wondering if he has only been so nice to me because I am pretty.

I have really been evaluating a true gentleman’s behavior as the attitude of a lowly person…

He is the first one who does not care about my appearance.

It looks as if it really was because our souls were compatible that we became such good friends.

Ah Zu really is a wonderful man!

She had always felt burdened by her beautiful appearance, thinking that if she were a bit more ordinary, her life would be a bit easier.

But now, for the first time, she became worried that she wasn’t pretty enough.

Ah Zu was face blind, so she was probably no different from other girls in his eyes.

What did she have to do to make herself stand out compared to others in his eyes

“Put this on.

We need to be careful not to be recognized later,” Zu An said as he put on a face mask and gave Yu Yanluo one too.

When she received the thin mask, Yu Yanluo obviously knew what kind of item it was, as well as how precious it was.

But compared to the shocking things that had just happened, something rare and precious like it instead became ordinary.

The two of them quickly merged into the group and headed toward the outside of the manor.

There were guards patrolling everywhere.

There were many hidden guards that the two only noticed after passing by them.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo were incredibly shocked. Xu Yu really did go all out here… The security here is greater than in most areas in the Imperial Palace! 

After all, the Imperial Palace was so large; there was no way every inch of it would be guarded 24/7.

But the manor had managed to accomplish that.

There wasn’t a single corner that was neglected! Not even a fly could sneak in.

Yu Yanluo sighed in amazement.

If it weren’t for the fact that Zu An was just too incredible, the two of them might already be fighting a bitter battle at that moment.

Since it was around the time the guards usually switched shifts, they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

Those who were close by even greeted Zu An’s group.

The guards under Daji’s control replied stiffly.

Zu An and Yu Yanluo lowered their heads, hiding within the group.

On several occasions, they were almost exposed.

Some guards couldn't help but turn around to look at Yu Yanluo’s bottom.

They couldn't help but feel that the guard’s rear was somewhat seductive, that they almost wanted to take him into their arms…

They jumped in fright as soon as that thought emerged.

They were scared that they might be starting to swing that way, so none of them dared to say anything.

That was how Zu An and Yu Yanluo got away.

Zu An started to relax a bit when he saw the gate grow closer and closer.

He said through ki, “You really are way too charming! You’ve made so many people turn around even while crossdressing.”

Yu Yanluo harrumphed and said, “What a pity that someone is face blind, unable to tell whether I am even pretty or not.”

Zu An was speechless.

He hadn’t expected those words to come back and bite him.

When they left through the exit, the two of them sighed in relief.

But just then, a mounted troop came over, calling out, “Wait!”


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