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Chapter 1120: Snake Race Ceremony

Xiao Yao was clearly stunned.

He gave Zu An a look, then looked at Yu Yanluo with confusion.

Zu An thought to himself, This guy really didn’t know Yu Yanluo was the libationer’s disciple

What the hell is wrong with the libationer He takes in disciples without telling anyone, and many of them don’t even know who their fellow students are.

Seeing that Xiao Yao had suddenly fallen silent, the other officials thought he was at a loss for words.

They began to speak out for Yu Yanluo again.

Xu Yu also became somewhat nervous and quickly tugged on Xiao Yao’s sleeves.

“Brother Xiao”

Only then did Xiao Yao seem to wake up from a daze.

He paused for a moment, then slowly said, “Even though that youngster wasn’t strong, he was incredibly handsome.

Even though the Snake race is a different species from humans, beauty is universal, and our appreciation for aesthetics isn't too different.

Even the fiend races felt that the young man was extremely handsome.

At the time, another female fiend race expert had been pursuing that young man, but she let him go when she saw how handsome he was.”

The others stopped whispering, sneaking looks toward Yu Yanluo from time to time.

After all, it wasn’t easy to reach that degree of handsomeness, and yet the Yu clan’s men and women were all incredibly attractive.

Yu Yanluo’s father was known for his handsomeness.

Even though Xiao Yao hadn’t spoken of that young man’s identity, the others had already reached their own conclusions.

Zu An thought to himself, This is really bad! It didn’t seem as if Xiao Yao had any plans of stopping.

But why Is it because of what he experienced in the past Did he develop hatred toward his fellow disciples and the libationer Is that why he doesn’t feel any sympathy for them

He wanted to stop Xiao Yao, but too many people were watching.

He could only continue to listen to what Xiao Yao had to say.

“Once that powerful female cultivator left, the young man left with the well-hidden Medusa Empress.

They continued to flee.

She had been saved by a human while she was weak, and they had experienced a lot together, so the Medusa Empress unwittingly fell in love with the young human man.”

Many people cursed inwardly when they heard Xiao Yao’s introduction. It was probably because that young man was handsome too, right If he had been ugly, the Medusa wouldn’t have felt anything!

Xiao Yao continued, “Because the fiend races’ territory was too dangerous, the young man brought the Medusa Empress into the human world, settling her down in his own hometown.

The Medusa Empress was severely wounded from that great battle, and she liked that young man, so she agreed.

“Over time, the two grew fonder and fonder of each other.

In the end, they got married and even gave birth to a daughter.”

The others looked toward Yu Yanluo.

After all, Xiao Yao’s story was too detailed.

Even Yu Yanluo’s supporters were starting to waver.

It turned out this beautiful woman was a sinister Medusa!

Rumors of the fiend races’ brutality were already deeply ingrained within them.

Meanwhile, the word ‘’Medusa’ was synonymous with disaster and death.

No matter how perverted they were, they still felt as if they had been doused by cold water.

In their eyes, Yu Yanluo’s beauty now seemed like a treacherous trap, one that hid a bloody mouth waiting to devour them.

Xiao Yao then continued, “The two of them lived in bliss for a few years.

If nothing unexpected happened, they might have just continued to live in bliss.

“Unfortunately, later on, news arrived from the fiend races’ side that because the Medusa Empress was missing, the Snake race ended up becoming divided.

At the same time, their enemies began to enslave and slaughter them.

The Medusa, as the leader of the Snake race, returned to fight for her clansmen.

“But by then, the young man had already become middle-aged, becoming a clan leader.

He was shouldering the responsibility of a clan, so he couldn't leave.”

When they heard the words ‘clan leader’, the others knew for certain that Xiao Yao was referring to Yu Yanluo’s father, the former clan head Yu Xuanfeng.

Back then, Yu Xuanfeng had been known for his handsomeness.

Paired with the fact that he was the young heir of the Yu clan, there had been countless clans who wanted to marry their daughters to him.

But he had remained unfazed throughout it all and instead preferred to wander the world alone.

Later on, on one of his journeys, he had brought back an extremely beautiful woman.

Then, the two of them had quickly gotten married.

Many unmarried daughters had sighed in pity, and many clans secretly investigated to see which clan’s daughter he was marrying.

And yet, no matter how they searched, they couldn't find out that girl’s background.

Meanwhile, that woman rarely went out in public.

Not even the Yu clan’s people saw her often.

As time went on, others had gradually forgotten about her existence.

Only when they heard Xiao Yao’s story did some elders recall things about the past.

They began to realize that many details were suspicious.

If she had been the Medusa, that would explain many things.

Yu Yanluo’s posture was upright and graceful, but her expression was incredibly conflicted.

She wasn’t scared, nor did she feel fear.

It was another kind of feeling that was hard to describe.

Xiao Yao continued, “The husband and wife were separated just like that.

Many years later, the young man finally completed his duties back in the clan and wanted to help the Medusa.

However, he then learned that the Medusa had passed away.

“That man left the clan as if he had gone mad, charging straight into the fiend races’ domain.

Unfortunately, the fiend races were too chaotic back then, and no more news of him followed.

Some people said that he had died, and some said that he had ended up siding with the fiend races.

Some said that a fiend race woman had taken a liking to him and raised him as her exclusive property…”

Many people’s expressions became strange when they heard that.

They thought to themselves, Being handsome really allows you to do whatever you please… You can even rely on a female demoness to raise you!

This Yu Xuanfeng is a real man! Not only was he able to live as a wandering hero for many years, he even managed to seize a demoness for himself…

Xiao Yao’s gaze finally landed on Yu Yanluo again.

He continued, “Their daughter’s bloodline gradually took form, and she also learned about her history.

Because of the Medusa’s bloodline, she took pity on the Snake race that was experiencing dire times, using the clan’s power to secretly form a relationship with them.

She sent large quantities of medications and living necessities.

At the same time, the Snake race returned the favor, sending over large amounts of precious goods from the Snake race.

“That was why, even though she knew that her subordinates were colluding with the fiend races, that they were working with Jian Taiding and the other fiend races in illicit business deals, she turned a blind eye to it.

Instead, she borrowed their deception to secretly work with the Snake race.

Am I right, Yu Yanluo” Xiao Yao finished.

His gaze became incredibly sharp, seemingly even containing a hint of killing intent.

Zu An frowned.

He hadn’t spent much time with Xiao Yao, but this man shouldn’t have been such a person.

The past Xiao Yao had indeed been someone who had taken it upon himself to purge fiends.

But Zu An had heard that later, a huge mistake had occurred, and his conviction had taken a huge blow.

That was how he had ended up falling into his current state.

If he were still the kind of person who hated the fiend races bitterly, why would he have fallen into his current state Furthermore, he now knew that Yu Yanluo was the libationer’s disciple, and yet had still chosen to continue.

It was almost as if the two of them shared a deep grudge.

Yu Yanluo finally spoke up.

“Sir, all things require evidence.

In the end, all of these are merely your own assumptions.

A similar story could be created if any skilled storyteller were hired to write it.

Wouldn’t that mean anyone could easily be framed”

Those who were close to the Yu clan all spoke up one after another.

At this point, it wasn’t about what was right or wrong anymore, but rather that their interests were already too interlinked with the Yu clan’s.

Zu An nodded.

As expected of a clan leader.

Even if Yu Yanluo really was the Medusa, she definitely couldn’t admit to it right there.

As long as she insisted she wasn’t, there wasn’t much others could do about her.

But he still didn’t feel too optimistic.

Would Xu Yu act out this way if he didn’t have proof

Sure enough, Xiao Yao replied indifferently, “Evidence Of course I have something like that.”

Zu An felt his heart sink as he saw Xiao Yao take out a recording stone.

Xiao Yao said, “This is something I recorded when I infiltrated the Snake race.

Once you see the contents, you’ll know that what I’ve said is the truth.”

The stone projected a screen of light in midair, and on it, a village appeared.

It was entirely different from a human village.

Every single house was like an earthen hole, which could make one wonder whether it could even resist wind and rain.

The villagers who were moving along the streets had snake bodies from the waist down, while their upper halves were not much different from human bodies.

However, their eyes clearly had vertical pupils.

There were also ordinary snakes moving around along the ground.

Together with the strange murals carved on the walls, the village gave off a chilling impression.

There was a giant sculpture in the village center that had a human head and a snake body.

In place of hair, the sculpture had numerous small snakes.

Many Snake race villagers were worshiping that giant sculpture, as if they were carrying out a grand ceremony.

A ring of dark green torches was burning in a ring around them, which could make one wonder if they had poison mixed in.

The Snake race villagers were all muttering prayers as they knelt down on the ground.

Their expressions were all full of grief and despair.

There were some who were weeping bitter tears…

Yu Yanluo couldn't help but stand up from her chair when she saw that scene.

As the scene drew closer to the sculpture, those gathered finally saw its face.

It was an extremely beautiful woman, so beautiful that it could shake one to one’s very core.

But the others all subconsciously looked toward Yu Yanluo, because the face in that image seemed to have been sculpted with her as the model!


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