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Chapter 1119: An Old Story

The room fell silent when Xu Yu spoke out.

Then, refutations suddenly erupted from the crowd.

“That’s impossible! How can Madam Yu be a fiend race individual!”

“Exactly! The fiend races are all ugly and vicious.

Madam Yu is so beautiful, how can she possibly be one of them”

“Sir Xu, is there a mistake here!”

Those present were worried that they might never be able to leave Madam Yu with a good impression.

How could they let go of such a great chance

Zu An’s brows furrowed deeply.

He also had some suspicions toward Yu Yanluo’s identity.

After all, judging from their interactions, her body really did seem to be a bit different from those of ordinary people.

Xu Yu was definitely not the kind of person who would speak blindly without thinking.

Since he had said that, he most likely had evidence to back up his claim.

Madam Yu could be in danger today.

Sure enough, no matter how the others spoke up in indignation, Xu Yu remained calm throughout it all.

After they all clamored for a bit, they gradually realized that something wasn’t right.

They began to quiet down.

Sang Hong cleared his throat and said, “Sir Xu, the Yu clan is a great clan that has played a critical role for our Great Zhou Dynasty.

Madam Yu is the clan leader.

She is not someone who can be randomly accused.”

When it came to him personally, he shouldered the emperor’s mission first and foremost.

He would be more than happy to see something happen to the Yu clan.

But if Xu Yu didn’t have proof and was just recklessly pointing fingers, he wouldn’t mind stepping forward to uphold justice.

Sang Hong’s status was different, so Xu Yu couldn't disregard him like the others.

He finally spoke up and said, “I’m not saying that there is something wrong with the Yu clan, of course, but rather saying that there is something wrong with Madam Yu specifically.

“According to what I know, she isn’t a human, but rather from the fiend races’ Snake race.

Not only that, she’s from the Snake race’s King race, a Medusa!”


The others gasped when they heard that name.

There were many branches within the Snake race, with every single community having their own king.

The different communities refused to bow down to each other, so battles constantly took place year-round.

Every few generations, however, the Snake race would produce a Medusa that would reign over all others, and the entire Snake race would serve her sincerely.

It was rumored that the Medusa was incredibly toxic.

A single drop of her blood would be enough to turn an entire prairie into a desert.

She would also take lives without a second thought, being vicious and merciless.

Wherever she went, all that would follow was calamity and turmoil.

Of course, her most distinctive feature was that wherever she looked, she could turn all living things into lifeless sculptures.

All the officials’ expressions changed as they recalled the legends of the Medusa.

Medusas had especially vicious poison.

However, they all possessed incomparable beauty.

Considering Yu Yanluo’s ridiculous beauty, quite a few people were starting to waver.

Zu An thought back to the Great Snowy Mountain cave; when Uncle Ming attacked him, he seemed to have frozen for a moment for some reason.

That was why he had obtained the chance to use the Imperial Edict.

At the time, he had sensed that Yu Yanluo’s aura had changed a bit.

Could that be her natural Medusa skill

But as a transmigrator, he didn’t have a deeply ingrained fear toward the Medusas like the natives of this world.

Let alone the fact that Yu Yanluo was his friend; there was no way he would become hostile because of her real identity.

He had more than a few fiends and demons he was close to.

As such, he spoke up and said, “Sir Xu, from what I know, Madam Yu had a nickname in her earlier years; she was the capital’s number one beauty.

She made a trip to the capital in her earlier years and captured the hearts of many princes and nobles.

Back then, many heroes gathered in the capital, and all of them admired her.

His majesty was also one of them.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression had been turning pale, but when she heard those words, a light blush appeared on her face.

Those words, when spoken by anyone else, wouldn’t produce the slightest reaction in her; and yet when Zu An said them, she couldn't help but become embarrassed.

Zu An continued, “Back then, not even all of those powerful and capable individuals thought that Madam Yu was a fiend race individual, not even his majesty, and yet Sir Xu has noticed something It is really hard to believe.” Even though he didn’t say it directly, his words implied complete disdain.

The others seemed to have woken up from their daze.

They all voiced their agreement.

“Exactly! The capital is a place filled with talented individuals.

Even they didn’t notice anything! Madam Yu is clearly innocent.”

Xu Yu gave Zu An a deep look and replied, “This humble official obviously wouldn’t dare to place myself on equal footing with his majesty.

However, according to my investigation, the Medusa bloodline doesn’t immediately show itself, and it instead manifests at a certain age.

Madam Yu was still young when she arrived at the capital, so her blood hadn't awakened yet.

It’s natural that those in the capital didn’t sense anything.”

Zu An harrumphed and said, “But Madam Yu even paid the capital a trip not too long ago, and she even met with his majesty.

She’s met many individuals from powerful clans as well.

Why did they not sense anything then either”

Xu Yu said with a serious voice, “Once it awakens, the growth of the Medusa bloodline is rapid.

Once Madam Yu’s cultivation became profound, she naturally gained a way to seal off the bloodline so no outsiders could notice anything.”

Zu An roared with laughter and replied, “Isn’t what Sir Xu is saying taking things a bit too far If you aren’t even willing to consider the other side, what’s the point of discussing anything”

Many fans of Yu Yanluo voiced their agreement.

However, they weren’t as confident and loud as before.

Those present weren’t stupid; they already knew that Xu Yu had gathered everyone today precisely to act against Yu Yanluo.

They were worried that they might be dragged into a mess too, so they were starting to set their own boundaries.

At the same time, Xu Yu’s trusted aides obviously spoke out for Xu Yu.

As time went on, both sides reached a stalemate.

Sang Hong coughed and said, “Sir Xu, all things require evidence.

Furthermore, Madam Yu’s status is special too.

A bit of negligence in this matter might have huge consequences.”

He obviously recognized Zu An’s intent to protect Yu Yanluo.

Even though their mission was to act against the Yu clan this time, he couldn't let Zu An be dragged into this mess too.

Sigh, youngsters just can’t retain their cool.

They can’t help but be blinded by beauty.

Are those two back home not enough

“Of course I have evidence.” Xu Yu looked outside as he spoke.

“I reckon he’ll be here soon.”

Suddenly, a lazy voice called out, “Live every day as if it were your last; tomorrow will take care of tomorrow’s worries.” His voice seemed to still be far away as he spoke the first word, but as he finished speaking, a cool breeze brushed through the hall and a figure appeared inside.

His beard was messy, and there were a few strands of curled hair in front of his forehead.

He looked drowsy-eyed.

On his back was a giant green gourd, and others could sense his drunkenness even from far away.

His clothes were dark; no one could tell if it was because they were stained by alcohol year-round, or because of grease.

His trousers were loose and slack, and on his feet were a pair of shabby straw sandals.

He was as sloppy as sloppy could be, completely different from the well-dressed officials present.

“Xiao Yao!” an official called out, quickly recognizing him.

Xiao Yao had left too deep of an impression back during the evening banquet.

Even so, he was the libationer’s third disciple, the renowned Sword Immortal! But his drunken tramp’s appearance was too big of a contrast with that former image.

Xu Yu exclaimed happily, eagerly welcoming him, “Brother Xiao, you’ve returned! Did everything go smoothly”

Xiao Yao nodded.

Then, he looked at Yu Yanluo, who was sitting upright nearby.

His gaze became sharp as she said, “I was quite shocked when I heard what Sir Xu said back then, so I made a trip to the fiend race territories to confirm things.”

The others were shocked.

They knew something huge was going to happen.

Xiao Yao raised his gourd and took a sip of the alcohol.

He sat down on a chair casually.

He didn’t provide evidence of Yu Yanluo’s identity and instead spoke of a different matter, saying, “The former Medusa Empress was absolutely stunning.

Her cultivation was powerful, and even in a place like the fiend race territories where cultivators are numerous, she was one of the most powerful.

The Snake race she led grew more and more powerful over time.

Unfortunately, that unavoidably brought her many enemies as well.”

“One time, when she was cultivating in seclusion, several fiend race and human experts slaughtered their way in.

She was seriously injured after that battle and fled.

Along the way, she ended up being saved by a wandering human youngster…”

Zu An cursed inwardly when he heard Xiao Yao talk about the past.

He quickly transmitted a message secretly through ki.

“Brother Xiao, do you know that Yu Yanluo is your junior sister, that she’s also the libationer’s disciple Her specialty is drawing!”


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