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Chapter 1114: The Three Slashes

Han Fengqiu’s expression changed.

He hadn’t expected Zu An to have known about the plan.

But the Tiger clan warrior couldn't take it anymore and boasted, “Hahaha! How daring! I was the one who killed them! What are you going to do about it They were just some ordinary people.

The fact that they were able to die to an expert like me is an absolute honor!”

You have successfully trolled Hu Xin for 398 398 398…

Zu An was carrying the spice bag Concubine Bai had given him, so he only seemed to be around the sixth rank to outsiders.

Even though Hu Xin was confused as to why Zu An had been able to take his previous blow, he just assumed it was because of some treasure.

He didn’t take Zu An too seriously.

With his irascible nature, how could he tolerate the cockiness of a sixth ranked expert Of course he couldn't sit still anymore.

“So you’re Hu Xin,” Zu An said, shooting him a cold look.

For some reason, when he looked into Zu An’s deep and emotionless eyes, Hu Xin trembled inwardly.

But he quickly flew into a rage out of shame. Why do I have to be scared of this brat I’ve really become overcautious for nothing after hanging around human society.

“You’ve heard of this one before If you kneel, kowtow, and confess your wrongs, I might just spare your life!” Hu Xin called out.

Zu An said indifferently, “I just wanted to make sure I could tell the ones who were wronged the name of their killer when I bring your head to their graves.”

“You’re courting death!” Hu Xin erupted into a rage.

You have successfully trolled Hu Xin for 444 444 444…

“Brother Hu, please calm down.

There’s something strange with this brat.” Han Fengqiu walked forward to stop him and waved his hand.

A large group of masked soldiers suddenly appeared around the courtyard.

Based on their austere presence and bloodthirsty gazes, they were clearly well-trained deathsworn soldiers.

“Kill him!” Han Fengqiu ordered.

Even though Zu An’s status was special, he couldn't be left alive now that he knew King Qi’s secret.

He’d just raze the place to the ground afterward.

Who would know how Zu An died then

The deathsworn soldiers didn’t show the slightest bit of hesitation.

They all drew their blades and charged forward.

Han Fengqiu was quite proud, thinking, Hmph, this is the power of high status.

Why is there a need to fight like barbarians in the martial world

Among the deathsworn soldiers, one was at the seventh rank, three were at the sixth rank, and the rest were all around the fourth and fifth rank.

They weren’t inferior to elite imperial guards at all.

Furthermore, they excelled at assassination.

Even though the soldiers might not be able to take down Zu An, they could wear him down.

Furthermore, Han Fengqiu could use the chance to see what kind of tricks Zu An had.

The kid had always been extremely strange, with all sorts of unpredictable methods.

As for the lives of the deathsworn soldiers, Han Fengqiu was someone of high status, so he obviously didn’t care about them.

Even if they died, he’d just bring in a new batch.

The deathsworn soldiers rushed at Zu An fearlessly.

However, Zu An raised his foot, then took a step forward.

An invisible wave of pressure rippled out.

The deathsworn soldiers were horrified by the pressure, and couldn't even move.

Hu Xin had been planning to just watch the amusing scene from afar, but his eyes quickly widened. What How the hell is this kid only sixth rank!

The seventh and sixth ranked cultivators began to use their ki, barely recovering their ability to move.

They brandished their swords at Zu An’s vitals.

They were deathsworn soldiers, trained in all kinds of killing techniques ever since they were little.

They might not win against other cultivators in a friendly one on one competition, but in a battle of life and death, they could all take down cultivators stronger than themselves.

The strength Zu An had displayed was quite shocking, but they weren’t scared.

Their eyes flickered with excitement.

If they killed such a powerful opponent, their reward would be unimaginable.

Zu An casually waved his hand against the soldiers.

The longswords coming at him from several different directions were pulled together by an invisible force.

Then, he turned his wrist, twisting the swords into a lump of metal he casually tossed aside.

The deathsworn soldiers clutched their throats in disbelief, gurgling as blood spilled out continuously.

Unfortunately, they couldn't say anything else anymore.

Hu Xin’s entire body trembled.

He didn’t dare to face Zu An with contempt anymore and became serious.

Han Fengqiu’s eyes widened.

He had fought against Zu An before.

Even though Zu An had been strong at the time, if they were to fight seriously, he had believed he could deal with that brat with just a single hand.

Even if Zu An had made some progress since then, it should have at least been within the realm of possibility, right

He thought he had already overestimated Zu An enough.

He had been so careful that he even sent out his subordinates first to test him out.

But he hadn’t expected them to be taken out in an instant! He thought, Am I still asleep

Zu An looked at Hu Xin and coldly said, “I’ve heard that the fiend races were supposedly brave, but you only know how to hide behind someone else.

You don’t seem like a tiger to me, and more like a cowardly turtle.”

“You bastard! I’m going to rip you to pieces!” Hu Xin yelled furiously.

All of his clothes exploded into shreds.

You have successfully trolled Hu Xin for 882 882 882…

Then, he transformed into a ferocious tiger… No, he was simply returning to his original form.

His body was about a zhang large.

Powerful winds swept around him, making it hard for the ordinary soldiers to even stand still.

Some of them were blown back, hitting the walls behind them, and blood spurted out from their mouths.

Dragons emerged from the clouds; tigers emerged from the wind!

Fiend race individuals were often much stronger in their original form.

After seeing Zu An’s power, Hu Xin didn’t dare to show any carelessness.

He had revealed his majestic body hoping to see a bit of fear in the other party’s eyes.

Unfortunately, Zu An only looked at Hu Xin as if he were looking at a corpse.

That made Hu Xin feel terrible.

He didn’t waste any time with words, roaring and charging at Zu An.

Now that he was in his original form, Hu Xin’s roar was several times more powerful than his previous roar.

He decided he had to seize the chance while his opponent was distracted to tear Zu An to shreds, and thus eliminate his grudge.

Shockingly, however, Zu An actually seemed completely unfazed before the visible sound waves.

While Hu Xin was overcome with shock, a shrill bird cry tore through his mind.

He seemed to have seen a strange, large bird.

“AHHHH!” Hu Xin clutched his head, roaring in pain.

Just then, a cold glint flashed before his eyes, and he felt his body turn cold.

Two bloody tiger paws had appeared on the ground.

Hu Xin was stunned for a long time before finally realizing that they were his own two front paws.

Zu An said indifferently, “That slash was dedicated to Madam Chen.”

“Despicable human!” Hu Xin roared.

After all, the bodies of the fiend races were tough to begin with, and considering the level it had reached, how could it be so easily hurt by weapons Just what did he use to instantly cut through my paws

But he didn’t have time to think about the answer.

He turned around, and the air around them exploded audibly as he swung his tail at Zu An.

He had specially trained his tail, making it one of his trump cards.

If his attack landed, even a ninth ranked cultivator would be cleaved in two at the waist.

Unleashing his attack angrily, he didn’t hold back at all.

As he saw his tail land, a smile began to appear on his face, but his expression froze soon after.

His tail had only struck an afterimage.

He actually avoided my perception Hu Xin thought.

He became vigilant, dodging to one side.

Unfortunately, he felt a cold sensation across his bottom.

The tail he had trained with for decades had instantly been severed

As the Tai’e Sword dripped with blood in his hands, Zu An said indifferently, “This slash is for that child, Chen Hu.”

At that point, Hu Xin obviously knew Zu An was doing this just to humiliate him.

After all, if Zu An had gone after his vitals during either of those times, he would definitely already be dead.

He couldn't understand why the human was so powerful.

Zu An clearly wasn’t at the master rank! But since I have my innate talents as a fiend race cultivator, doesn’t that mean I should be able to win easily

However, he didn’t have time to think about that anymore.

He limped over toward Han Fengqiu with his two hind legs and cried, “Sir Han, save me!”


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