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Chapter 1110: A Gift

Yu Yanluo waved outward, gesturing that the Yu clan’s experts weren’t permitted to approach.

At the same time, her expression became strange when she looked at Zu An. Does this guy have some strange power over women Why does even someone like Yan Xuehen have something to do with him

Zu An was also confused.

He called out, “Sect Leader Yan, the two of us know each other, but that’s it! You can’t talk like that and make others think strange things! When did we ever stay together for a night”

With Yun Jianyue there, he obviously didn’t need to fight to the death anymore.

There was also no need to anger Yan Xuehen more by calling her an old nun either.

“What kind of nonsense…” Yan Xuehen’s pretty brows furrowed together.

Only when she saw Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo’s strange expressions did she realize the ambiguous meanings in what she had just said.

A blush appeared on her fair cheeks.

Fortunately, there was a veil over her face, so it was hidden from view.

She harrumphed and said in annoyance, “I meant that that night, it was you who interfered at the Great Snowy Mountain.”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 146 146 146…

“Sect Leader Yan must be joking! According to what I know, it was Golden Token Eleven who helped Madam Yu and the duke,” Zu An replied, alarmed. Did she already guess that Golden Token Eleven was me


I was there at the time, and the duke can testify as well.

I do not know what the sect master is saying.” Yu Yanluo naturally spoke up to help him.

“Your relationship is definitely strange, almost like a couple defending each other.” Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“Only the most foolish would believe everything they hear.

People like us naturally need to come to our own conclusions.

“I did not hold back much just now.

There were several times when that brat’s life hung by a thread.

And yet, in such a dangerous situation, he did not use the Imperial Edict.

That means he has already used up his Imperial Edict.” Yan Xuehen paused before continuing, “And recently, the only time an Edict was used was in Great Snowy Mountain.

That is something everyone knows.”

She stared rigidly at the two of them and exclaimed, “Speak! Why are you pushing this onto Golden Token Eleven What are you all hiding”

Yun Jianyue’s expression became dangerous as well.

From their time in the Imperial Palace, she obviously knew that Zu An was Golden Token Eleven.

But she had thought that was a secret shared only between them.

Back then, even though she hadn’t said anything when he shared such a great secret with her, she had been quite moved.

But now, it seemed other women also knew about that identity! Is this kid using this to chase after girls Her expression became a bit unkind when she thought of that.

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 248 248 248…

Zu An gave Yun Jianyue a surprised look.

He didn’t understand why she was suddenly getting angry.

But the top priority was still resolving Yan Xuehen’s suspicions, so he said, “The situation back then was related to the deaths of several important individuals in Cloudcenter Commandery.

If I used my identity, the consequences would spiral out of control.

“But Golden Token Eleven never showed himself, and I was worried that if the fact that I had used up my Imperial Edict were exposed, some people might no longer feel any misgivings and attack us.

That’s why I borrowed Golden Token Eleven’s name to make others think I still have an Imperial Edict on me.”

Yun Jianyue’s expression eased up a bit when she heard Zu An’s explanation.

It seemed he hadn't told anyone else about his status as Golden Token Eleven.

“Is that so” Yan Xuehen replied.

She was still skeptical, but his explanation made sense.

She then looked at Yu Yanluo and said, “Your relationship with Madam Yu is quite good.

Does the duke know about this”

Yu Yanluo was alarmed.

She naturally sensed the implications behind what Yan Xuehen was saying.

She calmly replied, “This was something we already discussed with the duke beforehand.

We considered everything in terms of the bigger picture.”

Seeing that Yan Xuehen intended to ask more questions, Zu An was worried that the duke being a fake would be exposed.

He quickly said, “Sect Master Yan, your junior disciple’s remains are still intact.

You can personally examine them.

With senior’s cultivation, I believe you will be able to tell who killed him.”

“Hmph! I will obviously look into it myself.” Yan Xuehen sneered.

“You were calling me an old nun just now; I do not think I can accept the address of ‘senior’ from you.”

Zu An immediately said with an upright expression, “Senior is so beautiful and outstanding.

If we were to walk side by side along the streets, people might be surprised if I called you my big sister and would think you were younger.

Which rascal would call you an old nun”

Yu Yanluo and Yun Jianyue were speechless.

Yan Xuehen was also a bit embarrassed.

She brushed her sleeves and stormed off, exclaiming, “Why does Chuyan like a shameless brat like you!”

Zu An immediately waved toward her receding figure and called out, “Take care, big sis master! Tell my Chuyan I’ll come and see her soon!”

Yan Xuehen staggered and almost dropped out of the sky.

‘Old nun’ had become ‘Sect Master Yan’, and now it had become ‘big sis master’

How is this guy so shameless!

She worried that she might hear something even more ridiculous if she stayed, so she left without even turning around.

Zu An sighed when he saw Yan Xuehen really leave.

The pressure a grandmaster gave off really was no joke. With this frozen mountain standing between me and Chuyan, it seems our relationship won’t be that easy…

While standing a short distance away, Yun Jianyue beckoned to Zu An with a finger, saying, “Ah Zu, come with me, darling.

This one has something to say to you.”

Zu An gave Yu Yanluo a ‘don’t worry’ look, then quickly rushed over to Yun Jianyue.

Judging from what had just happened, Yu Yanluo naturally knew that the two of them were friends and not enemies.

Furthermore, they even seemed a bit closer than normal friends.

She had heard how Yun Jianyue seemed to have been injured during the Devil Sect’s invasion of the Imperial Palace. Does this mean Zu An frantically searched for the Milk of Purple Frost for her She felt a bit uncomfortable when she thought that. 

The servants who came to clean up the ruined area saw Yu Yanluo’s expression turn cold.

They just assumed that she was upset that her room had been destroyed, so they kept quiet for fear that they might suffer her wrath.

Meanwhile, Zu An looked at the long-haired beauty before him.

A sincere smile appeared on his face as he said, “Big sis sect master, I trust that you’ve been well since we last met.”

“You seem to call quite a few people ‘big sis’, hm You have a ‘big sis master’ over here, and now it’s ‘big sis sect master’.” Yun Jianyue turned around.

Her expression was no longer as flirtatious and enthusiastic as when she had been in front of Yan Xuehen, instead replaced with a hint of intimidating fearlessness.

Zu An gulped. No wonder everyone in the martial world fears this woman.

She really is pretty scary when she’s not smiling. He said, “Yan Xuehen is Chuyan’s master, after all, so I didn’t want things to be too awkward.

I was cursing her a bit too heavily, so I had to find a chance to repair our relationship a bit.”

“What kind of a person is that stone cold woman Why would she be appeased by a few words from you” Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“But you are pretty brazen.

You actually dared to curse her.”

Zu An had a strange look on his face. Stone cold woman That’s is a pretty fitting description.

But why are you calling her a stone woman…[1]

Yun Jianyue finally revealed a smile, remarking, “But your curses have made me quite pleased.

That stone cold woman has always acted like some high-up immortal, being kissed up to by everyone everywhere she goes.

It’s absolutely nauseating.

But brat, you are worthy of being my… disciple’s love interest.”

Zu An thought to himself, You’re probably just pissed that she’s being received well everywhere while you’re being cursed by everyone. However, he said, “It’s all thanks to big sis sect master arriving quickly, or else I might really have been done for.”

Yun Jianyue replied with a smirk, “At least you have some conscience.

By the way, I heard that your people recently launched an assault on the Pegasus Merchant Group”

Zu An thought, As expected, this question was unavoidable. He replied, “Yes.

They colluded with the fiend races in the smuggling plot, so Sir Imperial Envoy went to carry out arrests.

I was worried about you and Honglei so I rushed over, but fortunately, neither of you were there.”

“Hmph, how could those good-for-nothings hurt me” Yun Jianyue waved her hand, and a person appeared as she said, “I have a gift for you.”


The characters for ‘stone’ and ‘woman’ together refers to someone suffering the absence or atresia of the vagina as a birth defect. ☜


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