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Chapter 1086: Detoxification

“It stopped working How can that be” Zu An asked with a frown.

After all, Qin Wanru had also suffered from a similar drug, and it was precisely the Heart Calming Pill she had used to cure herself.

The drug wasn’t a poison; it only greatly magnified the desires buried within one’s heart.

The Heart Calming Pill, which dispelled evil thoughts, was a perfect countermeasure.

“I don’t know.

I feel… as if that drug is starting to retaliate, and it’s even stronger than before.

Mmm…” Yu Yanluo suddenly couldn't control herself anymore and moaned.

Her voice was extremely sweet, and yet also charming and seductive.

It carried a hint of suggestiveness and desire that would make any gentleman fall off their high horse, and drag any monk back into the secular world.

Jian Taiding stiffened.

He was about to cry. What the hell is going on Why do the heavens keep toying with my heart today

He had originally already accepted his fate of having to watch his sister-in-law be ravaged by another man, and yet to his surprise, an antidote had suddenly appeared.

As soon as he sighed in relief, however,, it turned out his sister-in-law still needed help with getting rid of the poison.

He felt as if he were experiencing a mental rollercoaster.

Zu An walked over and grabbed Yu Yanluo’s wrist, infusing his ki to examine her body.

Yu Yanluo’s body trembled when they made physical contact.

Tears seemed about to come out from her misty eyes.

This time, she didn’t immediately pull her arm back like before.

Zu An was alarmed.

He quickly shifted his gaze, not daring to look at her, or else he might not be able to hold himself back.

He examined her condition through ki, discovering that her ki was surging chaotically.

Inside her was a wave of restless heat, squirming randomly in every direction.

Zu An was a bit alarmed.

He speculated, “This Venom Child is the creator of Bull Cream.

The version he made is a bit different from the drug circling around.

His drug is much more vicious, so the Heart Calming Pill alone isn’t enough.”

Yu Yanluo groaned, unable to help but lean closer to him.

She asked, “Then what do you think we should do now”

When Zu An had touched Yu Yanluo before, her body was always ice-cold.

But now, it was burning hot.

Zu An was about to reply when Yu Yanluo tugged on her collar, saying, “I’m so hot right now; it’s so uncomfortable.

Hurry and think of something.”

Then, her arms couldn't help but wrap around his.

Her large misty eyes stared into his; her breath was sweet like orchids.

“What do you think I should do, what do you think I should do…”

Her sweet voice seemed to possess a kind of mysterious charm, and a fatal suggestion.

Her entire body was soft, as if she didn’t have a single bone in her body.

Most of her body was leaning into Zu An’s arms.

Zu An wasn’t like the Imperial Palace’s Eunuch Lu; how could he not react at all He instinctively held her tightly.

A flustered and exasperated voice exclaimed just then.

“You adulterers! Are you really going to do this right here In front of my older brother too Sister-in-law, aren’t you letting my older brother down Aren’t you letting me down!”

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 999 999 999…

Yu Yanluo finally recovered a shred of clarity.

She cried out and quickly pushed Zu An away, then quickly sorted out her clothing.

She was frightened, embarrassed, and experiencing many other emotions at the same time.

Zu An couldn't help but laugh out of annoyance.

He replied, “Mister Jian, I can understand what you said about your older brother, but who do you think you are Why the hell would we be letting you down”

Jian Taiding roared furiously, “Bastard Zu, if you never freaking appeared, sister-in-law would have been mine! My sister-in-law and I are an ideal couple; we already had very good impressions of each other…”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

This guy really was completely crazy.

His confidence was already at an illogical level.

Yu Yanluo stood up.

Her head was lowered, and her aura was all over the place as she said, “I’m leaving first.”

She didn’t wait for Zu An to reply and was about to leave.

Fortunately, Zu An acted quickly and grabbed her.

Worry and disappointment filled Yu Yanluo’s expression as she asked, “Are you really going to use this chance to bully me”

Zu An sighed, saying, “The poison has already seeped in too deeply; you won’t make it back in time.

Where would you even go What if you encounter some other men like Venom Child along the way What will you do then”

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed when she thought of that.

Compared to that despicable midget, it was a bit easier to accept Zu An… Aaah! What am I thinking about right now!

Zu An asked, “Madam, do you trust me”

Yu Yanluo bit her lip.

In the end, however, she still nodded.

Zu An walked over and picked her up by the crook of her legs.

Yu Yanluo was shocked, but in the end, she sighed.

She acknowledged her fate and closed her eyes.

She wasn’t a young lady anymore.

As a clan leader, she obviously wouldn’t give up her life over preserving her purity.

Compared to someone else, Zu An was still rather outstanding in various aspects.

It wasn’t that hard for her to accept him.

But there was no way she wouldn’t have any ill feelings toward doing it where they were.

After the matter, the two of them would be complete strangers.

She would never meet with him again.

Jian Taiding was about to explode when he saw Zu An carry his sister-in-law that way.

He exclaimed, “Bastard Zu, what are you trying to do!” In the end, this bastard was still going to go after his goddess!

Zu An really was annoyed badly by Jian Taiding, but he didn’t have the time to deal with him right now.

Instead, he deliberately incited him and gave him a sinister smile, exclaiming, “What do you think”

Jian Taiding was speechless.

He obviously knew what Zu An was trying to do.

He had originally still had some delusions, but now, he was already completely exposed.

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 1024 1024 1024…

Yu Yanluo, still leaning against Zu An’s arms, was incredibly embarrassed. This guy really is a rascal… She wanted to bite him, but she was also worried that might instead make him misunderstand something.

While she was conflicted, she discovered that Zu An had instead brought her over to the cold pool.

Does he want to do it in there! Yu Yanluo thought, stunned.

But she thought to herself, That’s not too bad either; at least it won’t be in front of Yanyou. Even though the two of them were only husband and wife in name, he was still her husband, after all.

She couldn't help but feel strange doing such a thing with another man in front of him.

As for Jian Taiding, she felt an even stronger rejection toward letting him see her body.

Doing it in the water was indeed not a bad method.

But how are we going to breathe Our cultivation ranks aren’t low, but inside the water…

What if we forget to hold our breaths at the peak of it, and choke on water!

All kinds of random thoughts filled her head.

Yu Yanluo felt as if she were about to faint.

Forget it; I’m not going to think about it anymore.

I’ll just leave it up to him…

Suddenly, Zu An jumped straight into the water with her in his arms.

Uncle Ming’s entire body had frozen over when he jumped out from inside earlier.

It was easy to see just how cold it was.

Yu Yanluo naturally feared the cold, so she subconsciously leaned closer to Zu An.

At the same time, she held her breath, waiting for the frozen water to surround her mouth and nose.

Even after a while, however, she didn’t feel the cold pool’s water touch her.

She couldn't help but open her eyes.

Her beautiful eyes immediately widened.

She saw that they seemed to be in a transparent bubble that pushed all of the water away.

The dark blue waters undulated, giving off a strange and beautiful sensation.

She could vaguely make out a few silvery white fish swimming around.

They seemed to be drawn to the bubble the two of them were in, continuously swimming around it.

From time to time, they even moved over to nibble at the bubble.

Yu Yanluo was alarmed.

At that moment, she had actually forgotten about her poison.

She reached out her hand out of curiosity to gently touch the bubble.

It was soft, and yet also extremely elastic.

The small fish were alarmed and quickly swam into the water depths.

However, when they saw that Yu Yanluo wasn’t chasing after them, they stopped out of curiosity, once again swimming around the bubble.

“How are you doing this” Yu Yanluo asked as she raised her head to look at the man beside her.

Her beautiful eyes shone brilliantly.

Zu An was a bit stunned. Looks like women don’t have much resistance against these kinds of scenes after all.

Bi Linglong was also extremely excited last time.

Sigh, the entertainment in this world really is lacking.

Even people at the top of this world like her are so amazed.

In his previous world, even common people could go to an ocean museum to see what the seabed looked like.

When he sensed the heat coming from the body of the beauty in his arms, Zu An said urgently, “Madam, now isn’t the time to be worrying about this.”

Only then did Yu Yanluo realize what kind of situation they were in.

She blushed and didn’t dare to look at him again, instead turning away.

Her beautiful eyelashes were trembling as she said, “You can begin.”

Zu An nodded and said, “I might have to remove madam’s clothing first.”

Yu Yanluo was ashamed and embarrassed. Why do you still have to ask about that How can I reply to something like this She could only vaguely mumble her agreement.

Only when Zu An saw her reaction did he help her undo her clothes.

Yu Yanluo sighed inwardly when she sensed his care.

However, she knew that in this kind of situation, there was no way she would accept another man.

In this instant, Zu An finally understood what the saying ‘skin fine like jade’ meant.

The beauty before him was a complete work of art.

Because she had been poisoned, there was a hint of a red blush coloring Yu Yanluo’s normally icy cold skin.

Not only did it not tarnish her beauty, it instead seemed to bring the previously unreachable goddess down into the world of mortals, giving her some worldly charm.

Yu Yanluo waited for that moment to arrive.

However, nothing happened even after she closed her eyes for a long time.

Instead, her body cooled down, and it felt as if she were soaking in water.

She couldn't help but open her eyes out of curiosity.

She discovered that the bubble was now half-filled with water, and she was lying in it.

Her neck and legs were being supported, which was why she wasn’t sinking.

At the same time, she noticed that even though most of her skin was exposed, her most personal pieces of clothing remained.

The piercing cold water made her entire body tremble.

She looked at Zu An in confusion and asked, “There’s… water leaking in”

Zu An said with a smile, “Don’t worry.

I brought that water in on purpose.”

The bubble still had a larger half that wasn’t filled with water, which was why there was no need to worry about them running out of oxygen.

It was as if Yu Yanluo were in a bathtub, but it wasn’t as comfortable as a warm bath.

She had a strange expression as she thought, Does this guy really want to do it in water  However, when she saw the clear expression in his eyes, she knew she was the one who had been overthinking things.

Zu An said seriously “Madam, your poison is extremely serious right now.

I plan to use the cold water together with the help of the Heart Calming Pill to deal with it.

I’ll also infuse my special ki to help you dissolve the poison.

This process might be a bit uncomfortable, so I hope madam can endure it.”

Yu Yanluo felt momentarily absent-minded.

She stared at him as if she were meeting him for the first time again.

Meanwhile, outside of the cold pond, Jian Taiding was furious and panicking.

Unfortunately, his acupoints had been sealed by Zu An, so he couldn't do a thing.

He felt as if his heart were being cut out as he imagined the goddess sister-in-law he had admired for so long being devastated by another man.

He couldn't help but feel a bit of sympathy when he saw the corpse of his older brother next to him.

He began to bawl, “Big brother, if your spirit still lives on, take a look at sister-in-law! She is actually doing that type of thing right in front of you!

“Also, that Zu An impersonated you and returned to the Duke Manor; the entire place is in chaos! My little sisters-in-law Liu Ji, Chu Ji, and Zhang Ji have all been ruined by him!

“Those little sisters-in-law are radiant with happiness.

That Zhang Ji especially struggles to even close her legs properly when she is walking! But they are completely in the dark; they all think that the one they are serving is you! They are doing their utmost to fawn over him day after day…

“You have not even been able to touch sister-in-law, but she might have already been trampled and ravaged by that brute today…”


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