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Chapter 1085: Unexpected

Those in the cave were all well-versed in various fields.

They quickly reacted after their initial shock.

Yu Yanluo’s cheeks burned up and she harrumphed.

Zu An’s expression grew grim.

He stared at Venom Child and exclaimed, “Are you messing with me”

Venom Child took out some medicine to apply to his legs while replying, “Hmph, we’re all men here; what’s so hard to understand What the hell is the purpose of using Bull’s Cream To make girls horny and want to reproduce, duh.

You clearly could’ve used yourself to help her.

Don’t tell me you’d make an antidote to miss out on the chance to be with a beauty”

Zu An was speechless.

Even though Venom Child’s argument was completely preposterous, he couldn't even object to that.

A meaningful smile appeared on Venom Child’s face.

He said, “You can drop the act already.

That’s the world’s number one beauty; which man in this world wouldn’t be tempted I even gave you such a great chance, so you should be thanking me instead.

By the way, be sure to tell me what the milk of the world’s number one beauty tastes like.”

Venom Child felt a bit annoyed when he thought of that.

He had ended up doing all that work only to help another man reap the benefits.

Not only had he not gotten any benefits for doing that, he had even gotten beaten up; furthermore, he had even gotten his knees shattered!

The expressions of those present turned strange. This fellow already brought up sucking on breasts several times earlier.

Does he have some kind of obsession with them But when they saw his childlike body, that seemed understandable too.

Kong Qing frowned. Is this guy courting death Maybe it is my fault for not explaining things clearly enough.

Does he not know the relationship between the clan lord and this man

Sigh, he is trying to set up the one the clan lord favors with another woman! I wonder just how angry the clan lord will become in the future.

But with how things were, there was nothing he could do.

He could only take things one step at a time.

Jian Taiding was shocked and furious.

He exclaimed, “You bastard, how can you make a poison without making an antidote! You are clearly wishing for the entire world to be in chaos!”

He was the one who didn’t want to see that scene the most.

Even though he thought his sister-in-law had already slept in the same bed as that man a couple of times, how could he let them do it again right in front of him

Venom Child became unhappy.

When he heard that, he sneered, “I’d advise you to mind your own business.

Do a talented man and beautiful woman need your opinions You’re probably the one who wants to cure this beauty yourself, right But look at how pathetic you seem right now, as if you could cure anything.”

Jian Taiding almost vomited blood on the spot.

He exclaimed, “Non… Nonsense!” Indeed, he obviously wanted to be the one to ‘cure’ his sister-in-law.

But there was no way he would have a chance in the current situation.

Venom Child wanted to vent out some more of his frustrations on Jian Taiding, but Zu An couldn't take it anymore.

He snapped, “Shut up.

I’m not as despicable as you’re making me out to be.

A woman I want naturally needs to be willing as well.

Why would I use something so filthy”

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re noble and virtuous, you’re an incredible person.

I already told you how to get rid of the poison, so it’s up to you now.

Don’t blame me for not telling you.

She’s already been poisoned quite badly.

If you can’t get rid of the effects soon, she’ll just burn up to death,” Venom Child spat resentfully.

He had worked hard all this time; and yet, forget about having a taste of the meat, he wouldn’t even get to drink a sip of the soup.

He was even being portrayed as a villain! We’re all men here; the hell are you still keeping up that act for!

Afterward, he supported himself with his arms, then hopped out toward the cave entrance like a ball.

He clearly didn’t want to stay in such a depressing place for even a moment longer.

Kong Qing also coughed and said, “Since the competition is over, we will also bid our goodbyes.”

Kong Qing was about to leave when Jian Taiding began to panic.

He exclaimed, “Sir Kong, how can you just leave What about our cooperation in the future”

“Second Master Jian, the fiend races only work with the strong.

We do not work with the defeated,” Kong Qing said coldly before leaving with his subordinates.

Even though the business in Cloudcenter Commandery would become a bit troublesome without Jian Taiding watching over it, it wouldn’t be too hard to find a replacement.

Furthermore, he had established good relations with an imperial envoy like Zu An. With his relationship with the clan lord, I refuse to believe that he really will not do a thing for us later.

The group left one after another.

The previously lively frozen cave now seemed a bit cold and lonely.

Just then, a moan rang out in a charming and sweet voice that was enough to make any man’s heartbeat accelerate and their blood race.

Jian Taiding tried to move over to Yu Yanluo, but he was unfortunately injured.

Together with the side effects of the ferocious drug he had taken, he fell back down as soon as he got up.

He hit the ice-cold floor.

He wanted to cry, and yet there were no tears.

Even if Yu Yanluo wanted him to help her get rid of the poisonous effects, he would still be powerless to do so.

Zu An didn’t pay him any attention and quickly moved over to Yu Yanluo’s side, asking, “Madam, are you alright”

Yu Yanluo’s entire body trembled.

She shrank backward, saying, “Don’t… Don’t touch me.” Her beautiful hair was already all over the place, covering her stunning features.

However, her face being half-covered somehow made her look even more enticing.

“Alright, I won’t touch you,” Zu An said as he quickly took a step back.

He raised his hands to express that he didn’t have any intention of offending her.

As if realizing that her tone had been a bit too stiff, Yu Yanluo’s voice became a bit gentler as she asked, “Bring me back to Yu Manor.” Even though she tried to control herself, her trembling voice still revealed just how uncomfortable she felt.

Zu An shook his head and said, “The poison has seeped in too deeply.

You won’t make it in time if we go back now.” Venom Child’s warning was still fresh in his mind.

Yu Yanluo vigilantly brought her arms up to her chest.

She asked, “What are you thinking of doing”

Jian Taiding was in incomparable pain.

It seemed that what was inevitable was going to happen after all. Maybe it’s better for me to just die instead.

But I’ll still wait for a bit longer.

Maybe I can at least get a glimpse of sister-in-law’s body before I die.

This was something he had dreamed about day and night, but he had never expected it to be in such a situation, that it would be while another man possessed her.

Zu An knew that Yu Yanluo had misunderstood from her strong reaction.

After thinking for a bit, he took out a pill and said, “Eat this for now.”

“What is it” Yu Yanluo asked somewhat hesitantly.

In her opinion, now that she had already been affected by such a drug, there was no reason for him to want to drug her further.

Even so, she had been surrounded by flocks of wolves over the years.

Her reserved nature made her still have some precautions against such a mysterious pill.

Furthermore, this guy was definitely no angel.

He had so many strange drugs on him.

“This is a Heart Calming Pill, something Ji Xiaoxi gave me.

It can help one calm down, and it can neutralize this kind of drug to a certain degree,” Zu An explained.

Yu Yanluo sighed in relief when she recalled Ji Xiaoxi’s pure and innocent face.

She didn’t feel any more doubt and took the pill.

Jian Taiding was disappointed, and yet also grateful.

He felt extremely conflicted at that moment.

“How do you feel” Zu An asked while looking at Yu Yanluo worriedly.

“It seems to be of some help.

There is a wave of ice-cold energy dispersing the heat inside me,” Yu Yanluo said, beginning to use her ki to neutralize the poison’s effects.

Zu An sighed in relief, replying, “That’s good then; that’s good.”

Perhaps it was because things were taking a turn for the better that Yu Yanluo’s mood improved.

She blinked mischievously and replied, “Why do I sense a bit of disappointment in your voice”

Zu An replied honestly, “I wouldn’t be a man if I weren’t disappointed.

But I am really curious.

If I hadn’t just happened to have this pill, madam… What would you have done”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned red.

She harrumphed and said, “I would return to the Yu clan of course.

Even if I died along the way, so be it.

What… Was I supposed to have you save me”

Zu An sighed and responded, “In order to save madam, at that point, I fear I wouldn’t be able to worry about whether the madam was willing or not anymore.”

“Pah, scoundrel.” Yu Yanluo looked away.

She felt her heart pounding crazily.

For some reason, she only felt that he was being more honest when he said that.

It wasn’t like the pretentious hypocrites who had all been itching to rip her clothes to shreds, and yet insisted on pretending to be upright and noble, not perverted at all.

“Look at the two of you flirting with each other.

Did you forget that there was still someone else here” Jian Taiding snapped.

When he had initially heard what they said, he had nearly gone wild with joy.

After all, judging from their conversation, it sounded as if they hadn’t taken that step yet.

However, he quickly sensed the changes in Yu Yanluo’s attitude.

Now, it seemed that even if they hadn’t done it before, it wouldn’t be too far off with how things were progressing.

At the same time, he was a bit regretful.

That meant he would never have the chance to see his sister-in-law’s body.

Yu Yanluo’s expression turned cold.

She exclaimed, “You still have the nerve to say that Isn’t all of this because of you I…” She was about to say something more, but suddenly, she was stunned.

An unnatural blush appeared on her face.

“What is it” Zu An quickly asked.

“Your medicine… seems to have stopped working,” Yu Yanluo replied, half-sobbing.


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