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Chapter 1083: Venom Child

Yu Yanluo was shocked and happy when she saw Zu An reappear.

She quickly rushed forward to check his condition, asking, “Are you okay”

Zu An smiled when he saw how concerned she was, replying, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Jian Taiding was beyond jealous when he saw his sister-in-law grabbing Zu An’s hands and the two exchanging a knowing smile. That Paper Bride is complete trash!

Paper Bride couldn't take her eyes off of Zu An as she exclaimed, “Answer me! How did you see through that situation!”

Zu An replied, “You probably use your target’s most unjust memory to create an illusion.

That way, they’d feel even stronger emotions.

But for me, that kind of mysterious feeling only became suspicious.

“It’s because that story wasn’t something I experienced, but rather my previous… Ahem, a story I read in a book.

I refuse to believe there could be such a coincidence in this world.”

Even though he had seen many famous people from his previous world in this one, such as Qin Shihuang, Zhang Han, Mi Li, and the like, this Paper Bride carried too much of a ghost story-like air.

She didn’t seem like Dou E at all.

Paper Bride had a bitter smile as she said,  “I didn’t expect that to be the reason for my failure.

However, I have to admit that your will is firmer than most people’s.

Even though many who were competent in ability and wisdom entered that place, even if they were suspicious, they were still ensnared in the end.”

Zu An wasn’t in the mood to listen to her praise.

He calmly asked, “Do you still want to continue this battle”

“No, I’ve already lost.” Paper Bride shook her head.

She didn’t wait for her companions to say anything and limped toward the exit of the cave.

Along the way, however, she seemed to have thought of something sad.

She secretly wiped away tears from the corners of her lips.

Zu An became suspicious.

Were the things that had happened in that illusion really just fictional

Suddenly, the child in the corner began to cry, “Mom, mom! Don’t leave me behind!” He clumsily ran after Paper Bride, but he was still too young, still learning how to walk.

He fell to the ground after just a few steps.

He could only reach out toward Paper Bride with tears in his eyes.

Unfortunately, Paper Bride’s mood was grim, and she didn’t seem to have heard anything.

She didn’t turn around at all.

Yu Yanluo frowned.

She gave Kong Qing and the others a look, but saw that they remained indifferent.

They didn’t seem as if they intended to do anything.

She couldn't help but sigh. These fiends really are callous.

Her heart softened when she looked at the cute child, and she walked over to carry him.

She said, “Be good; don’t cry anymore.

How about I bring you to look for your mommy”

Now that the battle was over, with his status, Kong Qing likely wouldn’t go back on his word.

She was going to return the child to Paper Bride first.

Surprisingly, however, her consolation didn’t seem to matter at all.

Instead, the baby cried even harder.

“I’m hungry, I want milk!” His eyes began to move toward Yu Yanluo’s impressive chest, his little mouth also inching closer.

“Ah!” Even though Yu Yanluo was a married woman in name, she was actually completely pure.

Deep down, she was more like a young girl.

How could she stand something so embarrassing She subconsciously pushed the child away and said in embarrassment, “Auntie doesn’t… doesn’t have any of that.

I’m going to bring you to find your mommy.”

“I don’t care! I don’t care! I want to drink milk! Waaaah…” The child began to bawl even louder.

He began to shake his rattle, as if only then could he calm down a bit.

As Yu Yanluo listened to his bawling and rattling, she felt a wave of dizziness.

Her eyes seemed to half-close, as if she had entered a complete dilemma.

Zu An frowned.

Which mother would forget about their own child Even if they forgot for a moment, they would definitely snap out of their daze when they heard their child cry.

But Paper Bride had never turned her head around the entire time.

Furthermore, the Paper Bride in the illusion hadn’t seemed to have a child either.

Zu An felt that something wasn’t right.

He quickly rushed in Yu Yanluo’s direction, exclaiming, “Madam, be careful!”

Once she heard his voice, Yu Yanluo became clear-headed again.

She was a clan leader, after all, and quickly realized that something wasn’t right.

She quickly pushed the child away.

However, the child’s hands gripped her wrist tightly like eagle claws.

She couldn't break free at all.

The child’s naive and innocent appearance faded.

His expression became mature and sinister.

He was about to go further when he saw Zu An approach rapidly.

A hint of regret and annoyance appeared in his eyes.

Out of helplessness, he could only avoid Zu An’s attack.

White smoke surged from his hand, and he quickly jumped back to safety.

Zu An quickly got in front of Yu Yanluo to protect her, worrying about her safety.

However, he didn’t chase after the child and instead jumped back with Yu Yanluo.

“Madam, are you alright”

“I’m fine.

I just inhaled a bit of that white powder, but not too much of it.

It shouldn’t be too big of a problem.” Yu Yanluo quickly examined herself with ki and saw that she wasn’t poisoned.

She then sighed in relief.

Zu An looked at the distant child.

The child’s face was incredibly malicious; it was clearly that of a fiend who had lived for a long time, not an innocent child at all.

Gu Long’s words couldn't be ignored after all.

There were four types of people one must be careful of when roaming the world of warriors, children being precisely one of those types.[1]

The child chuckled and remarked, “Madam is a woman, so how can you not have milk After taking in my drug, even a bull would produce milk, let alone a woman.”

Yu Yanluo was stunned, exclaiming, “This poison is ‘Bull Cream’”

The child was a bit startled.

He replied, “I didn’t expect the madam to even know of the drug’s name.

Your knowledge really is impressive.”

Yu Yanluo instead subconsciously gave Zu An a look, a blush fluttering across her face.

She had learned about it from him when he used it to threaten her.

She hadn’t expected to encounter it again so soon.

Zu An released a dry cough, clearly a bit embarrassed by her look.

Jian Taiding’s heart completely hit rock bottom when he saw that.

He had thought that his sister-in-law was still pure, that she was only a little closer to this man than most.

But now, it seemed as if the two of them already had a physical relationship! They weren’t even satisfied with a normal relationship, instead using such a vicious drug to add to the excitement!

Sister-in-law, sister-in-law… I did not expect you to have this kind of hardcore preference… You do not deserve to be the goddess I thought you to be all this time!

She was a woman he couldn't even touch a finger of, and yet Zu An had already ravaged his goddess like that, even using a drug like that. This is absolutely ridiculous, preposterous!

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 745 745 745…

Zu An gave him a confused look. What the hell is this guy going all crazy for

Yu Yanluo suddenly groaned.

Her body trembled, and she clutched her forehead, as if she were about to fall down.

Zu An quickly supported her back up and asked, “What’s wrong”

Because Yu Yanluo feared the cold, her skin normally was ice-cold and extremely pale.

And yet, at that moment, her skin instead flushed red she was burning up.

Yu Yanluo shrank back from him as if she had just felt an electric shock, replying, “I’m… I’m fine.

Don’t… Don’t touch me.”

The child laughed cruelly and remarked, “How can someone afflicted by the ‘Bull Cream’ I, Venom Child, have created be fine Don’t you feel as if your entire body is heating up, that there’s something stirring within you Your entire body will soon be dripping with sweat, and you’ll feel like a mountain torrent that’s about to erupt.

Eventually, even virgins would be able to produce milk! I said I wanted to drink the madam’s milk, so I’ll naturally get my way.”

Yu Yanluo’s entire body was shaking as she exclaimed, “Shameless!”

Zu An suddenly looked at Kong Qing, saying.

“Sir Kong, this competition has ended.

Could it be that you all do not wish to honor this agreement”

Kong Qing was also cursing Venom Child’s viciousness inwardly, but since it was related to victory and defeat, he couldn't just give up.

He said with a smile, “I told you two just now that if you could defeat my subordinates, you would win.

At the time, I remember telling you they were all my subordinates.

It was you two who ended up overlooking Venom Child, so how can you blame me for not honoring my agreement”

Zu An was speechless.

Kong Qing smiled and added, “How about this If you admit your loss and agree to our cooperation, I will have Venom Child give Madam Yu the antidote.

What do you think”


Gu Long is a Taiwanese wuxia novelist and screenwriter. ☜


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