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Chapter 1079: Desiring My Body

Yu Yanluo had been paying attention to the battle the whole time.

She cried out in alarm as soon as she saw that Zu An was in danger.

“Watch out!”

She wanted to help save him, but that dark elf didn’t give her the chance at all.

His sword strikes were crafty and vicious, almost seriously wounding her due to her momentary distraction.

Zu An was also surprised.

He quickly realized that in that instant, the Gray Wolf King had used the ice sculpture as a substitute, and had even used its ice powers to restrain him.

The Gray Wolf King was an ice element beast; the frigid cave was the perfect place for it to display a hundred and twenty percent of its power.

Raging flames surged from Zu An’s hand.

The ice sculpture quickly began to melt, but it still took time.

The Gray Wolf King’s mouth was already almost within reach.

Jian Taiding was ecstatic.

He clenched his fists and craned his neck, his eyes wide. Bite that bastard’s damn head off!

Zu An’s eyes narrowed.

The Gray Wolf King’s body suddenly froze, stopping for a moment.

Zu An took the chance to melt all the ice around him before the Gray Wolf King freed itself from its momentary stupor.

Both sides exchanged a blow, and were both blown back.

Jian Taiding was furious. Stupid dog! What the hell were you staring stupidly for Just bite that f*cker to death! Why did you give up such a great opportunity

Kong Qing frowned, however.

At that instant, he had felt a strange yet familiar spiritual pressure.

When he had used his eye technique at the Zhenyuan Merchant Group, he had been stopped by a strange technique.

He guessed it was probably a soul technique the other party was proficient in, and that was what he had used to stop the Gray Wolf King’s advance.

The Gray Wolf King was definitely getting annoyed that its various attempts had failed again and again.

It raised its head toward the ceiling and roared.

Its howls echoed through the cave, shaking the mountain walls.

Then, cold winds swept through the entire cave.

The previously dazzling cave suddenly became a lot darker.

The icicles hanging above also snapped one after another, crashing down on those present.

Jian Taiding cursed and quickly dodged to the side.

Just how tragic would it be if he ended up dying from one of the icicles He might even be laughed at by the entire world.

The master rank who had been killed by a falling icicle… That wasn’t a title he could afford to have.

However, his eyes quickly widened, because not a single one of the icicles had been aimed toward him.

Previously, the icicles had been evenly distributed throughout the cave; therefore, some of them should have fallen where he had been.

However, the icicles all seemed to have eyes, flying toward Zu An as if they had wills of their own.

He realized it was probably due to the Gray Wolf King’s skill.

He sighed in admiration. No wonder beasts of the same cultivation rank are stronger than humans! It would even be hard for me to face it at my full strength.

Furthermore, he could sense that the icicles that had fallen were definitely not ordinary icicles.

They carried the piercing cold killing intent of the Gray Wolf King.

Anyone hit by them would be hurt quite badly.

However, Jian Taiding soon gritted his teeth in anger.

Zu An didn’t panic at all, and instead moved leisurely through the cave; the icicles were always just a split second too late to hit him.

The shower of icicles had only served to make Zu An look better instead.

Even though he hated Zu An, Jian Taiding had to admit that the fellow still had some skills.

Paper Bride’s eyes shone even brighter when she looked at Zu An.

She looked at Kong Qing with a big smile, asking, “Sir Kong, can you give this one to me to play with”

Kong Qing’s smile froze on his face.

He obviously knew what Paper Bride wanted.

He coughed and said, “Ahem, he is someone the clan lord favors.”

“He has so much masculine yang energy within him; it’s not as if I’ll break him.” Paper Bride licked her lips as she spoke, as if she hadn’t heard what Kong Qing had said at all.

Even though she was Kong Qing’s subordinate in name, she was strong, so she didn’t really fear him either.

Kong Qing’s expression turned strange. Is this Zu An a human-shaped aphrodisiac or something Why do these girls all keep falling for him whenever they see him The always refined Yu Yanluo has been acting this way too, and so has the clan lord.

Now, even Paper Bride is itching to get her hands on him as soon as they’ve met.

Even though he had to admit that Zu An was quite a handsome young man, he couldn't figure out why so many women would act that way. Don’t tell me his charm is something only girls can sense

At that moment, however, Zu An was concentrating all of his attention on his surroundings.

After the icicles had fallen, clouds of white smoke had surged all over the place.

The temperature had also rapidly dropped.

The Gray Wolf King was hiding in the mist, and Zu An could hear its footsteps all around him.

Suddenly, the wolf leaped out from a strange angle.

Zu An leaned to the side, perfectly evading its attack.

He was just about to retaliate when it vanished into the mist again, however.

An ordinary person could only follow the sound of the wolf’s footsteps to guard against its attacks.

There were still icicles falling, however, so it would be easy to become confused and disoriented.

As long as there was even a slight hole in one’s defenses, one would be caught by the wolf.

But Zu An wasn’t an ordinary person.

After thinking to himself for a bit, he decided to do more than just passively protect himself.

Instead, he suddenly shouted, “Whatcha lookin’ at”

“I’m looking at you, **head!” A cryptic reply quickly came from a certain direction in the mist.

Its pitch was extremely strange, completely unlike that of a human.

High-level beasts had their own wills and could communicate with humans.

The Gray Wolf King just hadn’t felt like speaking with the humans earlier.

But now that Zu An had used ‘Whatcha lookin’ at’, it had no choice but to speak.

It was stunned, not understanding why it would suddenly speak those words.

“I found you!” While the wolf was momentarily distracted, Zu An instantly locked onto his target.

He used Grandgale to close the gap, and launched a barrage of fists at its chin.

Bang bang bang!

The sound of fists smashing into flesh made the onlookers grit their teeth in sympathy.

Why does he keep hitting its head Those watching, including Yu Yanluo, were confused.

After all, it was common knowledge that a wolf’s skull and bones were hard as steel, but its waist was weak like tofu.

This guy wasn’t hitting its waist, its weakest part, and instead just continued to strike its hard head.

The Gray Wolf King was initially happy to see that, because its skull was incredibly tough from all of its training, having become exceptionally hard.

An ordinary human cultivator might just break their own fists from hitting it.

However, things turned out entirely different from its expectations.

With each hit, its skull rang, as if a huge bell were leaning against its head and a hammer had repeatedly struck that bell.

The wolf roared in fury and frantically tried to retaliate.

However, it had already lost the initiative.

Any ki it managed to gather simply scattered again as Zu An’s fists ruthlessly smashed into it.

When he saw the Gray Wolf King pressed against the ground, beaten until blood trickled out of its mouth, Jian Taiding swallowed with difficulty. Is he still human How can he even be stronger than a freaking high-level beast

He couldn't help but feel somewhat glad.

Even though he had been seriously wounded by the man twice, at least it wasn’t as miserable as the scene before him.

Kong Qing couldn't keep watching and said with a cough, “Brother Zu, please stop.

It has acknowledged its defeat.”

The worst part was that Zu An had never planned to kill it either, so he couldn't just stand there without saying anything.

He could only speak up at that point.

As such, he stopped when he heard Kong Qing and replied, “Sorry, I went a bit too hard just now.

Oh my, it even lost some of its teeth.”

He picked up four Gray Wolf King Fangs with an apologetic look, and yet he didn’t have any intention of returning them.

The four Gray Wolf King Fangs were of much higher quality than the ones he had gotten before.

A single one was worth several normal fangs.

The Gray Wolf King gave him a resentful look.

At its level, its intelligence wasn’t low.

It obviously recognized that the reason why Zu An had kept hitting its head was for those fangs. Bro, couldn't you have just told me earlier if you wanted them I would’ve just pulled them out and given them to you.

Kong Qing caressed its head and said, “I will give you some spiritual medicines to help you recover when we return.

Your teeth will grow back soon.”

The Gray Wolf King was on the verge of tears.

It rubbed its head against Kong Qing’s leg in an intimate manner while whimpering, as if it were a husky who had just been mistreated.

It might as well be shaking its tail too.

Paper Bride’s figure swayed back and forth as she walked over and said, “It doesn’t seem as if the two of them over there will be done anytime soon, so the result will likely fall to the two of us.”

Zu An recalled Yu Yanluo’s warning and became inwardly vigilant.

But on the surface, he had a calm smile.

He said, “The lady’s clothes are really pretty.

Which silk shop did you purchase them from I should go and buy a few sets for my friend too.”

Yu Yanluo couldn't help but shoot him a look even as she continued fighting. Like hell I’d wear such eerie looking clothes.

Jian Taiding felt even more dejected. Those are wedding clothes! He wants to just give them away willfully Hmph, he is a womanizer after all.

Why is sister-in-law not getting upset when she hears that, though

Kong Qing was worried. This guy is clearly someone who does not know limits and cannot just have one girl at his side.

The clan lord might be in for quite the headache dealing with him.

Paper Bride laughed so hard her entire body was rocking back and forth.

She remarked, “Cute little brother, your mouth really is sweet.

Come here and let big sis give you a taste.”

After she spoke, she let out a terrifying laugh.

She then turned into a red shadow before instantly reappearing next to Zu An.

She pursed her lips and kissed him.


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