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Chapter 1071: Great Snowy Mountains

That evening, Zu An was starting to have a huge headache.

Zhang Ji had come looking for him again, and he really couldn't resist those large and misty eyes.

Objectively speaking, no man could refuse such a thing, but he knew he wasn’t the real duke.

He could only find a random excuse to send her off.

Fortunately, he had already survived the major trial.

However, he had no idea what he was going to do about those things later.

Even Liu Ji and Chu Ji’s expressions toward him were becoming a bit strange recently.

The Duke Manor was only so big, and with his return, for the sake of winning the hearts of the people, he had to show himself.

Thus, they were always around each other.

Chu Ji would lower her head while blushing whenever they met.

Liu Ji always looked away when they made eye contact too, no longer displaying her usual enthusiastic and bold nature.

On several occasions, the two women had wanted to say something to him.

In the end, their mouths would open, and yet they would always look away afterward while blushing.

Zu An knew they were feeling conflicted at the moment.

So was he.

If he stayed in the manor for a long time, wouldn’t he have to endure such torment every single day

While he was distracted, a knock suddenly came from outside.

He was alarmed.

However, he thought, People always say only widows fear knocking in the middle of the night; what am I so scared and on the edge for

“Who is it” he called out.

“Me,” came the reply.

The voice was gentle and sweet-sounding, like a willow tree swaying in spring winds, and like sweet and glistening honey.

Zu An quickly felt his restlessness calming.

He sighed and quickly opened the door.

Yu Yanluo was standing outside, wearing a white cloak.

The shaggy snow-white cape around her neck added an air of loveliness to her usual noble and elegant demeanor.

“What is wrong Why do you look as if you are about to face a great enemy or something” she asked, smiling when she saw his expression.

Zu An gave her a look and replied, “You still have the nerve to smile I really can’t stay in the current Duke Manor anymore…”

“The fact that you think that way proves you are a gentleman.

Otherwise, you would be enjoying this kind of life,” Yu Yanluo replied as she went inside and casually closed the door behind her.

At the same time, she blew into her palms, as if doing so would bring her a bit more warmth.

Zu An couldn't really say any more when he saw how much she feared the cold.

He asked, “Are you wearing the Warm Darlings I gave you before”

There was some snow outside at the moment.

Yu Yanluo usually stayed inside and slept during such weather, and yet she had braved the cold and actually gone all the way to visit Zu An.

Zu An wondered what she needed to tell him.

Yu Yanluo definitely feared the cold more than anyone.

Even Chuyan’s condition after she had used her forbidden technique in the past didn’t seem that bad in comparison.

Zu An thought, But everything else about her seems fine; she’s not wounded either.

It really is weird.

“I have a few inside my clothes, on my lower abdomen…” Yu Yanluo subconsciously replied, but her expression turned rigid halfway through. Why am I telling him something so personal “Ahem, today, I came to tell you that you did well.

You have already successfully confused Uncle Ming.

Those two were hiding in their rooms and talking to each other for a long time.

If my suspicions are correct, they will soon act the way we anticipated.”

“That’s good then,” Zu An replied with a smile.

It was actually understandable.

After all, the one they had sent to death had come back to life, and no matter how much they had tried to test him, they had failed.

Anyone in that situation would be scared badly.

Zu An’s smile suddenly froze on his face.

When she noticed the change, Yu Yanluo asked him, “What is wrong”

“Speak of the devil.

I didn’t expect them to be this impatient.

They seem to have already set off,” Zu An said with a serious expression.

Yu Yanluo had never heard of that phrase, but it wasn’t the time to focus on those details.

She quickly pushed open the window and looked in the direction of Jian Taiding’s courtyard.

However, she didn’t see anything.

She asked, “How do you know that”

She had spies watching that area as well.

She hadn’t even received any news yet; how had Zu An found out first

“I have my ways; there’s no time to explain.

They’ve already left the Duke Manor’s courtyard wall.

Should we get some men to chase after them” Zu An suggested.

Using the jade badge, he had gathered a large group of small creatures around the Duke Manor.

No matter how careful Jian Taiding’s forces were, how could they have known that the nearby small creatures were all surveillance cameras

Even though Yu Yanluo was beautiful, Zu An wasn’t the kind of person who would lose his head over a pretty girl.

He still had to hide his trump cards, so he didn’t explain further.

“It is too late for that.

Once they get in contact with their partners, they will already be gone.” Yu Yanluo shook her head.

She continued, “Furthermore, their cultivation levels are so high, it would be easy to startle them.

If they knew our objective, they would be on guard the next time around.”

“Let’s go, then.

Just the two of us.

They can’t use it as proof even if they see anything,” Zu An said.

He wasn’t too worried about the other side’s combat strength.

Even though Jian Taiding was a master rank cultivator, Zu An’s real fighting strength was no weaker than his.

He could probably even hold back a bit and still win.

As for Uncle Ming, he wasn’t weak either, but he wouldn’t be able to do much to change the situation.

He still had Yu Yanluo with him too, and her world art skills had almost done him in previously..

“That is not a concern either; I have this,” Yu Yanluo said as she took out a rock that was as glossy as a mirror.

“With this recording stone, we can record everything that happens.

They can keep refusing to admit things all they want.”

Zu An felt relieved.

Even though the recording stone was rare and precious, Yu Yanluo’s clan managed the ki stone business to begin with.

It would be stranger if she didn’t have something like that.

Thus, the two of them quickly chased after Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming.

It wasn’t too convenient for Yu Yanluo to move with the cloak on, and it would make her easy to recognize.

As such, she left the cloak in Zu An’s room.

Her outfit resembled both a dress and a coat, and yet was neither.

However, even though the cold had made her wear more layers, it still couldn’t conceal her impressive figure.That was especially true when it came to her incredible waist, her voluptuous chest, and her full bottom.

Her curves looked almost like a work of art.

Back at the manor, Liu Ji’s chest had already been quite large, and Chu Ji’s waist was slender, while Zhang Ji had well-proportioned legs.

All of them were top-level beauties, and they had their respective outstanding traits.

But not even the three of them combined together could compare to Yu Yanluo.

They didn’t have her natural charm and grace.

No wonder Cloudcenter Duke had never been able to forget about Yu Yanluo.

When Zu An had been together with Zhang Ji, she had exposed the fact that Jian Yanyou would often have her dress like Yu Yanluo when they were together.

Fortunately, Zu An was no naive boy and had quickly reacted in that situation, which was why Zhang Ji hadn’t noticed any gaps in his behavior.

Those were things Chu Ji and Liu Ji hadn’t taught him.

It was probably because the two girls had been brought over from the Yu Manor, and Jian Yanyou had worried that news might reach Yu Yanluo’s ears, ruining the gentlemanly image he had maintained for many years.

Zu An actually understood that well.

Even a monk trained in self-discipline might leave his monastic life if he met a stunning beauty like Yu Yanluo, let alone a mere gentleman.

The pair cautiously left the Duke Manor.

Zu An followed Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming using the little creatures’ eyes.

After several turns, Yu Yanluo finally saw Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming.

She couldn't hold back her curiosity and asked, “How do you always know where they are going”

“That’s a secret.” Zu An laughed and didn’t explain.

“Stingy.” Yu Yanluo harrumphed.

But she was stunned soon afterward.

Why had she been starting to act like a young lady recently

A cold wind brushed past just then, making her shiver.

She had always feared the cold to begin with.

Now that she was rushing through the snow without her coat, not even the Warm Darlings she was wearing were enough.

A pair of large, warm hands clasped Yu Yanluo’s hand, startling her.

Because of her beauty, she was constantly surrounded by all sorts of men.

She was exceptionally sensitive about protecting herself and subconsciously tried to pull her hand back; she was also about to criticize Zu An for being rude.

However, warm heat entered through her palm.

She then realized Zu An had done so to keep her warm.

She looked at him and saw that his gaze was clear and genuine.

In the end, she didn’t pull back her hand.

Her cheeks reddened as she quietly said, “Thank you.”

“Your constitution wasn’t suited to this cold weather to begin with.

Why don’t you just go back I’ll chase them on my own,” Zu An said.

Even though he didn’t know why Yu Yanluo was so terrible with cold weather, this was a snowstorm they were traveling through.

She definitely couldn’t feel good at the moment.

Yu Yanluo shook her head and replied, “I want to personally witness the truth about Yanyou, or else it will be hard for me to be at peace.

Furthermore, those two are no pushovers either.

I am worried that something might happen to you.”

“It’s fine.

Jian Taiding is seriously injured, and Uncle Ming isn’t anything special either.

I can deal with them,” Zu An replied.

However, he was startled.

Even though he had poured in so much heat for her, her hand was still freezing cold without a hint of warmth. Don’t tell me she really has the so-called ‘flesh of ice and bones of jade’

“Do not worry; I am a cultivator after all.

Even though I fear the cold, this bit of snow is still tolerable.” Yu Yanluo moved her scattered hair behind her ear and showed Zu An a bright and beautiful smile.

Seeing as she had already made her decision, Zu An didn’t try to dissuade her any further.

The two followed Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming from a good distance behind.

They left the city and entered the Great Snowy Mountains’ wilderness.

After tailing them like that for a long time, Yu Yanluo couldn't help but lean against Zu An.

Her voice was shaking a bit too as she remarked, “Do you not feel that the temperature here is abnormally cold”

Zu An nodded and said, “The temperature has been getting lower and lower the deeper we go, ever since we started approaching this place.

The change is beyond what normal wind and snow could achieve.”


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