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Chapter 1064: What’s Tolerable and Intolerable

“The duke has returned! The duke has returned!” Gong Pan exclaimed as he escorted Zu An and Yu Yanluo back to the Duke Manor.

All of the maids and servants were stunned at first, but they soon expressed their incredible shock.

Afterward, they all excitedly spread the news through the manor.

News of Jian Yanyou’s return quickly traveled everywhere.

When Jian Taiding, who had been resting in his room, first heard the disturbance, he was furious.

He quickly called in his trusted aide from outside, exclaiming, “Who is making that racket outside without any regard for the rules”

The guard replied, “Second master, the servants seem to be worked up over some matter.

This subordinate will look into it right now.”

Just then, another subordinate quickly rushed over while shouting, “Second master, second master, bad news!”

Jian Taiding’s expression immediately darkened when he heard those words.

He said, “Punish yourself with twenty strikes.

Do not speak if you are only going to say unlucky things.”

The subordinate realized his mistake and immediately broke out into a cold sweat.

He immediately knelt down apologetically while slapping his own cheeks.

Jian Taiding’s mood finally eased a bit when he heard the slaps.

He said, “Enough.

What happened that made you so flustered”

“The first master… has returned!” the subordinate said while trembling.

Jian Taiding’s expression turned cold.

“Are you tired of living You dare play this kind of trick on me”

“This subordinate doesn’t dare!” The guard quickly explained, “Gong Pan has escorted the master back! Madam Yu came with him as well; many people in the manor have witnessed this! That’s why all of the servants in the manor were in such a commotion.”

“What!” Jian Taiding felt his blood boil.

His injuries flared out, dyeing his bandages in blood again.

He felt as if the world were turning upside down around him.

He staggered and fell backward.

Fortunately, his personal guard moved quickly, catching him before he hit the ground.

The rest called for a physician in alarm while treating his injuries.

Even so, Jian Taiding was still a master rank cultivator.

After a momentary breather, he opened his eyes slightly.

However, his complexion was much paler than normal.

He exclaimed, “Why didn’t you tell me something so important sooner!”

After giving the guard who had reported a kick, he headed out.

Even though his injuries were heavy, it wasn’t enough to stop his confusion and curiosity.

How could that person have returned!

The guard who had been kicked vomited blood several times.

No matter how injured Jian Taiding was, he was still a master rank cultivator.

His enraged kick was definitely no joking matter.

The guard felt incredibly wronged. I was trying to tell you! It was you who stopped me from saying anything… A bit of resentment appeared in his eyes as he watched Jian Taiding leave.

Meanwhile, Jian Taiding rushed over under the escort of his guards.

Soon afterward, he saw a group of servants surrounding a few individuals excitedly.

When he remembered his subordinates’ report, he roared furiously, “Which scoundrel dares to impersonate my older… older brother”

Jian Taiding’s prestige in the manor still remained.

When they heard his furious shout, the guards immediately scattered in fear, revealing the people behind them.

When he saw who those people were, Jian Taiding came to a screeching halt.

He was completely frozen in place.

In that instant, it was as if a huge explosion had gone off in his head.

He began to question life itself.

Who am I Where am I What am I doing

It really is my older brother!

In that instant, regret, fear, shock, and all manner of other emotions appeared in his mind.

His entire being was about to break down.

“My good younger brother, you did not expect to see me again, did you” Zu An looked at him and spoke with heavy insinuations.

He and Yu Yanluo had already simulated the present scenario several times.

That was why there really was no flaw in his act at all.

As expected, Jian Taiding’s expression changed.

He knew what had happened to Jian Yanyou, so those words almost sounded like a threat of revenge.

I did that to my older brother; there’s no way he would forgive me. When he thought about how the other party’s cultivation was far above his own, his entire body began to shake uncontrollably.

Just then, a steady voice spoke up.

“Nonsense; there is no way you are the duke!” A well-dressed elder was standing nearby with some servants.

He stared coldly at Zu An.

A commotion suddenly broke out.

That person was the Duke Manor’s butler, Uncle Ming!

He was the duke’s right arm, someone who had helped him deal with various matters inside and outside of the manor.

He really was a person of virtue and prestige, and he was perhaps the one most familiar with the duke.

Now that someone like him had called the duke a fake, those present subconsciously believed him.

They kept their distance from Zu An and looked at him vigilantly.

Zu An frowned and replied, “Uncle Ming, have you already forgotten who I am in the time since we last saw each other”

Uncle Ming examined him and replied, “You indeed resemble the duke, but the greatest flaw is your cultivation.

The duke has strength comparable to a grandmaster.

Even though you are not weak, you are still far weaker than the duke.”

Only then did Jian Taiding snap out of his daze. Exactly! I know what happened to Jian Yanyou; how could he possibly appear here again

What a hateful fake!

As such, he also said in agreement, “Indeed.

Men, arrest this sorcerer of unknown origins!”

“Yes, sir!”

His trusted aide and guards immediately rushed at the other party.

Gong Pan drew his blade when he saw that, guarding Zu An.

The guards recognized Gong Pan and felt a bit hesitant.

Zu An gave Jian Taiding a meaningful look, retorting, “Second brother, are you trying to silence me”

Jian Taiding knew the other person was fake, so when he heard that, he almost vomited blood.

“Hmph, who the hell is your second brother You could have pretended to be anyone, and yet you just had to impersonate my older brother.

The first thing you should have thought of was your cultivation!”

Gong Pan spoke up just then, saying, “Because the duke was seriously injured, his cultivation has temporarily fallen.”

The people present understood what had happened when they heard that.

They had been curious what had happened to Cloudcenter Duke when he disappeared.

Many of them had suspected that he might have been seriously injured and was resting elsewhere.

But even as time went on, he had never appeared.

They thus began to believe that he had already died.

When he said that, those present remembered what had happened before.

“My older brother’s cultivation is profound and exceptional; how could he have been injured Gong Pan, where did you get this fraud from This truly is deplorable and punishable by execution!” Jian Taiding berated him angrily.

Zu An harrumphed and said, “I believe second brother knows exactly why I was injured.”

Jian Taiding’s breath stopped.

He was also surprised, because the temperament and bearing of the one in front of him were exactly the same as those of his older brother.

Furthermore, he knew what he had done.

Could it really be his older brother then

But how can that be I personally…

There’s no way this is a ghost, right

The surrounding guards and maids looked at each other in dismay.

Judging from what Zu An was saying, didn’t that mean the second master had done something to the first master

Uncle Ming spoke up again.

“This matter is too fishy.

I cannot just let you all say whatever you want.

How about this This old servant has followed at the duke’s side all these years, so I believe I understand him quite well.

I will ask some questions to verify his identity.”

Jian Taiding’s eyes lit up.

He said, “Indeed, Uncle Ming is publicly acknowledged as the one who understands my older brother best.

Your respected self would definitely be able to tell whether he is real or fake.”

The others nodded in agreement.

They all trusted Uncle Ming’s status.

Zu An thought to himself that Uncle Ming and Jian Taiding were finishing each other’s sentences.

These two had probably already gotten into cahoots a long time ago.

He had no idea that the one he trusted the most had already betrayed him.

Sigh, this Jian Yanyou wasn’t done in by his younger brother for no reason.

Gong Pan said, “The duke was injured before.

Not only has his cultivation temporarily dropped, he has amnesia too.”

Jian Taiding roared with laughter when he heard the lack of confidence in the other party’s voice.

He retorted “I knew that was what you were going to say.

I really do not know where you found this counterfeit from.

Of course he does not know about my older brother’s affairs! That is why he ended up using this shoddy amnesia excuse.”

The others nodded in agreement.

They felt Gong Pan had a guilty conscience.

Gong Pan’s face turned completely red.

He was about to refute them when Zu An stopped him, saying, “It is fine.

Even though some of my memories are missing, I still remember most things.

Uncle Ming, please feel free to ask away.”

Uncle Ming was surprised.

As such, he began to ask some random questions.

At first, he chose subjects multiple people in the manor knew about, but Zu An was prepared.

Soon, Uncle Ming’s questions became trickier and trickier; but no matter what he asked, Zu An always had an answer.

Those who had just been present to join in on the liveliness felt their suspicions fade away bit by bit; they recovered their initial enthusiasm about seeing their lord again.

When Jian Taiding saw that the situation wasn’t looking good for him, he quickly protested, “These are all things you could find out if you did a bit of investigation! You dared to impersonate my older brother, so of course you made some preparations.

Knowing these things does not prove you are my older brother at all.”

Uncle Ming hesitated, then said with a nod, “Second master’s words are reasonable.”

Jian Taiding’s trusted aides quickly spoke up in agreement.

The neutral individuals who had been starting to believe that Zu An was the real duke began to waver again.

“Then how do you want me to prove my identity” Zu An asked as he looked at Jian Taiding and Uncle Ming.

“Do you all truly not believe, or could it be that you did not want me to return”

There was no lack of intelligent people present.

They began to pick up on something.

Their expressions became stranger as they watched the situation.

“You are speaking venomous slander!” Jian Taiding panicked.

He exclaimed, “I am my older brother’s sibling.

How could I not tell whether you are real or fake”

A pleasant-sounding voice spoke up just then.

“Yanyou is my husband.

Do you think a woman cannot discern who her husband is”

Yu Yanluo, who had deliberately waited a bit before showing up, emerged with Maid Xing and the other servants.

They slowly walked over from a distance.

The maids she passed by lowered their heads in shame.

Compared to her, even the prettiest maid was like a sparrow before a phoenix.

The male servants were even more worked up, their hearts pounding crazily.

However, they knew their statuses were worlds apart from Yu Yanyou’s.

Just being able to see her once already left them extremely satisfied.

When he saw her exceptional beauty and graceful figure, a hint of infatuation appeared in Jian Taiding’s eyes.

However, he was an influential figure himself and quickly snapped out of his daze.

He immediately greeted her respectfully.

“Greetings, sister-in-law!”

Yu Yanluo nodded calmly, but then pretended to be surprised.

“Why are second uncle’s injuries so severe”

Jian Taiding said, “I was ambushed by a few fiend race experts.

Even though I suffered some injuries, I made sure that they paid the price and ensured the safety of Cloudcenter Commandery’s people.”

Zu An cursed the man for being shameless inside.

This fellow had clearly been beaten like a dog by him, and yet he had come up with such an honorable-sounding excuse.

“Those fiend races are quite hateful,” Yu Yanluo calmly responded.

She then looked toward Zu An with a ‘pleasantly surprised smile’.

She exclaimed, “Yanyou, you have returned!”

Zu An spread his arms toward her and answered, “Yes, I have returned!”

Yu Yanluo’s expression froze momentarily.

Then, a blush flashed across her cheeks. This guy isn’t doing what we agreed on; he just had to do this… But they were in front of so many people, so she couldn't just ignore him.

She could only quickly walk over and enter his embrace, exclaiming, “Yanyou, I am not dreaming, am I”

At the same time, she said through ki transmission, “You were a scoundrel after all, using this chance to take advantage of me.”

Zu An replied with a smile, “Madam could have chosen not to hug me.”

Yu Yanluo ground her teeth in anger.

This guy had taken advantage of her, and yet he had actually said something like that!

Jian Taiding’s eyes widened, and he immediately erupted into rage.

The goddess he had admired for so long was someone whose hand he had never even touched, and yet she had entered the embrace of another man!

How could that be tolerated

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 999 999 999…


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