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Chapter 1057: Interrogation

Yu Yanluo became emotional.

Due to her hurried breathing, her chest rose and fell more and more intensely.

That was even more so the case when the strange rope wrapped around her.

The way she had been tied up made her feel extremely humiliated.

“These are the tendons of a serpent” she asked.

She managed a great clan after all, so her knowledge and experiences were extraordinary.

She quickly recognized the item tying her up.


That is why even if your acupoints have not been sealed, you should not be able to move for a while.” Zu An was still a bit nervous.

If not because he had refined his body several times through primordial ki, making his body incredibly tough and completely changing his body’s weak points, the other party’s scheme would actually have succeeded.

Yu Yanluo had put on a weak and delicate appearance, but her acting really worked a bit too well.

Zu An thought, As expected, the prettier the girl, the better they are at lying…

Yu Yanluo struggled for a bit, but sure enough, she couldn't break free.

She could only temporarily give up.

She asked, “Why were you still able to move even though I sealed your acupoint” She had confidence in her own cultivation as well.

There was no way she had hit the wrong spot.

“Because my body is different from an ordinary person’s,” Zu An chuckled, returning her words right back to her.

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

Karmic retribution really happened quickly! Just a moment before, she had been happy that she was able to get payback; and yet now, a moment later, she had been taken down by the other party again.

Zu An looked her up and down, then asked, “So, why is your body different from normal people”

He had already noticed that even though he had sealed up several of her major acupoints, she could still move a bit.

If not for the Jade Moon Serpent’s tendons, something really might have gone wrong again.

Yu Yanluo looked away, as if she didn’t want to pay him any attention.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 55 55 55…

Zu An squatted down by her side.

He found her angry expression rather cute.

He asked, “Also, how did you discern that I might be from the Peacock clan”

Seeing that she was still looking away, he reached out and pulled her chin back toward him, saying, “Answer my question.”

Yu Yanluo’s skin was ice-cold.

At the same time, however, it was soft and elastic.

However, she carried a hint of a dangerous aura as she spat with a cold expression, “Remove your filthy hand.”

“If you had cooperated with my interrogation, I wouldn’t have had to do this.” Zu An hadn’t actually intended to take advantage of her either.

He naturally withdrew his hand.

“You tied me up this way, and yet you still want me to cooperate and answer your questions” Yu Yanluo got angry again just from the thought.

Across the years, her beauty had drawn the lust of many men, but when had she ever suffered this kind of humiliation

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 428 428 428…

Zu An knew that she really was angry from all of the Rage points coming in from the backend.

But he remained unaffected and said indifferently, “I also treated you with respect at first, but all that brought me in return was an ambush from the madam.

That is why I could only do this to feel at ease.”

Yu Yanluo harrumphed and looked away.

However, Zu An seemed unconcerned.

He continued, “The madam does not seem to understand the current situation.

Perhaps your beauty and status might make other men curry favor from you in every way possible, but your life and death can be decided by a single thought from me.

It would be best not to anger me.”

Yu Yanluo sneered.

“I refuse to believe that you would dare to kill me.”

She had seen that the other party had even helped her cover herself up earlier, so she didn’t think he was someone who would go that far.

When she realized that, the other party’s threat was nowhere near as intimidating.

Zu An frowned when he saw how confident she seemed.

He replied, “Indeed, I will not kill the madam.

However, please do not forget that you are a woman.”

Yu Yanluo finally looked back at him, her expression changing.

“What are you trying to say”

“Exactly as my words imply.” Zu An said calmly.

“You are a woman, and moreover the most beautiful woman in the eyes of many men.

Meanwhile, I am a man.

For a single man and woman to be together in the depths of night, I would not dare to guarantee that absolutely nothing will happen.”

Surprisingly, however, Yu Yanluo instead smiled sweetly when she heard that and said, “No, you will not.”

Zu An was getting a bit annoyed now.

He asked, “Are you doubting my ability, or are you doubting your own charm”

Yu Yanluo said, “I was not even wearing my clothes, and yet you did not use that chance to do anything improper to me.

That means you are still a decent person deep down.

How could you do something so despicable”

Zu An was becoming depressed.

He hadn’t expected to be dealt the good guy card so quickly.

 He replied, “Do not try to incite me with indirect psychological methods.

From now on, each time you do not answer my question, I will remove one article of clothing.

Let us see just how many articles of clothing you can stand losing today.”

Yu Yanluo was speechless.

She ground her teeth.

She really wanted to say ‘I don’t believe that you would dare to take off my clothes’, but she was conflicted; she felt that she might really incite the other party and didn’t know what to do.

Seeing that she was still a bit unwilling, Zu An took out three bottles and placed them in front of her.

“What are those” Yu Yanluo asked vigilantly.

“This one is called ‘Bull Cream’.” Zu An pointed at the left bottle.

“Why would a bull produce any cream” Yu Yanluo asked.

“Because this medicine is one that fully unleashes one's desires, making all the different places that can produce liquid… ahem, making even bulls able to produce milk.

You can imagine just how powerful this medicine is,” Zu An said while doing his best to keep a straight face.

“Despicable!” Yu Yanluo finally knew what the item was.

Her face reddened, and there was a hint of annoyance between her brows.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 88 88 88…

Zu An continued, pointing at the bottle in the middle.

“This one is ‘Eighteen Spring Winds’.

As the name implies, women who are affected by this drug must engage in intercourse with a man, and they must do it eighteen times before the effects will wear off.”

He couldn't help but recall the past scene with Zheng Dan.

If it weren’t because his body was so tough, he really might not have been able to detoxify the drug.

A gentle smile couldn't help but come to his face when he recalled Zheng Dan’s warmth and passion.

“Your smile is so obscene!” Yu Yanluo exclaimed.

“You actually have such despicable drugs! It looks as if I have really overestimated you today.”

Zu An said, “There is still another one I have not introduced yet.

This one is called ‘Worries Be Gone’…”

“Enough, enough.

Just hurry and ask me what you want to know!” Yu Yanluo interrupted him, her face red.

These drugs’ effects were getting worse and worse.

She didn’t even dare to continue listening to their effects.

Zu An chuckled.

If he had known it would be this way, he would have brought the medicines out earlier.

He reiterated, “The first question.

Why is your body different from other people’s” That was what he was the most curious about.

There was no way she had modified her body through primordial ki, right

Yu Yanluo hesitated, but the intimidation had worked.

She thus replied, “My constitution is special.

In the past, teacher passed on a special technique to me.

It allows me to change my build, allowing me to become more flexible and stronger than an ordinary person.

When you tried to seal my acupoint earlier, I moved that acupoint away.”

Zu An’s brow furrowed.

There was actually such a thing

He had to admit that this woman really was much more flexible than normal.

Any normal person bound in such a position would already be breaking down from pain, yet she seemed to be perfectly fine.

And yet, even so, he felt she wasn’t telling the complete truth.

But since she had replied, he couldn't go back on his word.

He continued, “Very good.

The second question is, how did you know I was not from the Peacock clan Was it because you knew that the Peacock clan participated in the scheme against Jian Yanyou”

“You clearly asked two questions!” Yu Yanluo’s eyes widened as she cried out in dissatisfaction.

Zu An sighed.

She was cute even when she threw a tantrum.

No wonder so many men had lost their minds over her over the years.

He coughed lightly and focused his thoughts, insisting, “Hurry up and answer my question.”

Yu Yanluo gave him a look.

She could only say, “Because Kong Qing and Jian Taiding’s relationship was always rather good, so their clansmen would never come here to ask me these questions.”

“Are you implying that Jian Taiding and Kong Qing colluded in the scheme against Jian Yanyou” Zu An asked.

“I do not know about that.” Yu Yanluo shook her head.

“I have only heard some rumors that the two sides had some dealings.”

“This matter is related to the life and death of your husband, and yet you can actually remain this calm” Zu An frowned.

“Rather than calling me and Yanyou husband and wife, it would be more accurate to call us  cooperating partners.

If something has happened to him, I will grieve for him, but that is all,” Yu Yanluo said calmly.

“His death really has nothing to do with you”


“Why should I trust you”

“Then why are you even asking me anything”

Zu An was momentarily speechless.

This woman really did know how to use logic to her advantage.

He could only change his question.

“Has Jian Taiding colluded with the fiend races, making a large profit off all manner of illegal smuggling over the years”

Yu Yanluo was clearly a bit hesitant.

However, Zu An picked up a bottle and began to wave it a few times.

She clenched her teeth and said, “Indeed, I have heard about Jian Taiding having a relationship with that side over the years.” This guy is too hateful! I really want to bite him right now!

“Are you not eaving something out From what I know, the Yu clan has participated as well,” Zu An said coldly.

Yu Yanluo’s beautiful brow furrowed.

She replied, “That is wrong.”

“Then what is going on with Yu Xuantao” Zu An quickly replied.

“Yu Xuantao is your uncle, an elder in the Yu clan.”

Yu Yanluo’s expression changed slightly.

She said, “You are right in that some troublemakers have appeared in the Yu clan, but that was his individual conduct.

He does not represent the Yu clan.”

“You are not telling me that as the leader of your clan, you had no idea that your own clansmen were colluding with the fiend races, are you” Zu An obviously wouldn’t believe her words.

“Because of some special reasons, I have delegated much of my authority in the past few years.

I did not pay attention to some of the details.

I did not expect the clan to be so daring, to actually dare to do something like this.” Yu Yanluo’s expression was overcast; she was clearly a bit upset at those people.

“Heh,” Zu An looked at her mockingly and asked, “Do you think these words are convincing at all”

Yu Yanluo said indifferently, “Our Yu clan operates the ki stone business; our wealth is unsurpassed in this world.

Perhaps others have motives for selfish profits, but I am the Yu clan’s leader.

The entire Yu clan is mine; why would I carry out these kinds of smuggling affairs with the fiend races For the sake of making money”

Zu An was stunned.

What she said made so much sense that he couldn't even argue back.

He wanted to ask something else, but Yu Yanluo was already impatient.

She exclaimed, “Zu An, have you asked me enough questions yet Hurry up and let me go already!”

Zu An was stunned.


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