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Chapter 1049: Did I Come at a Bad Time

Zu An took out something from inside his clothes just then.

Yan Xuehen didn’t think too much of it.

It was completely natural for cultivators to have their own personal magic artifacts, such as Zhuang Hetong’s golden brick.

By refining it for oneself and engraving special runes, those magic artifacts would be able to display great strength.

But Zu An wasn’t even at the master rank.

Just then, both he and Jian Taiding had suffered from their battle.

What could he possibly do even if he had a magic weapon

Just then, Zu An took out the yellow scroll.

His expression grew solemn, and he chanted in a clear voice, “I make a dedication to the heavens, accepting its mandate.

The emperor’s imperial order states…”

As his voice rang out, clouds began to gather in the skies above.

A mysterious pressure began to vaguely gather.

Yan Xuehen, Jian Taiding, Qiu Honglei, and Tang Tian’er were stunned.

The others present were speechless.

There were quite a few of them who were experienced and knowledgeable.

They obviously knew what an imperial decree was and just how terrifying its power was!

When she felt the pressure grow stronger and stronger around her, Yan Xuehen subconsciously thought of stopping Zu An’s incantation.

However, she quickly remembered her promise to him just a moment before that she wouldn't stop him.

She finally knew why he had brought up so many conditions with her!

If it had been anyone else, they might have immediately attacked, but she had always been someone who cared a lot about her identity and status.

How could she do something as shameful as going back on her word

But she didn’t have confidence in just standing there and taking on the emperor’s full-powered attack either.

As such, she kicked off, then quickly flew into the distance.

Meanwhile, Jian Taiding and Yu Xuantao, who had been half beaten to death, were swept up by an icy storm, quickly vanishing into the distance.

“Damn brat, we can say you got me today!”

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 666 666 666…

When he saw the other party disappear, Zu An put away the imperial decree again.

He sighed inwardly in relief.

He was thankful that Yan Xuehen came from a famous and prestigious sect, and that she was someone who honored her promises too.

Otherwise, with her grandmaster rank cultivation, there was no way he would have been able to use the imperial decree.

The imperial decree’s flaws were extremely obvious.

Its power was unmatched, but the cast time was way too long.

Even so, normally speaking, there would be the Imperial Envoy and guards protecting him while he read the imperial decree.

In that kind of situation, he could just read it calmly.

It didn’t matter much even if there was a cast time.

After all, the emperor hadn’t thought he would use it in this kind of solitary situation either.

Since the other party had run, there was no need for him to continue summoning the emperor’s power.

The thing was like a nuclear weapon; its threat was far greater than its actual use.

Just then, in the Imperial Palace ten thousand li away, the emperor suddenly opened his eyes.

He sensed that someone had been summoning his power, but it seemed to have been canceled.

His expression grew dark.

He called over Eunuch Wen and ordered, “Go and investigate what exactly happened in Cloudcenter Commandery!”

During the mission in Brightmoon City, Huang Huihong’s group of Embroidered Envoys hadn’t been able to use the imperial decree before they were killed.

If something similar happened again, what dignity would the imperial court have left

“Understood; this servant will go and investigate right now.” Eunuch Wen bowed respectfully when he sensed the other party’s anger.

The emperor waved his hand.

He walked over to the window and looked toward the northwest, and his face darkened.

Just then, in the Palace of Peace, the beautiful empress called in Eunuch Lu.

She asked, “Was there some strange disturbance in the world just now”

A hint of passion flashed through Eunuch Lu’s eyes when he saw her intoxicating curves.

However, it quickly disappeared.

He lowered his head and replied, “Indeed; someone seemed to have summoned his majesty’s power just now.”

“Oh” The empress immediately straightened up.

Her chest area was so full it looked as if her clothes were going to burst at a moment’s notice.

She mused, “Could it be that something happened to Zu An”

Eunuch Lu was a little jealous.

He replied.

“Zu An is someone crafty and quick-witted; his cultivation isn’t bad either.

Together with his identity as the Imperial Envoy, I don’t think anything will happen to him.

Furthermore, his majesty didn’t do anything just now, so I don’t believe the power was truly summoned over in Cloudcenter Commandery.”

The empress sighed and said, “I hope that’s the case.”

Eunuch Lu said enviously, “Your highness seems to care a lot about that Zu An.”

The empress caressed her long, gemstone-embedded fingernail covers.

She harrumphed lightly and said, “I’m just worried that there won’t be anyone to treat me if that fellow dies.

“This empress has spent this time cultivating, and yet even after cultivating for so long, the effects aren’t even as good as a single night with him.

It really is infuriating.”

“That guy’s constitution is a bit too strange,” Eunuch Lu said.

Even though he already knew about that, he still felt upset about it.

However, he didn’t show it on the surface and instead said considerately, “Your highness, don’t worry.

Once he comes back, this old servant will bring him over to treat your injuries.”

“Little Lu, look at how considerate you are.” The empress felt her teeth ache when she recalled what had happened the last time she sought Zu An out.

“He actually used all sorts of excuses to avoid me the last few times I sought him out! Could it be that this empress isn’t pretty enough, that my status isn’t great enough”

Eunuch Lu bent down and said with an apologetic smile, “Your highness is worried about too much.

You’re the prettiest and most noble woman in the world.”

The empress harrumphed and asked, “Then tell me, why does he keep avoiding me”

“He’s probably scared that his majesty will find out,” Eunuch Lu explained.

The empress thought to herself for a moment.

“Then we’ll find some nearby royal family property to stay in for a period of time, then call him over.

That way, he can just go at it with leisure, right”

“Your highness is wise and brilliant.” Eunuch Lu felt incredibly jealous, but his breathing quickened as he added,.

“If your highness leaves for a few days from time to time, it won’t draw any attention later even if you leave the palace.”

The empress replied, “It’s still you who considers the bigger picture.

I’ll leave these matters for you to handle then.”

She indeed rarely left the palace these years.

That was why she had to make some preparations ahead of time.


This servant will definitely take care of this matter.” Eunuch Lu slowly withdrew after a bow.

Inside the Eastern Palace, Bi Linglong stood by her window, staring into the horizon in a daze.

Her maid Rong Mo quickly brought over a woven wool cloak to cover her, exclaiming, “Crown princess, it is so cold outside.

Be careful, or else you might catch a cold!”

Bi Linglong subconsciously asked, “Isn’t it even colder right now over in Cloudcenter Commandery”

Rong Mo’s expression was strange.

She asked, “Is the crown princess worried about Sir Zu”

Bi Linglong was surprised; only then did she realize that she had spoken out of place.

However, she reacted quickly.

Her expression quickly returned to normal as she said, “Sir Zu represents our Eastern Palace, after all.

It would be unfavorable for the crown prince if he failed his mission.”

Rong Mo felt relieved when she heard that.

She said, “Crown princess, you don’t need to worry too much.

Sir Zu’s cultivation is high, and he also has the Imperial Envoy with him.

How could anything happen to him”

“But I just sensed that something was happening in the sky… Someone was using the imperial decree to summon his majesty’s power, but it didn’t end up going through.” Bi Linglong looked a bit worried and added, “I wonder if they gave up on using it or if the enemy interrupted its usage.”

“The crown princess worries too much.

Cloudcenter Commandery is part of the court’s domain; who dares to do anything to the Imperial Envoy” Rong Mo replied in consolation.

“I hope that’s the case.” Bi Linglong turned around and returned to her bed.

She added, “Right, gather some information from the Embroidered Envoy and Imperial Secretariat tomorrow.

See if there are any new developments from Cloudcenter Commandery.”


Crown princess, please get some rest.” Rong Mo helped Bi Linglong pull up her covers.

After she withdrew, she thought to herself, Why do I suddenly feel like the crown princess is bigger than before I’ll have to find a chance to ask her about that later.

I want to make some progress too!

Meanwhile, Bi Linglong was tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep. Zu An, that idiot.

He didn’t even send a single letter back after so long!

Even though their status was sensitive, at least he could write a letter to the crown prince, right He really is a dummy!


Just then, at the Zhenyuan Merchant Group compound, Zu An sneezed.

“Ah Zu, what’s wrong” Qiu Honglei quickly rushed over to support him.

“I’m fine.

Maybe someone is thinking about me,” Zu An said with a chuckle.

Qiu Honglei had a worried expression as she looked at his blood-soaked clothes.

She replied, “Your injuries are so serious; how can you be fine” She took out some medicine and helped him take it.

“Thank you.” Zu An couldn't help but grab her hand.

There was no way he would forget about how she had stood in front of him earlier with her life on the line.

“Why do we still need to say things like that between us” Qiu Honglei smiled.

Then, she carefully helped him bandage up his wounds.

Even though she knew his body was special, when she saw that his stab wounds were already about to close, she still jumped in fright.

“Ahem!” Someone coughed lightly nearby.

Qiu Honglei’s entire body trembled.

She quickly turned around and exclaimed, “Master!”

Zu An was alarmed.

He followed the source of the sound and saw a beautiful woman with hair that reached all the way down to her waist standing on a treetop.

It was already deep into winter, so the trees were completely bare.

The branch she stood on was incredibly thin, to the extent that it would sway back and forth if even a bird were to rest on it.

However, as she stood there, the branch didn’t tremble in the slightest.

With the moon hanging from the sky as an elegant background, she really looked as if she had arrived from the moon.

“Did I come at a bad time, disturbing your lovey-dovey time” Even though Yun Jianyue was smiling, there was a dangerous look in her eyes.

“Not at all…” Qiu Honglei jumped in fright.

She quickly jumped away from Zu An and said, “I just happened to run into Ah Zu.”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

Then, her gaze landed on Zu An and she said, “You know the method she cultivates, that she cannot let her emotions cloud her judgment.

Why do you still insist on being around her”

“Um…” For some reason, now that he was facing Yun Jianyue, Zu An didn’t feel as scared as when he had faced Yan Xuehen.

He said, “We only carry feelings for each other and know where to draw the line; we aren’t really tangled around each other.”

Yun Jianyue knew that he was a mischievous person and didn’t bother arguing with him about that.

She looked into the distance and said, “I seem to have sensed Yan Xuehen’s aura.

Where did she go”


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