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Chapter 1043: A Cat Has Nine Lives

Apart from the white patterned black robed man who continued to monitor the situation from the air, the other black robed individuals quickly entered the room.

But they immediately cried out in alarm when they took just a few steps in.

That yellow patterned black robed man also saw Tang Tian’er currently bathing.

He closed the door in fright and gestured for the others to not go inside.

“Who let you all in!” Tang Tian’er screamed in fury.

She wrapped her arms around her chest tightly, hiding her body underwater.

Only her head was exposed as she stared at everyone.

The yellow patterned black robed man said with a forced smile, “Young miss, there was a thief who heard too many secrets, so we have to find him.

Furthermore, he is currently nearby, so it would be bad if he disturbed the young miss.

It’s not a bad idea for us to inspect this place and make sure that it is safe.”

Tang Tian’er said with a sneer, “I didn’t see any thief come in here and instead only saw you all.”

The yellow patterned black robed man replied, “That person excels in stealth.

We didn’t even notice him at first.

That is why the young miss must not be careless.”

The others already didn’t care about Tang Tian’er at all.

They quickly searched the room.

The room wasn’t too large.

With their cultivation, they quickly examined all of the different areas.

They shook their heads towards each other, clearly not finding anything.

Tang Tian’er suddenly felt her body tremble slightly.

Her face became completely red.

The blue patterned black robed man walked closer and said with a low and muffled voice.

“Why is your face so red Why is your heart beating so fast”

With their cultivation, it wasn’t difficult for them to hear Tang Tian’er’s heartbeat at all.

“I am taking a bath, yet you idiots barged in.

How can my face not be red, how can my heart not be beating fast!” Tang Tian’er immediately screamed out.

But who would’ve thought that the blue patterned black robed man didn’t believe her.

He instead walked closer to the bath and looked inside.

But there was a layer of flower petals on the surface, so he couldn't see inside.

In order to smell better after their shower, noble ladies would often bathe with flower petals sprinkled into the water.

However, sprinkling so many of them was a bit too much.

“What are you doing” Tang Tian’er became nervous.

She moved further and further inside the bath, the water already about to touch her lips.

That blue patterned black robed man wore a cloak and a mask.

Tang Tian’er couldn't see the other party’s real appearance at all.

That blue patterned black robed man didn’t reply.

He instead slowly reached out his hand, as if he was going to brush aside the flower petals.

Tang Tian’er said with a cold voice.

“Is that thief you are talking about male or female”

The blue patterned elder was stunned, clearly not expecting her to ask this.

He subconsciously replied.


Tang Tian’er harrumphed.

“Then don’t tell me that you think I’ll be hiding a man in the waters with how I am right now, right”

The blue patterned black robed man hesitated.

This indeed didn’t make sense.

Tang Tian’er then said, “To me, it looks like you are trying to take advantage of me using this chance.

How old are you, yet you are still full of lust Disgusting!”

The others looked at that blue patterned black robed man with strange expressions too.

This young lady was currently taking a bath, the flower petals at least hid her body.

But if there weren’t any flower petals, with their powerful sight, wouldn’t they see everything

“Damn brat!” The blue patterned black robed man immediately panicked.

He definitely didn’t want this type of reputation associated with him.

The yellow patterned black robed man stepped forward and blocked in front of the bathtub.

“We’ve already searched this place.

Our top priority should be finding that thief.

Let’s not waste any more time here.”

This was the territory of the Zhenyuan Merchant Group after all, so they had to give him at least this level of respect.

They quickly walked out, and even the most unwilling blue patterned black robed man didn’t say anything else.

“We’ve disturbed you.” That yellow patterned black robed man nodded towards Tang Tian’er, and then he helped her close the door behind him.

Sounds of them leaving sounded soon afterwards.

That maid called Little Chan ran over in in alarm.

“Young miss, young miss, are you okay”

Tang Tian’er gave her a furious look.

“How could I be okay when all those men came in”

“Ah” Little Chan was so shocked she began to stutter.

“Young miss, they… they…”

Tang Tian’er said impatiently, “What are you thinking I was just a bit startled when so many people barged in while I was taking a bath.”

Her face turned red as she talked more and more.

“Get out already and make sure no one else comes in! If anyone else comes in, I’m going to sell you to Jasper Lane!”

“Ah, no, young miss!” Little Chan was scared badly.

“Why are you still standing there” Tang Tian’er shot her a look.

If it wasn’t because she heard the maid do her best to stop those individuals, she really might have punished her harshly after what just happened.

Only when Little Chan went outside, did Tang Tian’er lean backwards a bit.

She lowered her head and said, “You can come out now.”

There was a splash sound, and then Zu An came out from the water.

He wiped the water from his face, and then said with his hands cupped, “Thank you, young miss, for saving me.”

Tang Tian’er nudged her head to the side.

Her voice was incredibly soft.

“If you really are thankful, then stop looking at me already.”

Only now did Zu An react.

His face couldn't help but heat up.

He quickly jumped out of the bath and turned around.


He used his ki as he spoke.

He had natural affinity with water by using Blue Mallard, so there wasn’t much water that actually touched his body.

His clothes were soon completely dry again.

It was precisely because of the Blue Mallard skill that his sight wasn’t affected at all when he was hiding in the water.

He saw everything he should and shouldn’t see.

The other party’s skin really is fair! It was fair to the point where there wasn’t even the slightest blemish.

By her lower abdomen was a red design that was a bit like a flame, but also like a flower.

It was quite exquisite, unknown if it was naturally produced or if it was something imprinted there.

That scene really was just too shocking.

Even though he was always trying to keep it out of his mind, that scene still appeared in his head clearly.

Sigh, she might just kill me if she knew what I was thinking, right

It would be embarrassing for everyone if he talked about it, so he only continued to remain silent.

Water splashing and rustling noises sounded behind him.

This was clearly Tang Tian’er getting dressed.

For the sake of hiding his awkwardness, he took out a pill and handed it backwards.

“This is for you.”

“What is this Are you trying to feed me poison again” Tang Tian’er said angrily.

She was still upset about how he forced her to eat that ‘Pill of Alteration’.

“It was my fault last time and I shouldn’t have forced the young miss to ingest poison.

I am indebted to you for disregarding your former hatred, so I am giving you the antidote.” Zu An said sincerely.

The poison was fake, so this antidote was obviously fake too.

It was just a normal nourishing medicine.

However, in order to help the other party feel at ease, he had to give her this antidote.

“An antidote” Tang Tian’er adjusted her waist while looking at the pill with an ambiguous smile. This guy still doesn’t know that I already know his Pill of Alteration is fake, huh

He still wants to trick me!

But she didn’t expose him and just stored that pill away.

“I guess you at least have some conscience.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

When he turned around, he saw that she was dressed in a loose white robe.

Since she had just taken a shower, her skin was fair with a rosy tint, her drenched hair casually draped over her shoulders.

She really was as beautiful as a lotus flower.

“Are you still going to keep staring Haven’t you already seen enough” Tang Tian’er grumbled.

She subconsciously tightened her clothes.

Zu An coughed lightly and quickly changed the topic.

“Right, it looks like Zhenyuan Merchant Group’s people respect you quite a bit.

Just what kind of status do you really have”

He absolutely refused to believe that a normal Hub of Freedom hostess could receive this level of treatment.

Tang Tian’er replied, “They treat me that way because Zhenyuan Merchant Group was started by my family.”

Zu An: “”

Even though he had his own suspicions, he never expected to hear this type of answer.

“Your family”


Zu An needed a moment to completely digest this information.

After all, he seemed to have heard the people here call first miss.

Furthermore, that yellow patterned black robed man’s respect for her was definitely not faked.

“Then why in the world would you go to the Hub of Freedom to be a hostess” This was what Zu An couldn't understand the most.

Tang Tian’er harrumphed.

She turned around, letting her dress twirl around her, and then she sat down in a confident manner.

“I hate managing my clan’s matters, so I like to travel and pretend to be all types of different people, experiencing what life is like for others.

Aren’t I amazing”

“Yeah, you’re pretty amazing.” But inside, Zu An thought, you don’t want to live your life as a first miss, but instead want to be a servant somewhere else Doesn’t that mean that there’s something wrong with your head

“What about you Why are you here” Tang Tian’er picked up some fruits that had been prepared beforehand and ate them.

At the same time, she pushed the plate of fruits towards Zu An.

“According to what they were saying, you seem to have heard some secrets”

Zu An was obviously not in the mood to eat anything.

After some hesitation, he still said, “I was investigating a case.

I received some intelligence that stated the killer might be in Zhenyuan Merchant Group, so I came for a look.

I didn’t expect to just happen to run into their meeting.

Sure enough, the killer was among them, but there were just too many experts.

That was why I had to remain hidden.”

Tang Tian’er smiled.

“They really are pretty formidable.

The fact that you were able to keep your life under their joint search is quite the rare feat as well.”

Zu An was stunned.

“You know who they are”


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