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Chapter 1034: Sinister Glint

Sang Hong thought about their recent interactions.

That Golden Token Eleven was indeed mysterious, so he didn’t force the issue either.

On the contrary, Pei You was still excited about what had just happened, exclaiming, “Sir Eleven really is too cool! There were so many soldiers, but he easily took all of them down! Do we even need to fear Jian Taiding’s army in the future”

“If only things were that simple.” Sang Hong was clearly more experienced.

“A true army would have measures to deal with such soundwave-type skills.” He wasn’t too certain about whether it was a sound attack or a soul attack, however.

Back then, he had even felt his own soul tremble.

“Either way, he was really cool.

If I ever get the chance, I definitely have to ask him for some tips.

If I could learn anything from him, just how great would that be” Pei You’s eyes were shining.

He was already starting to imagine himself knocking out everyone with a single instrument.

Zu An coughed and said, “I don’t think that’s something you can learn.”

“Tsk, my talent is top-notch among my peers…” Pei You gave Zu An a look, but then his confidence immediately fell.

“Even though I’m not as great as Brother Zu, I’m still pretty good myself.

Why can’t I learn something like that”

Zu An had a strange expression.

That was Daji’s unique skill.

Forget about the fact that she couldn't speak, even if she could, she wouldn’t be able to teach it.

“Enough, enough.

It definitely has something to do with cultivation.

Your cultivation isn’t high enough right now, so even if you forcibly try to learn it, it might just harm you instead,” Sang Hong said with the attitude of a senior.

Pei You nodded and replied, “Sir Eleven’s cultivation is indeed deep and immeasurable.

Just what level has he reached Maybe he’s already at the master rank”

Sang Hong shook his head and said, “I cannot see through him either.

His cultivation is clearly not that high, yet the strength he has displayed is extremely shocking.” Just confusing so many soldiers at the same time was something he himself definitely wasn’t capable of.

“I was a bit worried at first, but now, I realized just how mistaken I was.

Anyone who could become a golden token envoy would definitely be an exceptional expert.” Sang Hong sighed in amazement.

“Now that we have Golden Token Eleven with us, as well as Ah Zu, there is nothing to fear even if Jian Taiding rebels.”

Zu An was just drinking some tea to moisten his throat, but he almost choked when he heard that.

He felt he had to remind the other party, “Um… Even though Sir Eleven is deep and immeasurable, we can’t rely on him too much.

After all, his mission might not be the same as ours, or else he wouldn’t have refused to meet with us all this time.

Furthermore, he’s hiding in the shadows, so we might not be able to promptly contact him.

What if he just happens to be missing if there really is some conflict”

He was fully aware of Sang Hong’s ability to plot.

He worried that Sang Hong might overestimate his strength and make an error in judgment, so he decided to make things clear ahead of time.

Sang Hong nodded when he heard that, remarking, “It is still Ah Zu who is the most meticulous.

What you say is entirely possible.

Then from here on out, we will make our plans assuming that he will not be there.”

Zu An took the chance to ask, “Should we interrogate Dong Jin first for now” He had to talk about himself with other people, and even pretend he didn’t know that it was him.

It really did feel strange.

There would definitely be some holes to exploit if he used Daji to act as Golden Token Eleven, too.

He worried that some problems might arise if they continued the topic.

“Alright.” Sang Hong had planned to express his thanks to Sir Eleven first, then discuss the following situation with him.

Since Sir Eleven wasn’t present, interrogating Dong Jin was top priority.

He added, “Bring Xiao Jianren with us.”

Xiao Jianren was a silver token envoy.

Things like investigating cases were his specialty.

Since Golden Token Eleven wasn’t there, he was the highest-ranked among the Embroidered Envoys.

They quickly arrived at the temporary prison cell, where Dong Jin was sitting on the bed dejectedly.

The Armed Escort Army had already treated his wounds with medicine.

Even though his injuries were severe, there was no danger to his life.

“Sir Dong, speak.

Who sent you to cause trouble here” Sang Hong asked coldly.

“No one sent me here.

I only came to ask for an explanation after Sir Magistrate was captured without reason,” Dong Jin replied.

At the same time, he gave Zu An a look.

That fellow looked weak and delicate.

It really was hard to imagine that his body carried such terrifying explosive strength.

“We had just captured him, and yet you immediately rushed over with your men.

How could things be that much of a coincidence” Sang Hong harrumphed.

“Do not try to use the city watch as an excuse.

There is no way you could have moved that quickly even if you had spies among everyone in the city.”

After some hesitation, Dong Jin replied, “It seems I was schemed against by someone.

Some subordinates reported to me what happened, and they even said that Sir Magistrate was requesting for help.

I did not think too much about it at the time and just rushed over.”

“Who were these subordinates” Xiao Jianren asked.

At the same time, he took out a little booklet and began to write in it.

“Zhang Yong, Wang Hu, Zhao Wei…” Dong Jin said a few names.

Then, he added, “It was precisely the ones who ended their own lives earlier.

I did not expect them to be deathsworn soldiers sent by someone else.

This humble one has really been done in badly this time.”

Sang Hong sneered.

“Are you trying to push all of these things onto the dead After all, the dead cannot testify.”

“I really am not lying.” Dong Jin began panicking.

Back then, those people had informed him privately about what had happened, and he didn’t have anyone else to serve as a witness.

He frantically tried to think of a way to free himself of guilt.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he said, “Right, just now, those deathsworn soldiers were trying to make the situation go even more out of hand.

If both sides really fought, I would most likely die.

Why would I have my own men send me to my death Furthermore, I am only a Chief Officer.

I do not have the ability to raise so many deathsworn soldiers.”

Sang Hong gave the others a look.

Then Xiao Jianren said, “Whether or not that is the case is up to us to decide.

Tell us those individuals’ family backgrounds, their own history, interpersonal relationships, and other such things in detail.

Do not omit anything.”

“Very well, that is no problem at all.” Dong Jin was no longer as nervous as before.

He quickly told them the requested information.

When they saw they couldn't get any more information out of him, Sang Hong and the others withdrew.

“What do you all think” Sang Hong asked with a frown.

“Dong Jin shouldn’t be lying.

These kinds of deathsworn soldiers are something only great clans with powerful backgrounds can raise.

I’ve looked through Dong Jin’s background as well.

He comes from a humble background and couldn’t possibly have raised them,” Pei You said.

As someone from a top-level clan, he had the qualifications to make such a judgment.

“Then who exactly is causing all of this trouble” Zu An mused.

He agreed with Pei You.

A trifling Chief Officer didn’t have that much ability.

“Even though the current situation is complicated, there is a principle that will allow us to see through the root of the matter,” Sang Hong said.

“Whomever has the most to benefit from this matter is the most suspicious.”

“Jian Taiding!” Zu An and Pei You blurted out at the same time.


The Civil Affairs Manor and Military Affairs Manor do not get along, with both sides keeping each other in check.

Now that Zuo Su has been stripped from his position, and something has happened to the Chief Officer and his other trusted aides, Jian Taiding will become more powerful here than ever before.” Sang Hong was full of worry.

He felt as if he had been caught in Jian Taiding’s schemes, and yet had no choice but to play along.

After all, Zuo Su and his collusion with the fiend races was too big of a matter.

“I just feel like something isn’t quite right,” Zu An said with a frown.

However, he couldn't exactly say what part it was either.

Just then, Xiao Jianren wrapped up his interrogation and came out of the prison cell.

Sang Hong said, “Sir Xiao, I must trouble you to look into the backgrounds of those deathsworn soldiers, to see if there are any clues we can obtain from them.” However, since they were deathsworn soldiers, their backgrounds had most likely been forged.

He could only hope that there was some mistake or hole to be exploited.

“Understood!” Xiao Jianren replied.

He was just about to leave when Zu An stopped him.

Zu An asked, “Golden Token Eleven informed me that he told you to ask your men to keep an eye on King Qi’s heir earlier.

Were there any discoveries”

“King Qi’s heir has remained inside and rarely goes out.

Apart from visiting the Pei clan from time to time, the other times he leaves are only to buy some small gifts, food, clothes, and other such things for Miss Pei,” Xiao Jianren reported.

“No one else paid him a visit”

“No one.”

“How often does he visit the Pei clan’

“Almost everyday.”

When he saw that Zu An didn’t have any more questions, Xiao Jianren cupped his hands and left to investigate the deathsworn soldiers’ backgrounds.

Pei You clicked his tongue and said, “I didn’t expect this King Qi’s heir to be such an affectionate person.

He’s actually that enthusiastic about visiting that cousin of mine.”

“Something’s not right!” Zu An exclaimed, suddenly standing up.

“Even though that Zhao Zhi is insufferably arrogant and has many flaws, he definitely wouldn’t ignore his main mission because of a pretty girl.

Furthermore, Big Manman… Ahem, even if Zhao Zhi is sex-crazed, King Qi would never permit such a thing.

The Pei clan is suspicious!”

“How so” Pei You jumped in fright.

Even though Pei Shao wasn’t from the same branch as him, they were both from the Pei clan.

He was still worried that they might have really committed a tremendous crime.

“It’s hard to say for now.

We need to investigate further to know more.” Zu An already couldn't sit still anymore.

Pei You asked, “Should I go with you Since I’m also from the Pei clan, they might show me a bit of respect.”

“There was no need.

It’ll be more convenient for me to move alone,” Zu An replied.

What kind of joke was that With Big Manman, the best spy, would he need anyone else

“That is alright too.

You need to be careful!” Sang Hong remarked, entrusting Zu An with that task.

Zu An nodded and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Afterward, Sang Hong said to Pei You, “Have more people look over Zuo Su.

You cannot let him have any contact with anyone outside.”

“Leave it to me.

I’ll guard him personally.

Not even a fly will be able to approach him.” Pei You accepted the task and left.

Pei You arrived at the prison soon afterward and sat down in meditation.

He released his ki to monitor everything in his surroundings.

In the dead of night, he suddenly opened his eyes.

A sinister glow flickered within them.


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