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Chapter 1033: Mysterious

“Of course not!” Xu Yu jumped in fright.

He turned around to look at the soldiers, exclaiming, “Why aren’t you lowering your weapons yet Hurry up and drop them!”

He was the number two figure in Cloudcenter Commandery’s court.

Normally, he was on equal footing with Zuo Su as well.

He had high prestige.

As such, when they heard him speak, all of the soldiers lowered their weapons.

They didn’t want to rebel either.

After someone took the lead, their weapons fell with a clatter, one after another.

Sang Hong thus said, “Chief Officer Dong Jin has coerced the commandery’s troops to attack the Imperial Envoy’s temporary official residence.

He ought to be executed on the spot, but out of consideration for the fact that he was worried about Sir Magistrate’s safety, it is pardonable to a certain degree.

We will keep him in custody for now.

If it has been proven that he has nothing to do with the current case, we will then release him.

“For the time being, Gao Ying will take his place as acting Chief Officer to maintain the safety of Cloudcenter Commandery.”

Gao Ying was stunned.

However, he reacted quickly.

When he heard that, he immediately led an Armed Escort Troop into the center of the commandery’s troops, exclaiming, “This subject will not let you down!”

For someone like him who was the disciple of an influential clan, a trifling Chief Officer position naturally didn’t matter.

However, they needed to control the military leadership position.

Sang Hong nodded.

Gao Ying was a dependable young man.

With him as the Chief Officer, even though they might not be able to control the soldiers in the short term, having someone there would definitely be of use later on.

Of course, that mission was dangerous.

If the middle and upper level military officials had thoughts of rebellion, Gao Ying would be in danger.

But they couldn't be bothered with all of that at the moment.

He gave Xu Yu a look and asked, “Does Vice Magistrate Xu Have any objections to these arrangements”

Xu Yu’s expression changed slightly, but he still immediately replied, “Stabilizing the situation is naturally the most important.

How could this lowly official have any objections” He then waved his hands toward the soldiers and asked, “Why aren’t you greeting your new Chief Officer yet”

“We greet Sir Chief Officer.” The soldiers greeted Gao Ying in a weak and dispirited manner.

All of them were clearly forced to do so, helpless in their situation.

“Gao Ying, take them back and have them return to their positions.

Don’t let those evildoers have any opportunities to exploit,” Sang Hong commanded.

He wanted the soldiers to leave first to avert crisis.

As for how they were going to be appeased once they were brought away, that would be up to Gao Ying’s ability.

Judging from their interactions so far, he believed Gao Ying had sufficient ability.

“I have received your orders!” Gao Ying bowed.

He called over a group of Armed Escort soldiers, then left with the local soldiers.

Sang Hong looked at Xu Yu after they left, saying, “The timing of Sir Xu’s arrival really is quite the coincidence.”

The man hadn’t come too early or too late.

He had appeared as soon as they had already calmed down the situation.

How could others not find that suspicious

Xu Yu said with a forced smile, “I rushed over as soon as I heard the news.

Even though I came a bit late, at least things didn’t go completely out of control.

Sir Sang, what exactly happened Why did you suddenly capture Sir Zuo”

What he was saying was, ‘Even though I came a bit later, I helped you take in the commandery’s troops.

Even if I didn’t do too much, I still helped you here.’

Sang Hong sensed his implied meaning, so he naturally didn’t act out.

He was just about to reply when he heard the sound of hooves rushing in.

There were several troops rushing over from afar.

The ones in the lead were Jian Taiding, Pei Shao, Yu Xuansu, Yu Xuanqing, and some other officials.

Jian Taiding’s horse arrived first.

He asked coldly, “Sir Sang, why was there such a huge disturbance” A group of soldiers followed behind him.

Compared to the city defense soldiers, they were clearly well trained.

Sang Hong said with a sneer, “Chief Officer Dong Jin surrounded the Imperial Envoy’s temporary official residence.

Could it be that Sir Jian wishes to follow in his example”

Jian Taiding narrowed his eyes, but didn’t reply.

A strange silence fell.

Sang Hong stood in place proudly.

Even though the other party was a master rank cultivator and had more troops, they were the Imperial Envoy.

They had the imperial court behind them, as well as Golden Token Eleven there as backup.

Zu An stood next to Sang Hong.

He was worried that Jian Taiding might have shown up to cause trouble.

He had to protect this father-in-law of his.

Sang Hong felt warm inside when he saw that.

As expected, it was one’s own family who would be the most reliable.

Jian Taiding laughed and said, “Sir Sang worries too much.

I merely heard that Sir Zuo was captured, so I came to see what exactly happened.

That’s all.” He jumped off of his horse as he spoke.

All of the tense officials sighed in relief.

They really had been worried that something would have happened out of a moment of rashness.

If that happened, who would they as Cloudcenter Commandery officials side with If they helped Jian Taiding, they would be traitors once the court pursued the matter.

If they helped the Imperial Envoy, however, they might not even live to see tomorrow.

Sang Hong also released a small sigh of relief.

He said, “I received a report that Sir Zuo has colluded with the fiend races, and that he was involved in the smuggling of ki stones and the court’s strictly regulated strategic resources.

That was why we took Sir Zuo into custody.

If we investigate the matter and find out that Sir Zuo is innocent, we will naturally uphold justice for him.”

Even though the officials had all heard some rumors, they still couldn't help but become alarmed when they heard Sang Hong confirm it himself.

“There is definitely a misunderstanding in play here!”

“Sir Zuo has always been cautious and conscientious.

Why would he collude with the fiend races”

“Someone has definitely framed him here!”

Sang Hong’s eyes scanned over the noisy officials and he remarked indifferently, “All of you who are speaking right now, do you dare to place your own clans on the line to vouch for Sir Zuo”

Those people’s expressions immediately froze. We were merely speaking out for him a bit as colleagues; you didn’t have to put it like that, did you

Since Sang Hong dared to capture Zuo Su, that meant that he definitely had a certain amount of proof.

Who dared to vouch for him right now in such a situation If there really was something wrong with Zuo Su, wouldn’t they all be finished

Just then, Jian Taiding remarked, “I wonder who the one who issued that report was And what kind of proof was it that made Sir Sang immediately carry out arrests”

Sang Hong remained expressionless and said, “We have the obligation to keep the confidentiality of the one who issued the report, as well as to ensure their safety.

As for the proof, please forgive us for not speaking of it before our investigations have been completed.”

Seeing how tight-lipped the other party was being, Jian Taiding became a bit annoyed and said, “I heard that quite a few officials lost their lives when they were captured by your men.

Even if you are investigating a case, you need to abide by the rules, right How can you just kill them without properly investigating things”

As he had spoken out first, the others became restless.

They all began to condemn the imperial envoy’s people.

They were also Cloudcenter Commandery officials, so who knew if they might be next for such a thing

Zu An spoke up just then.

“We weren’t the ones who killed them.

By the time we found them, they had either fled or already died.

In other words, it was the mastermind behind everything who planned all of this.

If Sir Jian knows anything, please feel free to share your findings.

Who in Cloudcenter Commandery could do something like this”

Jian Taiding’s expression changed.

Zu An’s words were clearly indirectly making insinuations against him.

Who else apart from him in Cloudcenter Commandery would be capable of something like that Even the other officials present couldn't help but look toward him.

Jian Taiding was furious inside, but he couldn't show it.

He replied, “Forgive me for being ill-informed and narrow-minded.

I did not know there was someone like that in Cloudcenter Commandery.”

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 236 236 236…

He didn’t want to continue with the topic and turned to Sang Hong, asking, “Sir Sang, can we meet with Sir Zuo” 

Sang Hong shook his head, saying, “We have not completed the investigation of the case yet.

In order to prevent unwanted exchanges of information, we currently cannot permit Sir Zuo to come into contact with anyone else.”

Jian Taiding’s face darkened.

He replied, “Sir Sang’s words are implying that we colluded with Sir Zuo” The other officials also spoke up, unsatisfied that they were being suspected as well.

Sang Hong said indifferently, “That is not what this official meant.

However, the current case is full of oddities, so we must treat it with extreme caution.

Our decision was made for everyone’s sake, so we do not end up implicating everyone in this case.

“If Sir Zuo is innocent, everyone else will not be affected by this case.

However, if things really are as the reports stated, I fear that right now is when his accomplices would wish to meet with him most urgently.”

He looked at all those present as he spoke.

Jian Taiding’s breath caught in his throat.

Since the other party had already said that,  if he continued to insist, wouldn’t that just prove the accusation that he was conspiring with Zuo Su He said before storming off in a huff, “Then I hope that Sir Sang can get to the bottom of this case as quickly as possible so Cloudcenter Commandery does not enter a state of chaos.”

With Jian Taiding’s departure, the others asked to be excused as well.

Xu Yu wanted to say something several times, but in the end, he didn’t.

In the end, he released a long sigh and left.

After the officials left, Sang Hong ordered the Armed Escort Army, “Guard the surroundings of the residence.

Do not let even a single fly enter!”


Sang Hong had someone bring Dong Jin into his own cell, not giving him any chance to fabricate a story with Zuo Su.

Zu An took the chance to ask, “Why did Jian Taiding seem so concerned right after something happened to Zuo Su After all, I thought the two of them didn’t get along.”

Sang Hong said with a snort, “When has what people in the court said ever really matched up with what they think He probably wanted to take the chance to express his own innocence in the matter.

He might just be grinning from ear to ear right now.”

Pei You said gratefully, “It was a good thing that we had Sir Golden Token Eleven and Brother Zu here just now.

Otherwise, if we really fought, we would have suffered endless casualties.”

Sang Hong raised his head toward the second floor, asking, “Where is Sir Eleven Hurry and invite him over.

We need to properly thank him.” He also wanted to properly discuss their following plans with him.

However, the guards quickly returned and reported, “Sir Eleven has disappeared!”

Pei You exclaimed in admiration, “Sir Eleven really is mysterious.”

Sang Hong instead frowned, saying, “He didn’t even come to discuss things with us even in our current situation.”

Zu An coughed lightly and said, “I believe Sir Eleven definitely has his own reasons.

However, he’ll definitely continue to watch over us in the shadows.

Let’s try to deal with this matter ourselves first.”


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