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Chapter 1000: Primordial Ki’s Side Effect

“What do you mean ‘like this’” Zu An was stunned.

What was going on with her bashful expression Why did he feel that her ‘like this’ wasn’t all that honest

“Just like this, of course.” Tang Tian’er blushed a little.

“Help me treat my injuries like this.”

Zu An was speechless.

He said, “I’m only healing you like this because you're injured.

Do you want me to treat you like this even if you’re fine”

“You can just beat me up first then,” Tang Tian’er said matter-of-factly.

Zu An was stunned. This girl looks pretty smart normally.

Was she actually an M in the making

Tang Tian’er knew he had misunderstood when she saw his expression.

She quickly said, “It’s not what you’re thinking! It’s just that… This feels really good… I mean really comforting.”

“Comforting” Zu An almost burst out laughing.

“Did you suddenly get sick or something You were beaten up just now, yet you feel comforted”

“Oh my gosh, it’s not about getting hurt, but about healing! When you heal me…” Tang Tian’er jerked her body around.

“My entire body feels warm… I’ve never felt like this before.”

Zu An was stunned.

He wasn’t a stiff guy who couldn't figure such a thing out; it was just that he had never thought about that before.

When he saw the other party’s reddened face and how she looked as if she had more to say, wasn’t that just like what Chu Chuyan looked like back then The fourth layer of the Primordial Origin Sutra has this kind of effect too

Wasn’t there that blue pill, Viagra, from his previous world that had been created to help with heart disease or something But instead, it actually made guys have that kind of reaction… Later on, they decided not to use it for heart disease and just put it on the market to rescue a large amount of the male population.

Zu An was stupefied.

Why didn’t I realize that primordial ki had this kind of effect before

Then what if I have to treat guys in the future He immediately shivered when he imagined those men enjoying themselves.

Tang Tian’er grabbed his hands and placed them on her body.

She said resentfully, “You stopped again.”

Zu An was speechless. Why do I suddenly feel like I’m the one losing out here

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.

A voice called out, “Sir Zu, Sir Sang has returned.

He has invited you over to talk about some matters.”

With Sang Hong and Zu An’s relationship, he could just come over and look for Zu An.

However, officialdom had its rules, and so many people were watching.

Sang Hong’s official rank was higher, so it wasn’t too appropriate for him to come to a subordinate’s room.

That would easily cause rumors to spread.

“Alright, I’ll head over soon,” Zu An replied.

He then said to Tang Tian’er, “Your injuries are pretty much cured.”

“You don’t have to chase me out; I’ll just leave on my own, okay I don’t really want to meet an imperial envoy or whatever either.” Tang Tian’er licked her lips meaningfully.

“Don’t forget our promise~”

Zu An was speechless.

Tang Tian’er showed him a sweet smile, then leapt through the window, quickly disappearing into the dark night.

“What an elegant movement skill!” Zu An couldn't help but say in praise.

No wonder she had been able to seize Pei You’s jade pendant so easily, and even approach him without him noticing anything.

After seeing Tang Tian’er out, Zu An headed over to Sang Hong’s room.

He had thought that there would be other officials there, but Sang Hong was actually there alone.

“Help yourself to some tea.” Sang Hong didn’t act overly polite with Zu An.

He was busy hanging his heavy overcoat on a rack and changing into some inside clothing.

It seemed he had called Zu An over immediately after returning.

Zu An sat down in front of the table and said, “I heard respected uncle paid the Governor Manor a visit.”


The Governor Manor is in chaos right now.” Sang Hong walked over and said, “The fleet escorting the Devil Sect’s Saintess was attacked.

Do you know anything about that”

“I know a bit,” Zu An replied humbly.

“When Yi Commandery’s Martial Supervisor Yang Sheng came back, he mentioned that two experts and a large group of black-clad men came.

There was one at the ninth rank whose cultivation was even higher than his, and the other person was even more mysterious.

He couldn't figure out his exact cultivation, but two fingers were enough to stop the full-force sword thrust of Yi Commandery City Lord Liao Ling.” Sang Hong gave Zu An a look.

“I’ve met that Liao Ling before.

He has already broken through into the eighth rank, and he uses a sword nurtured by grand ki.

His sword ki is powerful, making him much stronger than other experts at the same level.”

Zu An pretended to be shocked.

“There’s actually someone in the world who can stop his sword with just two fingers Don’t tell me the Devil Sect’s sect master arrived”

Sang Hong rolled his eyes.

He clearly looked down on Zu An’s act.

He said, “No, it was a man, and he seemed to be young.

Judging from their description…” Sang Hong paused for a moment and gave Zu An a look, “He seemed to be around your age.”

Zu An laughed and replied, “Being able to stop a sword with two fingers is also my dream too, you know”

Sang Hong sighed.

“Sigh, the youngsters today are really on an entirely different level.

It’s really hard to believe.

When I was your age, my cultivation was only at the fifth or sixth rank.”

“It’s all thanks to the guidance of seniors like respected uncle,” Zu An said humbly.

Sang Hong chuckled.

There were many things that the two of them already knew about, so there was no need to point it out bluntly.

He said, “Compared to those two mysterious experts, there’s something else the Governor Manor is paying more attention to.

They suspect that there’s a traitor among them.”

“Traitor” Zu An had guessed that was probably the case before too.


The Governor Manor made that plan in the middle of the night, and in order to deceive everyone, they even rushed to move the next afternoon.

However, the Devil Sect had already prepared an ambush ahead of time.

What else could it be but a traitor’s doing” Sang Hong sneered.

“They even asked me if I leaked the plan to anyone else.”

He gave Zu An a deep look after saying that.

“I denied it, of course.

Our envoy’s people were all right here, so how could we have created such a disturbance At the very least, that ninth ranked cultivator couldn't possibly have come from us.”

Zu An laughed awkwardly.

“Respected uncle has penetrating insight, as expected.” Sang Hong obviously knew that he had participated in this matter, but he knew Zu An wasn’t the main force.

The matter of leaking out the Governor Manor’s plans was unrelated to him too.

“Then what did the Governor Manor find out so far” Zu An asked curiously.

Sang Hong shook his head.

“They actually found a vice official, but by the time they located him, he had already committed suicide.”

Zu An frowned and said, “He was probably silenced.”

“That is indeed a possibility.” Sang Hong’s expression was grave.

“The situation here in Yi Commandery is more complicated than we thought.”

Zu An remembered what Qiu Honglei had told him.

He tested the waters and asked, “I heard that ki stones that are supposed to go from Cloudcenter Commandery to the court often go missing in Yi Commandery.

Does the court have any ideas about that”

Sang Hong shook his head.

“The court has indeed paid attention to that matter, but his majesty can’t be bothered with that small problem right now.

He won’t do anything about it for some time too.”

Zu An thought, As expected. The emperor was currently focused on his battle against King Qi.

He might not even have sent anyone to investigate the disappearance of Cloudcenter Duke if it weren’t because he wanted to take down King Qi’s supporters, the Yu clan.

Zu An remembered that Cloudcenter Duke had already gone missing when he first transmigrated into this world.

So much time had already passed, yet only now was the case being investigated.

He then remembered Golden Token Seven’s reminder.

He couldn't help but ask, “Could it be that… There’s something wrong with King Yan”

“Shhh!” Sang Hong’s expression changed.

He gave the door a look, then said quietly, “Criticizing the king without reason is a crime punishable by death! If someone accuses us of that, things will get extremely troublesome.”

When he saw Zu An’s expression, he then continued, “I have a rough idea of what you’re thinking, but these things have nothing to do with our mission.

Yi Commandery’s matters are too muddled and complex; there’s no reason for us to get involved.”

“Respected uncle is correct.” Zu An bowed.

Whether King Yan was guilty or innocent indeed had nothing to do with him.

The only thing he needed to worry about was Qiu Honglei’s side.

But Qiu Honglei had her master to take care of her.

Her capture was something unexpected; if she were captured again… That master and disciple pair weren’t that stupid.

Sang Hong nodded in satisfaction, saying, “I’m going to restrict anyone from leaving the ship for the next few days.

I’ll try to deal with Yi Commandery’s court again tomorrow.

We’ll depart the morning after.”

“Understood!” Zu An now knew why Sang Hong didn’t want to have any dealings with Yi Commandery’s court.

As expected, it was easy to get caught up when one got involved even a little bit.

When Zu An left the room, Sang Hong suddenly stopped him, saying, “I heard you have a girl in your room The young should pay attention to their bodies.”

Zu An began sweating buckets.

He felt as if he had been caught by his father-in-law in a nightclub or something.

He said, “Respected uncle has misunderstood.

She just had some matters to discuss and has already left.”

Sang Hong gestured that he could leave with a smile.

He didn’t say anything, but his expression showed that he didn’t believe Zu An.

Zu An felt a huge headache.

After all, Sang Hong’s daughter was going to have a kid with him! Even though they didn’t have much of a relationship, seeking out other women in front of her father was a bit…

But I clearly didn’t do anything!

The worst part was that he couldn't even properly explain the matter.

Zu An returned to his room gloomily.

He had been running around for several days and had barely gotten any sleep.

He had used up quite a bit of energy treating Tang Tian’er, so he decided to use his leisure time to get some rest.

But when he got in bed, it was still warm.

It smelled strongly of a young lady, so he couldn't even fall asleep…


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