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Chapter 986: Unexpected Hit

Pei You and Gao Ying turned toward where Zu An was looking and were shocked.

Only now did they realize that there were already quite a few people gathered by the port where the imperial envoy was.

The one in the lead was precisely Sun Xun, who had left earlier.

“Don’t tell me he actually dares to start trouble with the imperial envoy” Pei You sneered.

They hadn’t even been all that scared of him when they were in the Hub of Freedom, let alone here where they were back on home turf.

Those from the capital’s major clans would always carry a bit of arrogance when meeting those from provincial areas.

They were even here on the emperor’s orders and part of the imperial envoy, so there were even fewer reasons for them to have any reservations.

Gao Ying was a bit calmer.

He said in an overcast voice, “Let’s get on the ship from the other side and see what’s going on first.”

Visiting the Hub of Freedom wasn’t anything too glorious.

Sun Xun might have come over to start a fuss.

None of them had revealed their faces in the Hub of Freedom, though, so they could just refuse to admit anything once they were asked about it.

They got back on the ship in secret.

Only after they changed their clothes did they come back out.

By then, Sang Hong had already received the other party.

Even though Sang Hong’s official post and cultivation were lower than those of the other party, his status as the imperial envoy forced Sun Xun to treat him carefully.

“Sir Sang, what is going on” the group walked over and asked.

Sang Hong said, “Let me introduce everyone.

This is Yan State’s Xiang Minister Sir Sun.

This is the Eastern Palace’s chamberlain, the Armed Escort Division Commander Zu An…”

After a round of introductions, they all greeted each other in a professional manner.

Sun Xun gave them a look, then said with an ambiguous smile, “So it was Sir Zu.

I’ve heard of your great reputation.

My visit here today was precisely to meet Sir Zu.”

Gao Ying and Pei You were alarmed. Did he already see through our identity

Only Zu An remained calm as he replied, “Oh I didn’t expect to have such an honor.

I wonder what Minister Sun needs”

Sun Xun said, “I’ve heard that Sir Zu has solved strange cases in the capital again and again.

This time, there is a tricky case I need Sir Zu’s help with.”

Sang Hong frowned and said, “I must ask for Minister Sun to excuse us.

We bear the emperor’s orders, so we are only going to be here for a short while.

I fear there will not be enough time to help with any local cases.” He was even a bit upset, thinking to himself that this Sun Xun really didn’t understand the rules. Did we come here to help you with your cases

But Sun Xun instead calmly said, “I really did not want to trouble the imperial envoys, but when we were just about to catch the criminal, we ran into someone claiming to be from the Armed Escort Division.

That was why some suspects had to be let go, and we could not continue our investigation.

That is also why I am asking for your respected selves’ help.”

Zu An’s group exchanged some looks.

They thought to themselves, As expected, it was unavoidable.

Sang Hong had already roughly guessed that this was something Zu An’s group had caused.

After all, they had left the ship not too long before.

But he was shrewd and sophisticated, not giving the three of them a look at all.

On the contrary, he instead asked, “Oh, was there something like that Did Sir Sun examine their identities After all, there are many daring individuals in the world now; there are even people who are willing to impersonate anyone.” He was a wily old fox in the field of politics.

He pushed the matter right back.

Sun Xun sighed.

“Our local men are limited in our knowledge and experience; we do not know how to discern between the real and fake Armed Escort.

Furthermore, impersonating the Armed Escort should be a huge crime.

I believe Sir Sang has a duty to help with this investigation, right”

“This…” Sang Hong was momentarily troubled.

If that really had happened, he actually did have an obligation to cooperate.

The very first thing he had to investigate was if any members of their envoy were involved.

While he was feeling troubled, Zu An asked, “Isn’t it just a case I don’t think it’ll take too long.

I’ll handle it.” He obviously didn’t want things to get out of hand either.

It’d be really annoying if everyone else got dragged into it too.

He knew who the main culprit was anyway, so it wouldn’t take much effort at all.

Sang Hong trusted in Zu An’s ability and agreed, knowing he had his own plans.

He thus nodded and said in agreement, “That’s fine as well; let us have Ah Zu help with this case.

However, our mission is urgent, so we can only stay here for one more day.

After that, regardless of whether there is a result or not, we need to leave.

Do you understand”

“I’ll do as you bid!” Zu An gave him a thumbs up inwardly.

As expected, the older the ginger, the hotter it was.

Sun Xun cursed Sang Hong inwardly for being an old fox.

That fellow had said that to Zu An without consulting him at all.

It was clearly to leave them a way out.

But regardless, as long as they were willing to participate, his objective had been met.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Sir Zu,” he said as he cupped his hands toward the other party.

“Sir Sun is being too polite.” Zu An frowned.

He just felt that there was something else that the other party was hiding, so he reminded himself to be careful as he asked, “May I ask what kind of case it is”

“Let us take a look at the scene of the crime.

How about we talk about the details along the way” Sun Xun suggested as he got up..

“Sure.” Zu An wasn’t too worried about the other party doing anything.

There were so many people who had seen Sun Xun invite him to help them with the case.

If something really did happen, he wouldn’t have anywhere to run at all.

Sang Hong frowned.

He gestured for Gao Ying, Pei You, and some other guards to accompany Zu An.

He and Zu An were allies, and because of Zu An’s relationship with his daughter, he saw Zu An as his own junior.

He obviously didn’t want to see anything bad happen.

Gao Ying and Pei You had the same intentions anyway, so they immediately followed behind Zu An with their men.

Zu An didn’t refuse them.

He had to enjoy his authority, so why would he have to play the hero and take on unnecessary risks

Sun Xun didn’t say anything either as he brought everyone to the city outskirts.

He had already recognized Pei You and Gao Ying from their auras.

As for Zu An, he wasn’t sure.

The other party was clearly only at the sixth rank, and yet there was something about his ki that made Sun Xun feel as if he couldn't see through Zu An at all.

It wasn’t quite the same as the prior number 333.

But judging from Gao Ying and Pei You’s reactions, he was likely that person.

Even though he knew that the three of them knew what was going on, Sun Xun still patiently explained Sun Ji’s case.

“My son was murdered by someone mercilessly.

I hope Sir Zu can help this humble one find the perpetrator!”

Gao Ying and Pei You had worried looks on their faces.

The death of Sun Xun’s son was quite the troublesome matter.

However, they didn’t know just why their brother Zu would be involved.

Zu An replied indifferently, “I’ll do my utmost.”

This is quite the performance you’re putting on. Sun Xun sneered.

You have successfully trolled Sun Xun for 444 444 444…

A while later, the group arrived at a forest.

Sun Xun said with a grieving expression, “This is where my son was harmed.

I had my men guard this area, so no one else has entered the scene of the crime yet.

I wonder if Sir Zu can help me find anything.” He stared at Zu An while saying that, as if he wanted to see if he could discern any panic or internal conflict from the other party’s expression.

However, he was completely disappointed.

Zu An was extremely calm, and he looked around the scene of the crime as if it were his first time there.

Then, he walked over to Sun Ji and the others’ corpses.

Sun Xun was stupefied and continued to stare at Zu An to see if he could start something.

After examining the place for a bit, Zu An asked, “Who did the young master not get along with normally”

Sun Xun replied, “My son has always been benevolent and helpful; he had no enemies.

If we really have to talk about enemies, then he encountered a guest 333 in the Hub of Freedom today.

A lot of conflict happened between the two of them.”

“Oh What kind of place is the Hub of Freedom” Zu An asked calmly.

Gao Ying and Pei You were both left in admiration. As expected of brother Zu! His composure really leaves us in shame.

Sun Xun was angry inside, but he still gave a rough explanation of what had happened.

You have successfully trolled Sun Xun for 222 222 222…

Zu An asked a few more questions, then said, “Judging from what you’re saying, that number 333 didn’t have the time to commit the crime.

He should be innocent.”

Sun Xun was speechless.

You have successfully trolled Sun Xun for 666 666 666…

Zu An almost burst out laughing when he saw how furious Sun Xun was, but continued, “If a murder wasn’t performed out of enmity, it would likely be out of passion.

But, according to what Sir Sun told me, these two causes can be eliminated.

That means only a murder of interest is left.

When you were talking about the Hub of Freedom just now, it sounded as if he purchased something extremely precious.

Is that item still here”

“Of course not,” Sun Xun said impatiently.

“Then the other party probably went after the item,” Zu An concluded.

Sun Xun was finding it a bit hard to suppress his anger.

“Sir Zu, this is the conclusion you have reached after all this time I have known your great reputation for a long time, but I have to say that I am a bit disappointed today.”

Zu An didn’t get upset at all and replied, “What wise opinions does Sir Sun have about this”

Sun Xun harrumphed.

“Even though my son did not offend anyone normally, I am the Xiang Minister of a state.

I have to deal with many political matters, so it cannot be helped that I might have offended some people and caused them to seek revenge.

They would not dare to act against me, so they would come after my son.

Among them, those who would dare to seek revenge and have the ability to do so could only be from the Devil Sect.”

“The Devil Sect” Zu An was shocked.

He had never expected for them to be dragged into the conflict as well.

“Indeed.” Sun Xun said.

“I have helped my king fend off the Devil Sect all these years, dyeing my hands with the blood of who knows how many people from the Devil Sect.

They all hate me bitterly.

It would not be a surprise at all if they wanted to get revenge.”

Zu An thought to himself for a bit. Why would he suddenly say that Could it be that he really already believes I’m not the killer


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