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“I didnt, Babe.

I love you the most.

Other women are trash in my eyes.

I only love you,” the middle-aged man continued to coax her.

“Really Then why are you speaking so softly Do you want to leave a good impression on her so that you can chase after her later” The young girl shouted sharply.

“When did I speak softly Can you stop fooling around This is very annoying!” The middle-aged man lost control of his voice.

After he shouted very loudly, the young woman realized that she had crossed the line and did not dare to say anything else.

She only turned her head and ignored the middle-aged man.

“Babe, dont be angry.

The dishes are about to be served.

See what you want to eat.

Lets order some more food to eat.” The middle-aged man adjusted his emotions and continued to coax her.

“I think you have taken a fancy to that woman,” the young girl turned her head and said.

Then, she looked at where Jiang Tong was.

“Look at how she dresses like a dog.

I guess she must be very flirtatious.

She eats with a man and doesnt forget to seduce you.

How cheap!” When the young woman said this, strong jealousy flashed in her eyes as she looked at Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyun didnt want to argue with them, but when he heard this, he couldnt hold it in anymore.

He put down his cup and was about to get up.

When he got up, the bodyguards not far away also walked over quickly.

“Whats the rush” As the person who was being cursed, Jiang Tong was very calm.

She held Zhou Jingyuns hand and smiled at him.

She said, “Ill take care of it.”

As she spoke, she took out her phone and typed a message: “Your husband is on a date with his mistress.

The address is…” after she finished typing the message, she entered a phone number and sent it.

Alright, now she was ready to watch a good show.

Perhaps it was because she knew too many people and too many secrets, Jiang Tong felt that she could build up her connections from anywhere and through anything.

It was the same this time.

The middle-aged mans wife was a strong woman, she could be considered a sub-top-tier network, similar to the low-key Jiao Qinglong.

However, this womans family was very impressive in City Z.

After sending the text message, Jiang Tong signaled Zhou Jingyun with her eyes.

Zhou Jingyun took a deep breath and sat down.

Although he didnt know what Jiang Tong was going to do, he didnt want to have a conflict with others in public unless it was necessary.

It would be beneath his dignity.

After Zhou Jingyun sat down, a few bodyguards who were hurriedly approaching him suddenly stopped in their tracks.

Zhou Jingyun gestured to them, and the bodyguards understood.

They pretended to be passing by and walked back after a few steps.

“Tsk, I thought something was going to happen.

Who were they trying to scare.” The young woman behind him spoke again.

In fact, she had been frightened just now.

The moment Zhou Jingyun suddenly stood up, she was instantly frightened.

Aura was something that could not be seen or touched, but it could be sensed by others.

The young woman thought that Zhou Jingyun was going to come over and hit her.

She was so frightened that she hid in the arms of the middle-aged man, but she did not expect Zhou Jingyun to sit down again.

“Dont be afraid, Babe.

No one will dare to touch a strand of your hair even if they are very gutsy!” The middle-aged man patted the young womans back and deliberately said loudly.

He was very concerned about his pride.

Under such circumstances, he had to protect the woman by his side.

“Tsk, he looked quite scary but he doesnt even dare to come over.

Whats with the pretense” the young woman muttered.

Zhou Jingyun was very angry when he heard that.

As a man, he should not be petty with women.

However, this young womans mouth was too sharp and her words were not pleasant to hear.

He began to regret why he had to eat outside.

In the past, he always went to the private room of a restaurant.

Today, he came with Jiang Tong and ate outside instead of in a private room.

If he had gone into the private room, there would not have been such a mess


Seeing that Zhou Jingyun was so angry, Jiang Tong smiled silently.

With Zhou Jingyuns status, he had probably never seen a woman with such a temper.

Against such a person, Zhou Jingyun would not be at a disadvantage.

However, it was not nice for a man to argue with a woman.

The young woman was still mumbling and saying unpleasant words, but Jiang Tong pretended not to hear it.

She poked Zhou Jingyun and said, “Ignore her.

Lets talk about something interesting.

Why do you think that person from the Xie family is not easy to handle Are three days not enough”

Jiang Tongs words were very vague, but Zhou Jingyun understood what she was saying.

She was talking about Xie Wenkai, and he didnt know why Jiang Tong would say this in public.

Zhou Jingyun also wanted to divert his attention, he didnt want to hear the voices of the two people behind him.

So, he replied, “The other partys conditions are too harsh.

No one can meet their requirements.”


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