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“Youre too kind.” Jiang Tong pressed her elbow on the table.

Then, she lowered her voice to ask Zhou Jingyun some details, such as how he arranged for people to protect her family.

This matter could not be neglected.

Although Jiang Tong had the powerful connections and various skills brought about by the 500-year cycle, which allowed her to deal with all kinds of sudden incidents, it was still better to be prepared for some things.

Just as Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun were whispering, a mans loud voice suddenly came from the side, “Babe, what do you think of this place Its a new Italian restaurant.

I ate here last week.

The taste is very authentic.

Have you eaten western food before”

Jiang Tong turned around and saw a slightly chubby middle-aged man wearing a cap and holding a scantily-clad young woman who was wearing perfume.

He was gesticulating at the entrance of the restaurant.

“Okay, okay.

Lets eat here then.

I havent eaten Italian food yet.” The young woman was very happy, and her voice was so sweet that it was sickening.

The two of them sat down at the table next to Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong.

When they ordered, they were very loud.

The man even waved his hand generously, saying that they could order whatever they wanted.

After ordering, the two of them continued to talk as if there was no one else around.

The young woman even forced the middle-aged man as she asked, “You said that you wanted to divorce your old wife.

Why arent you divorcing her yet Are you lying to me”

The middle-aged man quickly coaxed and explained, “Babe, listen to me.

I want to get a divorce, but I still have to settle my property matters.

I cant get a divorce yet, so you should keep your voice down… Shh, dont talk about this anymore.”

“Hmph, you always say that,” the young woman pouted.

“Babe, dont be angry.

Ill bring you to buy a bag later.

Ill buy the one you want,” the middle-aged man coaxed.

The people in the restaurant were all disturbed because the couple was talking too loudly.

Now that they heard the contents of their conversation, everyone understood that this was an old scumbag who cheated on his wife and brought his mistress out to eat.

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun were also frowning from the noise.

That couple was making a racket in public without any manners at all.

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun were talking about the protection arrangements for her family members, which involved a lot of things that could not be heard by others, even if they were strangers.

With the middle-aged man and the young woman making a commotion, Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun could not hear each other at all.

Zhou Jingyun turned around to take a look.

Jiang Tong also sat up straight.

She did not need to turn around because the couple was sitting opposite her.

She could see them as soon as she raised her head.

When the middle-aged man came over to sit down, Jiang Tong had already seen his face clearly.

She knew this man.

Not only did she know him, but she also knew that the middle-aged man was bragging about getting a divorce.

He was just lying and tricking the young woman.

Even if he was very gutsy, he wouldnt dare to get a divorce.

He didnt even dare to mention the worddivorce to his wife.

If he did, he would be sent to the hospital!

“Can you guys lower your voices Its affecting everyones meal,” Jiang Tong said directly to the middle-aged man.

“Who the f*ck are you Does your family own the restaurant Why do you care about what I do” The middle-aged man immediately exploded.

He had no manners and was very proud of himself.

After being taught a lesson by Jiang Tong in front of so many people, he stood up and wanted to go against Jiang Tong.

However, when he saw Jiang Tongs face, the anger on his face instantly turned into a smile.

“Im sorry, beautiful lady.

Lets lower our voices.

Im sorry, Im sorry.” He not only apologized to Jiang Tong but also apologized to the customers at the other tables.

The guests waved their hands to show that they didnt mind.

The middle-aged man also acted like he was very well-educated.

It was as though he knew his mistake and would change his behavior accordingly.

If he hadnt looked at Jiang Tong with those lecherous eyes, perhaps his apology would have been more believable.

Unfortunately… he only apologized because he thought Jiang Tong was good-looking, and it was only because she was good-looking enough that he changed his expression.

His eyes had betrayed his thoughts.

Jiang Tong couldnt be bothered with the middle-aged man.

She took a sip of mango juice.

However, the young woman who came with the middle-aged man couldnt take it anymore.

She said, “What are you doing You cant walk properly because of her good-looking face Were guests too.

Why cant we talk”

“I dont think shes good-looking.

Babe, dont overthink it.

Its indeed our fault.

Were disturbing others by talking too loudly,” the middle-aged man coaxed in a low voice.


“Dont you always talk like that Loud and it sounds awesome.

Why do you start acting like a gentleman when you see a beautiful woman Do you have a crush on her” The young woman refused to give up.


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