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Zhou Jingyun had just learned from Zhou Mingfei that someone from the Xie family was investigating Jiang Tong, which meant that they didnt know Jiang Tong.

Even if they did know each other, they definitely werent close to her.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have mobilized so many people to investigate Jiang Tongs identity and background to the point that even Zhou Mingfei had noticed them using their network and connections.

Therefore, Jiang Tong saying that she knew Xie Wenkai was simply nonsense!

Xie Wenkai was well-known in City Z.

The title of the most eligible bachelor in City Z was not for nothing.

Zhou Jingyun, along with the Zhou family and Zhou Mingfei, did not have much contact with the Six Blessings Corporation.

The main reason was that the Six Blessings Corporation was in the business of gold, silver, and jewelry.

The Xie family did not have many people.

In the eyes of outsiders, they were not considered a big family.

This made it difficult for both sides to form a common connection, whether in business or other aspects.

Although there were no interests or disputes between the two sides, Zhou Jingyun had heard a lot about Xie Wenkai!

Xie Wenkais father, Xie Guofu, was a poor boy in his early years.

In his early twenties, he came out to explore the world and did a lot of business.

Although he always failed, he had accumulated a lot of experience.

In the end, he made his fortune from a small jade shop.

Xie Guofu seemed to be born to be a businessman.

He had a tough character and was brave enough to venture into the world.

In the early stages of the development of the Six Blessings Corporation, he even personally led people to the jade mine in Myanmar.

At that time, the place was a chaotic mountain.

He could be said to have risked his life to go there just to get a first-hand good source of goods at the lowest price.

Perhaps because he was too focused on business, Xie Guofu got married very late.

By the time Xie Wenkai was born, Six Blessings Corporation had already developed into the largest jewelry chain company in Northern China! Therefore, Xie Wenkai was born with a halo.

It could be said that he was favored by thousands of people.

Xie Guofus wife, who was also Xie Wenkais mother, was a woman from a high-ranking intellectual family.

When she married Xie Guofu, she was a university professor.


Influenced by his familys wealth and his mothers education, Xie Wenkai behaved differently from other children from a young age.

He was well-behaved, sensible, had excellent grades, and was polite.

The Xie familys upbringing was very good, this made Xie Wenkai behave very well from a young age.

He had done very well in primary school.

He came first in every exam.

During the summer vacation, he stayed at home to study and did not go out to play with his friends.

Although he was so outstanding that people were jealous, he also lost his childhood.

It was said that Xie Wenkai had a clear plan for his future under the guidance of his family when he was very young.

When he was in junior high school, Xie Wenkai helped his family design a few pieces of jewelry, and those designs achieved good sales, which was talked about by many people.

When he was studying abroad, he even founded his own luxury brand abroad, and personally endorsed and walked down the runway for his own brand.

Luxury goods and jewelry were considered similar, and expensive diamond bracelets were luxury goods.

Therefore, the luxury brand Xie Wenkai founded overseas could be considered a small test to prepare him to inherit the family business in the future.

His family had high hopes for Xie Wenkai since he was the only child of Xie Guofu.

Zhou Jingyun had heard too many legends related to Xie Wenkai in the past few years when he returned to City Z.

The most famous one was the incident two years ago when Xie Guofu almost publicly announced that they were looking for a daughter-in-law.

Zhou Jingyun was the same age as Xie Wenkai.

He was also 27 this year, but his birthday was slightly later than Xie Wenkais, so Xie Wenkai could be considered older than him.

Xie Wenkais father, Xie Guofu, was around 50 to 60 years old this year.

In fact, he was not that old.

Normally, it would not be a problem for him to live for another 10 to 20 years.

However, Xie Guofus health had always been poor.

He had been worrying too much for the Six Blessings Corporation over the past few years.

A few years ago, he had undergone a major surgery in the hospital.

Although nothing much happened after that, everyone knew that Xie Guofu was in a hurry to let his son take over because of his health.

He was afraid that he would suddenly die and Xie Wenkai had yet to completely take control of the company.

That would cause trouble.

Two years ago, when Xie Wenkai was twenty-five years old, not long after Xie Guofu had completed his surgery and was safely discharged from the hospital, the Xie family began to arrange for Xie Wenkai to go on blind dates.

Thats right, Xie Wenkai actually needed to go on blind dates! Because the family had been too strict with him before, he had never been in a relationship, nor did he know how to be in a relationship.

The opposite sex was simply unable to get close to him.

Even when he went abroad, the family had sent people to keep an eye on him, they were afraid that he would be corrupted by the culture outside.

The Xie family had protected Xie Wenkai too well.

This also caused Xie Wenkai to be unable to deviate from the norm, and it was even more impossible for him to have a woman!

At that time, they had strictly guarded against Xie Wenkai falling in love and interfering with his studies.

Now that Xie Wenkai was twenty-five, the Xie family began to worry again.


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