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Zhou Jingyun wanted to call Jiang Tong and ask her how she did it! However, Hong Tongfei was waiting downstairs.

The company needed this spokesperson too much.

As a businessman, Zhou Jingyun knew who was more important.

Zhou Jingyun brought people downstairs and saw Hong Tongfei surrounded by a group of people from afar.

They were a group of young people who had just started work in the company.

They were surrounding Hong Tongfei and asking for her autograph.

Someone said, “The boss is here.

Lets go, lets go.” The group of young employees dispersed like a flock of birds.

They disappeared in a few seconds like mice seeing a cat.

Hong Tongfei turned her head to look at Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun happened to walk over as well.

The two of them raised their hands at the same time.

“Hello, Miss Hong.

It was an oversight on my part.

Ive been so busy these two days that I forgot to tell the front desk.” Zhou Jingyun smiled and shook hands with Hong Tongfei.

Although he didnt know why Jiang Tong didnt tell him that Hong Tongfei was coming, Zhou Jingyun was sure that Hong Tongfei was sent here by Jiang Tong, so he had to be tactful with his words.

He couldnt let Hong Tongfei feel that they were disregarding her.

“Youre too polite, CEO Zhou.

You are as handsome as the rumors say.” Hong Tongfei smiled and pandered to him.

Although there was some sort of pleasantry compliment in her words, it was still more from the bottom of her heart.

There were many handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry.

There were many people with stunning looks.

However, not only was Zhou Jingyun handsome, but he also had the temperament and air of a son from a big and rich family.

Just by standing in a spot, he could knock many people out.

Hearing Hong Tongfeis words, Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment.

Logically speaking, he should be pandering to Hong Tongfei now.

After all, it was his company that needed help.

With his companys status, asking Hong Tongfei to be the spokesperson was indeed a little far-fetched.

Zhou Jingyun was already prepared to be put in a difficult position by Hong Tongfei.

But Hong Tongfei… why was her attitude a little strange She was so amiable from the start and didnt put on any airs at all.

Zhou Jingyun wasnt so naive to think that this was Hong Tongfeis personality.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Zhou Jingyun invited Hong Tongfei upstairs to his office for a detailed discussion.

Along the way, Hong Tongfei saw that the corridor was filled with bodyguards, and the pressure in her heart suddenly increased.

If it was just bodyguards then it wouldnt put any pressure on Hong Tongfei.

She also had many bodyguards, but she didnt bring them out this time.

She was here to discuss a collaboration, not to attend an event, so there werent so many people surrounding her.

What put pressure on her was the power that Zhou Jingyun represented behind him.

How powerful was he to have a bunch of bodyguards standing there while he worked!

Arriving at the CEOs office, Zhou Jingyun thought that Hong Tongfei would bring her manager along, but she didnt.

Hong Tongfei came in alone.

Talking about endorsements involved money and contracts, so it was impossible to settle it by herself.

She needed her manager to be present to control the situation, so it would be easier for her to bargain.

After all, celebrities thought highly of themselves and wouldnt do anything to bargain.

At this time, she needed her manager to appear, but Hong Tongfei didnt even bring her manager with her.

Zhou Jingyun didnt know why.

“Miss Hong, please take a seat.” After Zhou Jingyun asked Hong Tongfei to sit down, he asked his secretary to bring in coffee.

After the secretary left, only Zhou Jingyun and Hong Tongfei were left in the office.

Zhou Jingyun returned to his desk and sat down.

He smiled and gestured for Hong Tongfei to wait for a moment.

Then, he took out his phone and made a call.

The call was to Jiang Tong.

“Babe, Miss Hong is here.

Im letting you know first.” His tone was very doting, making it obvious that he was calling his girlfriend.

“Oh,” Jiang Tong replied indifferently.

Zhou Jingyun really wanted to ask Jiang Tong why she didnt inform him in advance.

Because Jiang Tong didnt inform him in advance, Hong Tongfei was directly blocked at the front desk when she arrived.

He almost didnt even see her! However, because Hong Tongfei was present, Zhou Jingyun couldnt say anything to question Jiang Tong.

However, he knew that Jiang Tong understood the meaning of his call, but Jiang Tong actually replied indifferently! What kind of reply wasOh! What he wanted was an explanation!

Zhou Jingyuns brows twitched, and he pretended to listen attentively.

He continued, “Okay, babe.

I got to go.” After saying that, he naturally hung up the phone and pretended that he had just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend, and seemed to be in a very good mood.

“You always call your girlfriend, CEO Zhou The two of you seem to be in a good relationship.

Thats really enviable,” Hong Tongfei said flatteringly at the right time.

She didnt know if Zhou Jingyun was single or married.

Before she came over, she only heard Jiao Qinglong say that this company was his sisters boyfriends company.

Jiao Qinglong didnt tell her in detail, so he just told her to do well.

Then, he left in a hurry as if he had something urgent.


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