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The receptionist lady at the front desk said excitedly, “Miss Hong, please wait a moment.

There might be some misunderstanding.

There were probably some issues when the secretary was giving us information.

Ill verify it for you right away.” As she said that, she picked up the phone at the front desk and paused for a moment.

She looked at the companys internal contact list on the table.

There were a few numbers in bold font.

They were the phone numbers of the companys core executives.

The top one was Zhou Jingyun himself!

Zhou Jingyun was currently in a meeting.

It was a very important meeting! The receptionist thought for a moment, gritted her teeth, and dialed Zhou Jingyuns phone number!

In Jingyun Fashions meeting room, more than 30 company executives were in a meeting.

The heads of various departments, including marketing, public relations, personnel, finance, and business, were all present.

“There are only thirteen days left.

There are only thirteen days left until the new product launch.

I dont care what methods you use, how you get it done, you must find the spokesperson for me!” Zhou Jingyun slammed the table with a cold face.

“For this launch, the company has made all kinds of preparations from research and development to production.

We spent two full years developing the new product.

This is our hard work and it is about to be officially launched.

If all our efforts are wasted, the companys listing plan can only be delayed.

The listed shares that I promised you can only be scrapped! The shares Im giving you are much higher than the shares of other companies.

Im not giving you so much money for nothing.

If you all cant even do such a small thing well, what use do I have for all of you!”

Up until now, Zhou Jingyun was really angry because all the senior executives had reported to him that no one had managed to contact a qualified spokesperson.

Zhou Jingyun only asked them to contact a qualified spokesperson.

The specific endorsement fees and endorsements would be discussed by Zhou Jingyun personally, but they couldnt even handle such a small matter well! Although Zhou Jingyun knew that this matter wasnt because his subordinates were incompetent and it was actually Shao Ying who was stirring things up behind the scenes, but… if the management company required the boss to personally resolve everything, then his subordinates who werent useless, would also grow to become useless! If there was a major problem in the company, they should think of a way to solve it together, and not leave it to Zhou Jingyun alone.

He had to force them to bring out their fullest potential!

The meeting room was completely silent.

All the executives did not dare to breathe loudly.

“Are you all mute Say something!” Zhou Jingyun slapped the table.

“If you lower your standards for the spokesperson…” a middle-aged man sitting on Zhou Jingyuns right coughed lightly and spoke cautiously.

Under such circumstances, it was already not easy for him to dare to stand up and speak.

However, because he was one of the first batch of people from the Zhou family to assist Zhou Jingyun in starting his own business, the middle-aged man dared to stand up and speak.

Before he could finish speaking, someones phone rang.

The people in the meeting room looked at each other.

Who would dare not turn off their phones in such a meeting Of course, it was… Zhou Jingyun himself.

Zhou Jingyun took out his phone to take a look and then frowned.

If it was someone else who called, he might have directly hung up, but this call was from the front desk of the company.

Since the front desk dared to call him, it meant that it was a very important matter.

“Speak.” Zhou Jingyun directly picked up the call.

“Boss, Miss Hong Tongfei is here.

She even said that she had an appointment with you.” The front desk lady lowered her voice and told Zhou Jingyun about the situation.

“Are you sure” Zhou Jingyun was somewhat in disbelief.

“Im sure.

Shes waiting in the reception area,” the front desk lady answered affirmatively.

“Ill be right down.

Ask Miss Hong to wait for a moment.” Zhou Jingyun hung up the phone and took a deep breath to suppress the excitement in his heart.

He looked at the quiet meeting room and said directly, “Meeting adjourned!”

All the executives were stunned and looked at Zhou Jingyun without moving.

Why was the meeting suddenly adjourned Zhou Jingyun didnt explain anything and walked straight out of the meeting room.

His secretary and assistant naturally followed behind him.

After leaving the meeting room, Zhou Jingyuns mind was a mess.

Why did Hong Tongfei really come Did Jiang Tong find her It hadnt even been a day, and she already brought her here How did Jiang Tong do it What did she do yesterday Wasnt she playing games all the time In the afternoon, she even went with Zhou Mingfei to transfer the villa to her name.

How could it be…

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Zhou Jingyun knew about Zhou Mingfei transferring the villa to Jiang Tong.

After Zhou Mingfei transferred the villa to Jiang Tong, he called Zhou Jingyun.

Although Zhou Jingyun was going to see Hong Tongfei now because Hong Tongfei was a very important spokesperson for the company, Zhou Jingyuns mind was filled with thoughts about Jiang Tong!


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