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The management of the Huanyu Building was very strict.

There were two ways to go upstairs.

One was to swipe the card or go up the stairs.

For example, if a delivery person wanted to go up, they had to go up the stairs.

Unless the visitor had informed them beforehand, the procedures to go upstairs were the same.

However, even if an important visitor came to the building, one of the property management staff would at most swipe the elevator card for them.

They would not accompany the visitor, not to mention that the property manager himself would personally escort the visitor.

To the company, the visitor might be an important guest.

However, to the property manager, the visitor was just an ordinary person and he had no relations with the visitor.

Therefore, Jingyun Fashions receptionist was very confused.

“Miss Hong, please.” The property manager brought the woman to the front desk.

“May I know who you are looking for” The front desk lady revealed a professional and polite smile.

“I have an appointment with your president, President Zhou.” The mysterious woman did not take off her mask, but her voice was still clear.

The reason she did not take off her mask was not that she was impolite, but rather, she did not want to attract attention.

When she went upstairs earlier, she thought that Jingyun Fashion had informed the property management of her visit and she could go upstairs directly.

She did not expect that there was no record of it at the property management office, so she had to take off her mask to reveal her identity.

This even caused some commotion in the office and caused the property manager to personally accompany her upstairs.

After that, she put on her mask again.

She did not want to be recognized again, causing unnecessary trouble and wasting time.

“Appointment…” the receptionist started to look at the records.

If it was a guest that Zhou Jingyun had arranged in advance, there would definitely be records at the front desk.

“My surname is Hong,” the mysterious woman said again.

The receptionist knew what the womans surname was because the property manager had just said it when he came over.

However, after she flipped through several pages, she straightened her body and looked at the woman in confusion.

“Im sorry, Miss Hong.

I didnt find your appointment record.

Why dont you contact President Zhou to confirm it” It was a very formal answer.

The front desk always said the same thing to visitors who did not have an appointment.

This way, they would not offend people, and if there was a problem, it was not the front desks fault.

“No record” The woman was puzzled.

It was strange.

She was suddenly informed to fly back from abroad and only arrived in City Z after more than ten hours of flying.

She thought that Jiao Qinglong had called her back to pick up the endorsement this time because he was helping a friend.

However, after she returned, Jiao Qinglong repeatedly reminded her, and it could even be said to be a warning from him.

He said that the other party was the eldest son of the Zhou family.

He told her to be polite, to understand the rules, and to fully cooperate with the other party regarding the endorsement deal.

She should also accept whatever endorsement fee was offered.

There was no need to haggle or anything like that.

Hong Tongfei and Jiao Qinglong had been together for so many years.

She could also feel that if she messed up this matter, Jiao Qinglong would not let her off.

She also knew that the other party was a big shot, and she absolutely could not offend him, so she was careful and cautious.

However, what was going on now She did not even have an appointment It was fine if the property management office was not informed in advance, but even Jingyun Fashions front desk

“Miss Hong, why dont you go to the reception area first” The receptionist lady was also very perceptive.

Seeing that Hong Tongfei seemed to be in a difficult position, she politely said, “Our CEO is currently having an early morning meeting, so he might not be able to receive your call.

Please wait for a moment, and I will inform you immediately after I have verified it.” The receptionist lady could not call Zhou Jingyun directly.

She could at most ask Zhou Jingyuns secretary.

She had met quite a few noblemen in this job, and she could feel that this woman dressed mysteriously wasnt an ordinary person.

Therefore, the receptionist could go and ask the higher-ups, but not now.

Now that all the companys higher-ups were having a meeting in the conference room, so she didnt dare to disturb them at all.

“Alright then.” Hong Tongfei hesitated for a moment.

Then, she followed the receptionists instructions and walked toward the reception area.

She stopped after a few steps, then quickly walked back.

“Please confirm it again.” As she spoke, she took off her sunglasses and smiled sweetly at the receptionist.

“Do you know me I really made an appointment with CEO Zhou in advance.” The reason why she took off her sunglasses was that she was afraid there would be some misunderstanding.

What if there was no response from Zhou Jingyuns side and they delayed Jiao Qinglongs matter in the end She couldnt bear the consequences.

The receptionist was stunned.

Of course, she knew this face.

This was the famous movie star Hong Tongfei! The lady at the front desk immediately thought that Hong Tongfeis arrival might have something to do with the companys spokesperson.

Yesterday, Zhou Jingyun threw a huge tantrum at the company because his original spokesperson had gotten into a car accident.

He had been in meetings all afternoon, and the matter of mobilizing all the company staff to find a new spokesperson had spread throughout the company, so… Hong Tongfeis appearance was very likely to have been contacted by someone in the company.

No one knew who had reached out to her.

This was too awesome! However, why was there no appointment record…


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