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Ten minutes later, Jiang Tong was still some distance away from home.

She picked up her phone and dialed a number.

The call went through very quickly.

“Sister-in-law…” Zhou Mingfei said with a smile, “How did you have time to call me, hahaha…”

“Are you investigating me” Jiang Tong asked casually.

“Ah No, Sister-in-law, what are you talking about How could I investigate you Am I that kind of person You helped me so much yesterday and let me get through this crisis safely.

Im counting on you from now on,” Zhou Mingfei quickly explained.

“Really Then how did you know that this is my phone number And you called me sister-in-law from the beginning Have I ever called you before When did you save my phone number” Jiang Tong asked several questions.

“Uh… I asked my brother.” Zhou Mingfei reacted quickly.

“Really” Jiang Tong asked again, “Then how did you know about my gaming session today Did you send someone to follow me And you even reported to your brother” This was the main point that Jiang Tong wanted to say! She wanted to create a feeling that Zhou Jingyun had told her everything, and she wanted to see how Zhou Mingfei would explain it! On one hand, she wanted Zhou Mingfei to understand that her relationship with Zhou Jingyun was really good, and they would tell each other everything.

On the other hand, she knew that Zhou Mingfei would definitely investigate her.

She wanted Zhou Mingfei to understand that she knew that he was investigating her and that she knew every move he was making! It was impossible for Zhou Mingfei to find anything out from the investigation, but the more it was like this, the more he would feel that Jiang Tong was mysterious and had a powerful background.

“No, Sister-in-law, I did not snitch to my brother, and I didnt investigate you either.

Liu Da suddenly called me and told me that Guan Sandao had mobilized a lot of people, so I called Guan Sandao.

Guan Sandao said that you were going to…” Zhou Mingfei told Jiang Tong about the situation.

What he said was almost the same as what Guan Sandao said.

“Okay, thats enough.

Im hanging up now,” said Jiang Tong.

“Wait a minute, Sister-in-law, wait a minute.” Zhou Mingfeis voice suddenly became much louder.

“Huh Whats wrong” Jiang Tong was puzzled.

“Sister-in-law, do you have time Can you come to my place” Zhou Mingfei suddenly said as if he had thought of something.

“Do you have something urgent” Jiang Tong frowned.

What could Zhou Mingfei do at this time

“Actually, its not urgent.

Sister-in-law, if you dont have time, we can talk about it another day.

If you have time, come over.” Zhou Mingfeis attitude was very strange, as if he suddenly thought of something he had to say.

However, he claimed it was not an urgent matter…

“I do have time.” Jiang Tong thought for a moment and said, “Are you at the Lihao Ballroom”

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“Well, how about this, sister-in-law.

If you have time, lets meet in the neighborhood near the hospital in Z City.

Ill go to that neighborhood now, and well meet at the gate,” Zhou Mingfei said.

“Okay,” Jiang Tong also agreed straightforwardly.

Since she had nothing to do, she planned to go home and exercise.

It was good to have something to do.

Jiang Tong knew the residential area near the hospital in City Z.

The name of the residential area was South Washington.

It was a high-end residential area built by the top ten real estate companies in the country and abroad.

This residential area had a good reputation and was very expensive.

People who bought houses here had plenty of money.

The reputation, status, taste, and safety of the residential area were the most important.

Therefore, the villas in South Washington have not even been put up for pre-sale yet, but the houses in the residential area had already been taken.

As far as Jiang Tong knew, Zhou Mingfei had a villa in South Washington.

At the intersection ahead, Jiang Tong turned around and drove her Lamborghini toward South Washington.

It was currently not rush hour.

Half an hour later, Jiang Tong arrived at South Washington.

She did not get out of the car because Zhou Mingfei had not arrived yet.

Fifteen minutes later, Zhou Mingfeis car stopped directly beside the Lamborghini.

In the car, Zhou Mingfei rolled down the window and signaled to Jiang Tong, “Sister-in-law, lets go in.” He knew that this car belonged to Jiang Tong, it was because Guan Sandao had already told him about the matter.

Of course, Zhou Mingfei could also guess Guan Sandaos intentions and knew that he wanted to curry favor with Jiang Tong.

The two cars entered the residential area.

Security here was very strict, but Zhou Mingfei had a house here.

It was impossible for the security guards not to recognize his car.

Those who could live here were either rich or noble.

The security guards would definitely not dare to be careless.

The car entered the underground garage.

Through the underground garage, they could directly reach the basement of the villa that Zhou Mingfei had bought.

There was an elevator in the villa.

They could take the elevator upstairs or take the stairs.

Zhou Mingfei did not let the driver and bodyguards follow him, only he and Jiang Tong went upstairs.


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